Normiefaggot- Buys BTC with coinbase cause they saw it on CNN and they heard their dad say "wow"

Normiefaggot- Buys BTC with coinbase cause they saw it on CNN and they heard their dad say "wow"

Anyone else rn: Buys BCH because they know this superior godcoin is way too low and its rigged to explode in the next few days once Shitcoin Dickwit69x proves itself to be the biggest letdown normies could ever conceive of

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Hey there, Roger

Once Lightning Network comes out BCH is going straight back into the dumpster.

BCH releases... moons on hype... and has done absolutely nothing but bleed out.


Do you ever wonder why the fuck there are so many cucks promoting this scam?


You're adorable babe. Do you like surfing the net? You might consider going to and DYOR on lightning.

>muh lightning network
retard here but why can't LN also be used by bch?

There's alot of hardcore starving boomers holding on to Bcore with angry clenched fist as you'll notice on every BCH post and you long awaited LN will prove a big letdown as it adds more fees onto of already high fees, including monthly fees to all users

because it is a vaporware that is impossible to implement by neither BTC or BTH

so its just another crypto buzzword used by deluded corefags?

>people are still counting their sats
>people are still NOT realizing that eth has already beaten bch and btc.

is vaporware a cool word you learned yesterday or something? LN is live on test net lol

There are no fuckin developers that want to touch bcash. All the normies that bought bcash because its value is cheaper and didnt want to get real bitcoins.

I am surprised Roger isnt fearing for his life for shilling bcash and stealing money from the pajeet mafia. You dont fuck with them. You fuck with your mother if you want to fuck. bcash LOL. If you bought this coin and you dont have that sick pit feeling in your stomach is because you are too stupid to realize you invested in the wrong coin. Those people I hope bleed a slow death. If I had bcash I would rip my used tampon and slap you across the face with it.

you'll also notice the losing bcore crowd is the vilest of the vile and tries to online bully all opposition to their censored control of a dying past glory

>Because its cheaper


>No developers

That's totally not something you just made up in your head HAHA

got both


compare the front page of /r/btc and /r/bitcoin../r/btc is almost 100% posts shitting on core.

Dying past glory? Look at all the exchanges. They trade their altcoins for BTC. Read it. X/BTC. Not bcash. Pajeet, go fuckin smear your curry shit somewhere else.

ETH isn't even a currency you dimwit

Have fun losing half v soon

and btc/bch are?

what happened to bitcoin cash ?

should I sell my bags?

what about 38% btc dominance and dropping daily

Someone please post the vid from earlier this week when an MSNBC anchor said there was a company storing "physical Bitcoins" in a secured facility in the Swiss Alps.

Nice try kike. The LN is not feasible and will never "come out".

This fucking lying whore said the goyim network would be ready in 2015. It isn't even possible to do what it says it can do, which is why it will never be released.

Everything is censored you stupid fuck, the only things that make it to the front page /r/bitcoin is some faggy fucking beta memes

hahaha holy fuck the absolute state of the lightning network

i'm gonna make OC of a turtle called lightning

Dont sell your bcash bags. Just look at blockfolio every hour after reading this post and remember the taste of my blood when I slapped you with my used tampon. That is the redpill you decided not to take and stay poor with your bcash bags.

except that it's live on testnet right now

bch dominance is dropping even faster you street retard

Except it doesn't scale because it's a piece of shit.

Except it doesn't fucking matter how if it's on testnet, it'll never fucking work.

so sell ?

Okay Rajeesh

Pajeet please leave. You're not fooling anyone.

Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin.

No. Dont sell you down syndrome nigger. If anyone, I want it to be YOU have a wojak branded on your forehead like the other little bitch in the other thread that took a $100k loan. Maybe he can rim you

BCH team explicitly denies it's inclusion. Requires segwit, which BCH won't add to their coin.


amazes me how you think Roger is not on our side

Nice, just bought 100k!

Remember when fags were talking about how inevitable the flippening was back in June? What ever happened to that?

>Lightning Cuckwork

That's funny because even if LN actually happens to be worth a damn then BCH can just add it too and do it better because it wont cost 100 bucks to set up and close a channel.

It doesn't require segwit you lying nigger, it requires a malleability change - which BCH hasn't implemented yet because it is extremely low priority.

who do you main bruh?

Especially when the only developer on the team with experience in the industry is some guy who worked on mobile apps at Google.

A woman and a nigger are the co-founders, if that doesn't set off a warning siren in your brain you are a retard.

Falco bruh

What makes BCH better than other coins like LTC?

You on netplay? Falcon main here.

A lot of the points are based off the fact that the BTC network is overloaded, while the BCH network is barely used. Currently, a BTC tx costs $15 to be confirmed within 20 minutes (2 confs). BCH is cheaper, but still requires 20 minutes for 2 confs (good luck getting an exchange to accept 0 conf txs).
Ethereum beats BCH in every category besides transaction cost, but the extra 0.50 - 1.50/tx is more than offset by ETH having pairings with most coins, while BCH usually only has BTC/ETH/USDT/USD pairs.

BCH is centralized and thus can't be exit scammed like Charlie Lee just did with LTC.

Having said that, LTC never had any real future which is why corecucks were never afraid of it.

lol he didnt sell

what so we're suppose to take your fucking word for it? you can't even think of a reason why that's true, my guess is you don't understand the basics of how it works

lol what are you talking about, nothing even happened when charlie sold his coins. what do you mean exit scammed?

Decentralized* I meant to say

Exactly, Litecoin will moon