Bitcoin is an unsustainable speculative bubble

Bitcoin is an unsustainable speculative bubble.
Any questions?

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What do you base this On?

Also water is wet, the sky is blue and your mom's a hoe.

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I don't give a shit how much power bitcoin uses. It's going up in price? Good enough for me. Let's start burning stupid people for energy. Like I give a fuck

Nobody gives a shit about your lack of morals and high degree of greed. Your attitude only serves to demonstrate that it's an unsustainable ponzi scheme / speculative bubble.

I think we're seeing that right now, it definitely looks like a lot of people made the leap from "buy bitcoin" to "there are other coins".

I think the bitcoiners have started to run out of chumps to sell to.

You roasted him good, fucking degenerate BTC shills don't know when to drop the ball.

Bitcoin and all crypto lack intrinsic value.

That doesn’t make me a gold shill but it’s such a fragile asset.

You can’t be paid your salary in bitcoin or bank with any safeguards.
It’s harder to use than the current banking system. More expensive to use than the current banking system too.
The exchange rate fluctuates so wildly it can’t be used as anything but a speculative asset and not a currency.

Am I one of the few here who does not see any of these coins succeeding until there is a stable value coin not pegged to another currency that can be used by normies to transfer money and gain interest at a rate and ease comparable to normal fiat banks?

I’ll but Barclay coin or jp Morgan chase coin or visa coin when they come out and have some real accessibility.

Bitcoin is dying. Merchants are dropping it and no one is using it for payments anymore.

Ripple is the future.

First institutional use for XRP was announced days ago:

"In a precedent-setting moment, Cuallix became the first worldwide institution to use xRapid — Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP as a liquidity tool — to reduce the cost of sending cross-border payments from the U.S. to Mexico."

So buy bitcoin cash. It isn't ASIC resistant so the network consumes 20% less energy.

Progress in crypto has been held back on purpose. Now that bitcoin is effectively zombie they can switch focus on promoting Ripple.

in jew we trust amirite?

pretty sure (((they))) are paying those shills.
go open a bank account it's the same, dumbass.

This scare anyone else? The insane growth of crypto forums in the past 2 months. IDK feels like all the people who were on the fence about crypto took the plunge all at once, and the "dumb money" resource is mostly spent now. There's not gonna be this kinda growth ever again. Whales might recognize that and start liquidating.

with bitcoin you trust whoever purchases the most hashing power, let's see

-One company has more than 50% of the hashpower (Bitmain)
-One oppressive country has more than 50% of hashpower (China)
-One company has a monopoly on creating efficient ASIC Bitcoin miners thanks to patents (Bitmain)

-10s of validators run by reputable non-related public and private entities in different countries (e.g., Microsoft, MIT, CGI, WorldLink, Telindus-Proximus Group, Bahnhof, ...)
-At least 80% of validators must agree for a ledger to be validated
-double spending not possible
-Anyone can run a validator and use his own list of validators

if you are not retarded, you would realize that Ripple is actually more decentralized than Bitcoin.

>Any questions?
Are traps gay?


yes. this is what has been on my mind lately. Fuckers.

No.. the whole point is P2P Decentralised, if you start using XRP you're ruining the whole fucking point of crypto and it doesn't even make sense to invest anymore into Decentralised projects. Might aswell just return to StockMeme

They already have, new money coming in is fuelling whales to cash out, thats why you don't see insane rallies happening. Bubble bursts, we're doomed. Back to stockmarket meme

>trusting a company with your finances
>those names don't echo at all

This is some high quality FUD. You know he is secretly invested KEK

If you want to get at me, don't use obscure abbreviations. What is FUD, faggot?

/Pol/ faggot spotted

When are capitalists going to make something useful for once?

>le epic /pol/ echo meme
you have to go back

>Not knowing what FUD means
Get out of crypto for your own good.

hows about we ban bullshit like facebook & jew-stagram and then ill worry about my rig's energy consumption.

Wow such insight

If only there was a coin focused on decreasing energy consumption

[Spoiler] XJO [/Spoiler]