Is this just a dream? How can we be doubling, tripling, quintupling our money everyday by doing nothing...

Is this just a dream? How can we be doubling, tripling, quintupling our money everyday by doing nothing? How can this sound right to anyone?
I have earned more the last month than both my parents combined, and I have never held a job and I have no marketable skills.
I expect my current portfolio to 100x by the end of 2018. At that point I'll be able to stake my holdings and never work a day in my life.


Don't forget those taxes.

i m gonna find the pajeet that shilled me this and murder him

New gold rush. What coins?

This is our eras gold rush, oil boom, diamond mine, crack era etc

100% LINK. Bought $2500 worth at 15 cents in November.

what coins are you in?

This is society's way of apologising to you for making you a NEET.

it's crazy but enjoy it, because this wont last forever

This is how bubbles look like.
We have never known because it usually happen in the stock market.

I recall 2008 when everything went to shit, people lost jobs and companies went broke, and I was like: well bad times often follow good times.

Then I though: wait, what good times.

I never realized how those were supposed to look like.

This is it

This it your bull market.
Enjoy it. You are now taking money from newcomers, like stocks broker did before you.

Cripto decentralized the bull runs and we are taking cash literally out of the hands of conservative old money who got in too late.

And while you do, remember: bad times follow good times.

it will last for many many years.

Because you're at ground 0 of a new internet Industry. The next facebooks and googles are being made right now.

The jews want in to invest but they know if they go and buy 500k BTC to buy up these startups/coins... that they will push the BTC price to $1M... hence they're trying to figure out how they can get a piece of the growth pie.

Interesting times.

>he said in 2008
>he said in 2009
>he said in 2010
>he said in 2011
>he said in 2012
>he said in 2013
>he said in 2014
>he said in 2015
>he said in 2016
>he said in 2017
Make your new year's resolution to not be such a stupid fuck in 2018.

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Well technically speaking he is right.
The sun will explode at some point so its not like there is not top limit.

show portofolio

we're all gonna make it bro

You are experiencing what boomers got to experience for 90% of their whole lives, being honest you’re actually doing more work than they did to get what they have.

Your average boomer literally has no concept of what work is or risk reward.

Literally everything just fell in their laps.

Now they spent all of that easily obtained bounty on the dumbest of fucking shit left nothing for their children, they can’t retire because they let every facet of our existince fall into atrophy while they snorted coke and they’ll expect us to literally wipe their ass and pay for their lifetime of hedonism with half our already half devalued pay in the form of social security and medicare.

Take what you can get, disregard anything fucking boomers say, they are quite literally children in adult bodies and easily the worst american generation to ever exist.

I haven't gained shit. This is worse than gambling, because of manipulation. I buy because of what makes logical sense, but everyone puts their money into Coincoin and it spikes 3000%. Meanwhile I'm holding god damn bags.

Almost 1400 cryptos and less than 10 are worth anything. Everything else exists solely for manipulation.

>playing the victims AND doing the same fucking thing
You're a literal piece of shit kill yourself stupid fucking nigger.

then jump on pnds and embrace neetdom

You think link is a good buy?

Pump and dumps are just "who's gonna betray everyone else first?" bullshit. I saw it happen on a Discord and said fuck that.

How? Even when I buy high and sell low I'm still making gains somehow. What the fuck are you holding?
>inb4 REQ and LINK
But even those are steadily performing actually.

Maybe your "logical" reasoning is just stupid? Do your own research, don't buy into hype, don't FOMO, don't panic sell. Make educated, calm decisions. Don't be emotional.
But seriously just read up on chainlink and put your money into it when it dips and just forget about it. It's guaranteed to moon in the future.


Yeah Millenial generation has things like fucking AIDS and Crack associated with them.

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As much as you make fun of millenials lets put shit like watching youtube and playing video games on the scale vs burning a rock of fucking cocaine and rat poison and huffing the vapor like some kind of street urchin.

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It's very interesting, but again, I'm thinking logically about a crypto currency when 99% of the crypto currency market is just sausage fingered faggots shilling for what their Discord has chosen to pump in order to scam other people out of money. 99% of crypto is just a vehicle for moving around from the current Champion Liar to the next.

It's not built on logic, so Link could be the best thing ever and it doesn't matter because John McAfee shilled Verge which is run by a guy who can't meet his own deadlines for years on end. And you know what? It turned out the whole thing was a pump and dump and McAfee tried to blackmail them into paying him, or he would fud the coin on Twitter. They didn't pay him. So then he tweeted that he "never said it could hit $15" when he sure as fuck did, and also said Verge was overvalued now.

McAfee also claimed that he was being paid "millions" by other people to shill their trash as well.

I can't make it in crypto because I can't tell what's going on because I'm thinking logically in an illogical place where everything is shifting like Inception. Sorry bros.

>I can't make it in crypto because I can't tell what's going on because I'm thinking logically

You're absolutely right. Just roll the dice brah.

All I want to know is what to do when I actually sell in Canada? What are my options there when I cash out for my Lambocopters? What do Leafs do since Coinbase is shit?