Bitcoin is unfair

Try buying bitcoin when you have 100,000+ in student loan debt

Try buying bitcoin when your parents generation keeps insisting your an idiot for thinking about buying it, constantly being emotionally held hostage by baby boomers.

Try buying bitcoin when you're too stressed out about everything going on in the world (including Trump) to research whether its actually a good investment.

Try buying bitcoin after because of all of these injustices you've missed the boat and your generation is still doomed to be poor forever.

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thanks, the internet needed your opinion

>100,000 in student loan debt

fuck you. you borrowed money for years and didn't work, didn't you. that's a fair outcome you utter cunt

Try manning the fuck up

>Stressed about trump

holy shit your a faggot

Thanks just bought 100k

however you feel, you atleast have to agree the student loan ordeal is shitty for everyone and preys on young people (and their parents) before they even know what the hell they're doing.

>stressed about Trump

I literal faggot I see.

Fuck off libcuck.

i didn't even read that line holy fucking hell what is wrong with OP

>Trump prevented me from investing in Bitcoin by making me so mad when he sad those mean things about beaners that I couldn't think straight for two years afterwards

That's why you buy kucoin shares instead

>stressed by trump

Lel, twitter millennials have a hard life.

This man knows whats up

Look at you.

Ok so you were born into money or your a greedy baby boomer. Now you've found a new way (crypto currency) to be a rich prick your whole life.

Some people would call it a racist coin. Some people are idiots, too.

Thanks, I love seeing poor people like you.

And yet millennials are the ones gaining the most out of this transfer of wealth
OP it doesnt matter when you would have been born, you are just a failure of a human

When I was 18 years old I was studying chemistry in university. I was also studying calculus, statistics, and took a history elective.

I promise you that at this point in my life I was capable of understanding that 100,000 dollars wouuld be a lot of money to borrow, and that the interest alone would make me a slave to payments.

OP understood that too. He however, thought that he could take out a massive loan, do easy classes about how white people are evil, and would then be handsomely paid in a sinecure position and coast through the rest of life being able to look down on everyone else.

Now it's time for OP to pay his debt.

Try buying bitcoin in a 3rd world shithole where the average income is less than 1k a month and with the risk of being back stabbed in a dark alley in order to buy BTC at an overpriced 50 percent more of buttrex value. You amerifags have life in easy mode. Even the ones that think they got it hard

>100,000+ in student loan debt
Don't take out loans.

>emotionally held hostage

What a useless point. Who cares about what the boomers have to say? You don't even need to use their banks now that bitcoin exists!

Some people will die in our cashless society. Fuck you for making stupid decisions and coming from a subhuman gene set that had no right to breed, faggot

reddit: the post

Oh and

You are not an american or not from our generation. You have no idea the damage their critisom does. We're talking PTSD inducing shit here.

I'll take the bait

You will be poor for the rest of your life.Not just because you are a living pile of shit excuses and are a moron(see your anti-Trump stupid seeping out).You'll always be the thicko following the herd, the bag holder. You will always make excuses for that but the main reason is you are stupid, characterless and entitled.I piss on you OP. You missed the best way to get rich this decade while to sat in a circle with similar morons crying over HRC loosing the election. Your parents are spastics who designed you for failure.

>the world owes me
liberals get out


>a firm handshake

No, I completely disagree.

Or they can use their goddamn brains and study somewhere where they don't have to pay these obscene amounts of money.
I feel no sympathy for the American students. It's 2018, for fuck's sake, why don't you study in Denmark?

Tried all of this and now I’m fuckin killin it

>100k in student loan debt

Fuck you, you fucking faggot. You were stupid enough to buy into the scam. Congrats.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of us, including myself, busted our fucking asses to get scholarships to our state schools. Yeah I got into McUSNewsTop20School, but I wasn't stupid enough to cough up the 250k they wanted.

>0 student loans
k in the bank, all earned myself
>STEM degree in process
>5k in crypto
>not even 20

Suck my fucking dick, you autistic twat. I only feel comfortable making this reply because I know for a fact that there are plenty of people our age just like me.

Get smart or get fucked. Looks like you already chose.

Why the fuck would the cakes subsidise education for something as fucking useless as an American millennial raised by liberals. They not even useful as prostitutes.

shut up pussy faggot. nobody held a gun to your head and made you rack up 100k in student loans for a bullshit liberal arts degree. but at least youre working on improving your life by complaining on the internet and blaming all your shortcomings on others

Fuck you pussy. Go hide in your safe space. Fuck I hate Millennials.

