Is this coin LITERALLY free money?

If you are getting free BTCp holding this, how is it not free money?

dont think ive ever seen a better investment in crypto. argue me.

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It is free $.

well were gonna make it.

My only question is what is the fastest possible way to dump my ZCL after the snapshot?

I mean I wouldn’t mess with dumping post snapshort. The buy orders will be gone at that point and the value will transfer to BTCP anyway


Yes. The only reason it isn't still shooting straight up is whales keeping the price down.

This, don't over strain your brain.

pretty much. The whale sitting at 69 has been there for a long time.

straight after it dumps wait for it to hit bottom, it will go fast since there will be no buys. Then on the bounce back graph a 61% fib and sell there. Or if you want to go for the risky a 38% fib.

So do i just accept that this shit is going back down to $5 post snapshot and all the value is transferred to BTCP? Is it worth selling immediately before the snapshot at the peak and forgetting about the BTCP?

Pump group. Looks promising. I just joined....

I love how little attention this coin is getting

It’s actually insane to me. I think once the official fork date is announced it will gain much more attention.

feeling confy anons, just added a lil more zcl

This is a risky play. Lots can go wrong, like fork not happening, or delayed. Still, I'm going in. Take some risk.

I bought at 180k sats and I don't want to average up lol.
I know it will go higher but I just cant bring myself to increase my average buy in price, breaks my rule of only averaging down

People don't believe or understand it yet.
Once it is official with a fork date the snowball will roll further down the hill

about to breakout again

unless you have a bot you wont make it, bots will dump instantly

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YES, this coin which is dead on development and was worth $2 days ago is literally a steal!

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ZCL whale here feels good man

tell me your address, I can make you feel better.