Biggest shitcoin of the year award goes to?

Biggest shitcoin of the year award goes to?

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and Ripple

Yeah because instant transactions with 0 fee is not cool enough. Better pay $30 for 10h transaction

I don't think its shit, but the moon was inzaaaaaaaaaaaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

More like biggest scamcoin

bow down to fiat you shill

shit or not XRB will be BIG

This is literally everything BTC wishes it was. I couldn't believe how fast getting it off the exchange was.

the level of delusion from ripplets and raiblox marines is putting both the arkies and linkies to shame

lol. communism in the digital age.

of course no proof from user, how many times I have seen this already, double spend, binance refused listing or some other shit without any single proof

you cant make this shit up, right?

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

>the level of delusion from ripplets
stopped there. you faggots were calling ripple holders delusional for thinking XRP could reach a dollar, and yesterday just called to tell you it kicked your dog and shit on your front porch

salty iota bagholder detected

ripplets are lucky the koreans are autistically pumping such a shitcoin, but anyone who hasn't sold yet is completely deluded.

I don't buy shitcoins. I'm holding ETH and eth tokens and comfy as hell while you are lay awake at night waiting waiting for your scams to fall apart.

What the fuck bad things do you have to say about XRB? Nothing? The exchanges its on are shit? Woh guess we better ignore how fucking incredibly fast and free it is! Its coming to other exchanges 2018 meanwhile you slowboys should go all in on some bazinga

Give me a reason why anyone should sell their Ripple right now other than the fact that you've already shown that you're salty you missed the moon mission.

Shit coin or not, a buck is a buck. If you wanna make 50% GAINZ daily at minimum! GET IN NOW Ride the Whale!

The Koreans wish they could, especially after their exchanges disabled placing sells below certain thresholds.

it can be fast, free, and suck my dick autonomously, but it's completely useless until it's on a legitimate exchange and has real world use. until then all the money you've sunk into it could disappear off the odds of a coin flip

for the past 4 years it's been a whale pump and dump money printing machine and that's what it still is. you missed selling at the top, but you still have time.

>you missed selling at the top
No, I didn't. But that doesn't answer my question. You really don't know how it works, do you? Or are you one of those faggots whining about decentralization and muh banks, muh jews, whatever kind of FUD you can think of? Ripple is just getting started in application, it's been around for that long, but counting actual use, it's only about a year and a half old.

I know how it works. I know it's centralized and ripple can freeze your tokens if they decide they don't like you. I know XRP has nothing to do with the ripple connect network they are shilling to the banks. I know the banks won't use XRP for the transfers due to financial regulations even though they would save 30%. I know ripple is giving the banks free XRP to their customers so they can dump it for real cryptos like BTC or ETH or just straight to fiat. if you think XRP is there to benefit you, you are completely deluded.

Pajjets are so fuycking desperate to fud this coin so they can buy some up, its literally going on binance lmfao

>erc20 shittokens
should i be impressed by this or what?
youre probably a stinky linky

> (OP)
>This is literally everything BTC wishes it was. I couldn't believe how fast getting it off the exchange was.
Same here. This shit is amazing.

Exchange problems do not equal coin problems.