Im not blaming it on everyone. Just bitcoin and the greedy people involved in it.

Apparently they're too young to realize 100K dollars is a lot of money, how can you expect them to know that Denmark exists?

18 year old Americans don't know geography, or apparently what money is, but they do know about the Holocaust, Harriet Tubman, and Harry Potter.

For someone claiming to be so intelligent it's curious why you can't tell OP is a clear larp.

Anyway, you got a pretty backwards way of looking at this shit if you don't think that the way universities, faculty and loan providers colluded together to pilfer the futures of this generation by inflating tuition fees. That's not a fair playing field to pit 18 year olds with an uncertain future against predatory universities. Many of these universities will lie to you and tell you you'll get financial aid that won't come in, etc, and they'll feed you unrealistic expectations about what your future degree will give you.

It's easy to have your opinion too now that universities have reached an apex of greed and are basically a joke. 8-10 years ago opinions were very different.

Choosing to say this corrupt system is defensible because you have aggression toward the regressive political playground universities have become is pretty self-defeating isn't it?

>oh no life is unfair nobody told me this
kek, sheltered boy

life isn't fair faggot

good post OP
really got some giggles out of depressed me
thank you

I think op might be serious.

Russian troll bot.

University of Phoenix is gotten 'spensive

No? I've worked full-time since I was 16 years old and have been attending university full-time in the evening too after turning 18. I only get maybe 1/5th of my tuition and books covered by financial aid and pay the rest off on my own at full rate. With all things considered, I can't afford many luxuries like the newest iphone or a good computer and I've been living in someone's living room but in exchange I've been able to consistently put $500-$1000 towards crypto every month for the last 3 years and passed the $2 million mark with XRP as of yesterday.

Fucking kill yourself you pathetic piece of shit for blaming others for your own shit decisions in life.

Why are americans so dumb? Just get a job and study at a community college before transferring.

T spend the vacation mining cpu coins on the entire work network.About 150 bucks worth. while closed for vacation and flipping it into moons. Up 12800% and have 10K. I will give you 500 bucks to get started OP but for that I get to watch you get fucked hard in the arse by two street bums. Time to step up to the initiative plate milennial scum

You guys are alright. Definitely gonna make it.

False dichotomy. I choose to dislike both universities and idiots who borrow six figure sums to to live in them.

Nobody has said that the system is defensible. It's easy to argue with a strawman, though, isn't it?

Regardless of how much of OP's tuition went towards the football team, he's a fool, and while his financial position may be unfair (not really, it's not like he's manning a machine gun nest in Africa or shitting on the streets of Delhi) -- Bitcoin is not unfair, nor is cryptocurrency. The poor and millennials have never been given such an opportunity, it's his own fault for squandering it and his alone.

And yes, this is a larp.

>tfw my parents paid for my student loans while I get to use my savings to gamble on crypto

get good mellenial or be poor

You were being serious? I thought this was just some copy pasta from some faggot man-child.

Nice larp

Pump group. Looks promising. I just joined.

Instead of getting 100k in debt, I got a job for a few months, made 10k, then made 100k with bitcoin.

You got cucked by your society, sorry.

See this is what Im talking about. The system is rigged.

stupid argument made by stupid people

>student loan debt

t. king pajeet running the group

I'll at least admit that, if this is the big opportunity of our generation, it's a big fucking disappointment. I'm not jealous that it's making people money, that's great, but bitcoin seems like one of the biggest nothings in human history. It gives me, and almost everyone else, absolutely nothing of value. But it sure does waste energy for no good reason at all, which as you may have noticed is getting much more expensive then it used to be. What a sad product to end a sad miserable year. I really do hope it makes the winners of this pyramid scheme happy, because so much of the world is slaving away just for all of you to have whatever it is your searching for. Is it misery? Is that what you are buying and selling? Maybe it's the enslavement of humanity to a new world order--a cashless utopia where we can all be turned off at will. What the fuck are you people trying to achieve with this shit? I can't see one decent reason to believe in this garbage. Maybe the joke will be that bitcoin will make you all rich, but you're actions made the world so miserable that there will be absolutely nothing worthwhile to buy.

Finally someone else gets it.

>makes 2 million in crypto
>still going to college

Bitcoin made me a lot of money so I'm fine with it, thanks.

I'm going to use the profits to buy robotic drones to keep poor people from attacking me and my property, and the rest I'll spend on life-extension therapy.

Poor? Poor people don't have access to capital. That's what make them poor. You were able to borrow 100k. You aren't poor. Man up and go do something with that education you spent so much time and money to get.

