we are in DGB so your loss brah :D

Why did it all of a sudden go up? i mean i was in fun and supporter before i found a better investment. but why did this go up?

What's a better investment than fun?

Casinos are trying to buy it cheap before it launches in a month. They are buying it up in bulk and we are mooning.

Is this a theory or confirmed? i think its a good theory if not. Very plausible.

>tfw only 15,000 FUN
Why live?

Even if it is a theory they will still have to buy a ton of FUN to run casinos. It's a win win for holders. Plus there's a high chance holders of the FUN token will be able to deposit them into casinos and gamble with them. A true use of the coin is coming very fast.

Just speculation, but I don’t see why else it would be pumping this hard only a month out. It’s been gaining pretty steady for weeks and it seems like it is so far ahead of its competitors it has already cornered a huge market.

PnD, don't touch it

lol no
if you think this is a pnd please leave crypto immediately

It's 100% a pnd, the token is utter bollocks

>p-pls dip so I can buy more

"the token is utter bollocks"
nice one liner FUDnigger kys

Yeah i was just wondering cause if no news came out i suspect it to drop again. (when i buy in)

there is news, if only you looked for it.

FUN launches in less than 40 days. There will be at least 2-3 more pumps.

yeah i wonder if the product will even be that good. from wht i saw it was mediocre but it could go either way. im def buying some on the dip. I had 3100 fun but sold it for some ITC on the low.

Bought at 460
Sold at 529


How fucking new are you faggots? The target audience and big players never buy from exchanges. They get them directly from the company. Fucking brainlets come on.

What are you talking about it's literally the cleanest and farthest progressed casino coin there is. It launching is a huge deal, especially once casinos start buying up all of the FUN so they can run casinos. It's a win-win for every holder.

Im some what new. but whats to say they dont use another coin? why this one?

im offically a retarded.

Idk man look at the game play of the coin the engine looked mediocre. im being unbiased about this.

Learned my lesson by being greedy with XRP. Sold 2k FUN at 9 cents. Buy order to buy back in at 7 cents.

No you're definitely being biased. The games work perfectly and the engine looks like your standard casino UI. I'm pretty sure they're going to overhaul the table games UI eventually anyways. If the only thing you can complain about is the UI you're FUDing.

the new floor is 600 sats

I went in heavy and long term holding once I found out this guy holds FUN

Same. I'm 90% FUN. Remember, billionaires know how to make money. Follow and learn.

O shiz, wish i had more to spend on this shitcoin.
Only have 4k fun..... ffs

Pnd, no news outside of milestones on their twitter
Its a shitcoin to end all shitcoins

>tfw going to buy last night but wanted to wait a few hours to feel it out
>wake up to a fucking moonshot
I'm so fucking mad. Not having fun.

Bruh i've been shilling for the past 2 weeks. FUNbros is a legit community.

100k funbro since September checking in. And dumbasses they all hold fun and get paid in fun they want the token bought on market. Research you fags

>i've been shilling for the past 2 weeks
So has everyone else.

>FUNbros is a legit community.
Others basically claim this as well.

Forgive me for not really looking into FUN before last night. I just wish I went all in like I was planning. God damn it.

>only need to double my initial investment 8 times to become a millionaire
>doubled once in the last two months

I suck at this. I'm watching things 2x or 3x about every damn day and it's starting to irritate me because it's never what I'm holding.

>t. salty no-FUNner
kek, alright bud, sounds like you know fuck all about this coin. enjoy staying poor in 2k18, us FUN bros are going to get rich while you stay chasing your flavor of the month shitcoins

you really did.

Congratulations. Seriously.

is it too late to buy?

Thanks my dude. I'll try to shill the next one harder for ya.


Nope. The real news isn't out for another

you're an early investor, this isn't link shilling