This will be the last thread I make here

This will be the last thread I make here.

I hate what this board has become. The normies and pajeets have killed everything. There isn't a single good discussion on here ever. It's been since September that there was a good thread.

2018 will be an absolutely wild ride. Many people will become rich, and many shit coins will get their long overdue annihilation.

I give you the coin above all of the alts. The one that will actually make you rich if you just actually studied something for once in your life.

If you actually did your homework one time, and understood this coin for what it is and who is behind it, you'd know I'm right.

None of you here deserve this recommendation, but I like to think some of the old Veeky Forums are smiling down on my generosity, as they drive off with their Ethereum lambos.

Win 2018 with OMG.

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Shhhhh we don’t talk about good investment so here.
>tfw 3 figures next year and I’ll live off staking.

If by OMG you mean XLM you are 100% correct

Literally so comfy at the thought of massive passive income gains

Centralized shitcoins wont survive 2018

Also I feel the same way OP. Mods have done nothing to improve this board and the discussion is drowning in spam posts and shitcoin shilling. I think mods should start by adding flags.

Seems these goons dont realize XLM will catch Voyager later tonight

win 2018 with NEO

Yes, I agree, Ripple will not survive 2018

Nice just bought 100k.

is 1000 OMG enough ?

Lol how’s that $100 by December 31 coming? Still got 24 hours!

OMG was my first moon mission. Once I heard the news of Plasma integration back in June/July I went balls deep and never looked back. This is the king of alt coins.people hate on it because they can't afford enough of them anymore to make it worth their time and would rather chase shit like XRB and TRX, little do they know this is going to surpass $100 in 2018.

I think so, I have 750 and am pretty comfy I put in $100 every paycheck

you know infini chan has a Veeky Forums board right? no one posts their unfortunately

I'm a complete believer in OMG but humor me, is it not too late to buy in? Shit is pretty expensive. Going from $1 to $500 is very different from $15-$500

when is launch on cosmos ?


Too late? Percent wise one would earn a lot by the multiplied value anyways - would you not? The team have hinted you'll be able to stake with a low amount of tokens - promoting spread and true decentralisation - meaning one could possibly buy like 2 of em when they cost $300 each - and be a part of the decentralised exchange

if you're so smart, did you recommend us cardano in september or october ?

There's another thread where guys are talking about how they got into NEO at $0.2, they are going to see significantly better gains than someone getting into NEO now. My question is, does the same not also apply to OMG?
Compelling, I will have to look into that.

Mods have cracked down on begging threads pretty hard lately

OP: I agree. This token will do great in 2018. I didn't realise early on the complexity of what Omise is trying to do here. But it is truly revolutionary - and the fact that they're already testing the SDK wallet with a conglomerate, looking past the already established business relations, makes me stone hard. This might be the one possibility in our lives to partake in a magnificent project that genuinely move human kind forward. The next natural step after internet, mobile phones etc etc

Yeah but isn't it always like that? hindsight 20/20 etc etc. I'd still buy Apple shares in 2006 though, even if I'd be late as fuck. They'd still multiply plenty

Yes, when OMG goes to $100 getting in at $1 yields better returns than getting in at $15. Both entry points would yield excellent returns, but some people are greedy cunts.

>tfw only 70 OMG

Fuck these VTC bags.

It's btw mooning now. In sats it's going at a pretty rapid speed - any idea why?

>Both entry points would yield excellent returns, but some people are greedy cunts.
The natural follow up question then is: how high do you speculate OMG will go? I haven't looked into it that much so I don't have a clear picture of its potential.

There are analyses several places online. The Palm Beach one from august is most well-known and highly bull ($300-700 each token)

How much do you think you'd earn from staking in the future?

omg is a faggot normie coin, fuck off no one will miss you

Enjoy being poor

I went 40% in when it broke through resistance. I was on here for the last two hours seeing if anybody would talk about, but none. They missed their comfy entry, anything above now will be very chaotic.

It broke a trend, meaning the bears lost that round. Price entry at that point is comfy.

retard detected

It will never be used. It needs banks to use its SDK and integrate it. Its aim is to make banks redundant and remove their main revenue streams of fees. Its a terrible investment.

Are you mentally retarded? Banks ARE and intended on using it.... look at their banking partners you idiotic fag

lol the absolute state

I want you to defend your idiocracy

This is a gook subhuman vaporware product. There is no proof of actual development, similar to how there is no proof jun actually has ever skated on his walmart skateboard.

It wants to be a major currency in asia, but the issue is that most asians hate jungle gooks and will avoid this like the plague.

Thailand is an extremely poor country. Which is why most women become prostitutes and men become 'ladybois'

Did you know the hostel movies are based off real events in thailand? Families typically sell of elderly family members to rich foreigner torture gangs.

To make matters worse, face pay.

You really want a currency built for third worlders where they can steal all of your cash by beating you up and holding your phone in front of your face.
I filed charges against jun for misleading investors. Suggest you all do the same. If not enjoy 'sucky sucky. me rov u rong time' coin

>This will be the last thread I make here.

I like the creativity of your fud 7/10
>Founders are Japenese though

they are from thailand and look nothing like the japanese.

Wow you put a lot of effort into a single FUD.

Jun Hasegawa is pretty japanese desu
'Native language japanese'

Staking Q1

Just one of many things to come in 2018

You made a decent thread, you can stay now


I wish I wasn't too much of a pussy to put more of my ETH in this. Thought there'd be more time below $10...

i really hope it works out for you OMISEGOYS
because you're missing out on so many moon shots by holding your precious OMG. shit's stagnating for a while now. most alts are doing 500% in a week. OMG did less than 250% during the past couple of months.

i'd dump it for the next few months and invest in other things


what if it barely goes to $40 by the time they finish everything? which could take 18 months or more.
what then? would you still hold on to OMG?

I don't understand how you can be so emotionally attached to something that is nothing

user, what time settings do you look at for your candles?

You think OMG is my only investment?

>staking Q1
>cosmos intermediate staking solution
>plasma in 2018
come on now.

What if omg only goes to $200? What if what if what if

Singapore based, with a Japanese CEO.
'Omise' means 'Shop' in Japanese.

I look for entries with 12hr -Weekly (if available), when it's nearing potential breakout, I watch it on the 1 minute time line. I watched OMG test the 2200 after my alert went off.

You were watching ETH pairing? Is that better than watching the BTC pairing?

did he just admit that it's a piece of shit? XD

same here... i only got 40 lol :(
tfw im still going to be poor

Holy shit the board is for 18+ I don't even care if you're larping

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>Proof of Stupidity
in your case

It's just a personal choice, ETH was my first purchase so I just kind of stuck with it. Every top TA analysis uses BTC pairings, but I just like ETH better.

Not OP, I made sevral cardano threads in the last 3 months... got pajooted most of the time.

I'm with OP, once OMG takes off, y'all be miserable... it will explode, the question is how soon..