Fun team does nothing or releases no updates today, price goes up 50%

Fun team does nothing or releases no updates today, price goes up 50%

How is this nothing other than a pump and dump???

Shill me fun holders, should i just buy in now anyway or wait for a drop?

I shill FUN here all the time and I have no idea. Normally I would tell you to wait for a dip, but I was telling people to sell at 400 yesterday and here we are...

buy high sell low

Shill yourself. If you like the project buy the fuck in, otherwise stay the fuck out.

Pretty simple isn't it user?

Im guessing if its a pump and dump it will copy ripples pattern, go up heaps, overshoot the mark, drop back and settle at a new higher floor 1/2-2/3 higher than its last floor

Doesn’t really make sense with the support and roadmap FUN has. I was expecting a big pump in a couple weeks anyway, it’s just a little early.

Just hit a double wall, here comes the crash

I thought we figured it out, that someone accidentally bought ~100k at 100x the going rate, causing trading bots to go nuts?

I'm expecting it to drop back to around 9c and stabilize there.

At that point in buying in

It's 9 cents right now you fucking coinlet

11.4 cents on coinranking, where are you looking?

-actually im talking in australian dollars, prob the confusion

I suspect somebody just bought up a load ready for launch, volume/price increase got noticed and it snowballed.

That or inside buying because somebody knows something we dont.

100k isnt even a lot though, I bought 10.7MM the other day and nothing like this happened. Bittrex and Binance will fill lower offers first so no way offering 100x price will make a difference.

Could be in anticipation of something.

It was a 13 million dollar purchase

It's a pump and dump by one of them tornado dump discords. Great if you had some, but gonna be a long hodl regardless.

인사말 여행자. 우리는 오늘 2 명의 친구와 이것을하고 있습니다.

Buy dip next sir.

I hope you guys realize their casino thing launces in 40 days. They recently posted about that and that might've made people/casino's buy in

hello man?

fuck yiou man

Smart money getting in.

sold everything on +60% waiting for it to drop again. Will do fur sure in the next few days.