You're a fucking massive idiot for not understanding how Bitcoin works.

This isn't hard.

1) Take out a massive loan and buy crypto.

2) Default on the loan.

3) Say you forgot the private key, and keep the crypoto anyway ;).

4) 5 years from now sell it, and pay off the loan if they still care, itl'l be a tiny fraction of your netwealth by then.

i am so glad that i came to Veeky Forums for a thread like this

I already am considering defaulting on my student loans. Should I do this before or after?

>and pay off the loan if they still care,

oh they'll care

That's fraud, asshole. You're worse than this libtard.

>Try buying bitcoin when your parents generation keeps insisting your an idiot for thinking about buying it

The people who have been buying for the past 8 years have been called idiots over and over again

Nice meme

This. I'm a student and a student loan servicer for Nelnet, kek

>Went to school
>Took out 100k Loan
>Followed the heard
>Didn't take chances or blaze your own path

fuck me this guy gets it

im a bitch blablabla

stfu and buy PFR and BBT, dont miss these moons, dont tell your parents if you dont want to


And what have you done?

Stupid fucking arguments. You could have easily set aside money for crypto instead of intoxicating yourself with drugs and alcohol.

Try telling some girl working in a clothing factory in Bangladesh how unfair this all is. Get some fucking sense in your head.

>including Trump

instead of being stressed by Trump, you should be thanking god every day of your pathetic life that you are living under the greatest President in US history.

You're responisble for your own life OP. Can't blame this shit on anyone else, learn a lesson and think for yourself, have things your own way and don't be a sheep.

OP is a faggot

Holy shit dude, you make me furious. GTFO OFF MY BOARD!!!!


cry about it

>2) Default on the loan.
>flash forward 5 years
>trying to get your life together
>try to get a car, house, loan, credit card, etc. or anything else needed to function in society
>muh credit score

Co-owner of a business that bids government contracts and has millions of dollars flow through it every year.
How's the sheep life? Do you have a lot of friends?

What are you trying to prove by posting this?

I answered your question. You're not a risk taker kid. Stop wishing you would have been and get over it.

How could I afford to take risks when things could only get worse?

-Get a credit card with 0 apr% interest rate
-Use credit card to pay off your monthly loan.
-Pay off the credit card THAT VERY MOMENT
-After 1 year is up move to another credit card and keep chewing away at the principal without getting shafted by interest by Sallie Mae

Assuming 10k in crypto today, would mean you even need loans 5 years down the track.

Accept your defeat OP, complaining is what everyone else does and I think you don't want what everyone else wants anymore right?

You can't default on your student loans, they follow you through bankruptcy.

The bank literally lends money into existence out of nothing, and you're telling me it's fraud not to pay back this non-existent money.

The greatest misvaluation today is to think that 12.5k of literally printed out of nothing money... is worth 1 bitcoin which can't be printed, regulated, controlled in any way.

You are an idiot. You do realize that speculating on coins is a zero sum game, don’t you? 90% if traders lose money. Quit being worthless and create something, then you’ll get money. The world owes your faggoty ass nothing. Become less useless and get rich.

So in all that time you studied you could never afford to put some money aside to do other things than drinking with those new sorrority girls that really think you're a loser anyway and only date Harvard Chads?

Sorry OP but you obviously could, you just never dared to do anything. Even a 100$ is enough to start with, plenty of people do. But if thats to much of a risk, you shouldn't be here in the first place.

So is the some sort of overly complicated way of telling me to kill my self?

nice larp. it has all the right triggers.
reddit spacing.
Liberal Arts degree debt.
your, instead of you're
muh injustices

No not really, I'm just telling you to stop being such a fucking pussy and get over it.

You think millenials are gaining the most. Lol. You dumb fuck. Literally zero milllenials are whales. You are just chucked puppets getting played and wasting your life away hoping Bernie will save you. You have no idea what rich means. I’ve never paid over $900 for bitcoin and have a shitload. Who do you think is running up the value? It’s not me, it’s millenials.

Its not bitcoins fault you didnt hop on early
It also wont be bitcoins fault when you hop on and it goes down

Can you guess who's fault it'll be?

Actually its the Lost Generation, the people that are 30's mid 30's that produced the most millionaires in this space. Millenials just find this way more fun because they all got short attention spans because of social media and cellphones. Crypto fits perfectly as everything is happening at once and you can quickly bounce from one thing to the next.

>mined bitcoin in '11 with desktop computer as underage b& reading /g/
>mom says i'm wasting electicity
>later format wallet with 0.4btc from barely any mining

be a man. take your own decisions and responsibility