HYP Hype thread

HYP is mooning right now in cryptopia! Buy while you still have the chance. It was at 50SAT just a moment ago

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Heard it's one of the Eth dev's labours of love that he just turned full time? Is there an announcement coming up soon?

been holding this for weeks telling people its gonna moon

new white paper coming in a few days. imo the best undervalued pos system.

Last chance to board under 100 sats!

i've just read the whitepaper. looks like a long term hold

Wew dat volatility doe!

Just went all in, hope you faggots aren't lying

but it's hitting the roof right now, might as well gain on the pump, rebuy on the dip

Fuck it, I missed out before. Lets see how this works. To the moon!

wtf is going on with this coin

sold all for hyp

managed just to get in, looks like the volume is growing rapidly!

Looking solid, might have to jump in

wtf is this shilling

lets get it

Holy fuck guys this is going to be huge!! I was flipping my ETN and saw this mooning. Get in now, it literally just started!!

You guys better not be lying. I just went deep in it. Not missing out like XVG again.

On cryptopia, fug. Why are all the coins I want on some sketchy domain? Missing OUTTTTTTT

Just bought 100k thnx see ya on mars


probably just a pnd

bought some just in case tho

Next Stop: Andromeda

fuck it, all in...

bought this coin weeks ago. Point of sale is a MASSIVE market. pic related >my gf after these gains

doubt its a shill, even if it is, easy profits

big gains for big RISKS

;D miss another moon launch brother

Some fucking pleb Discord group is making these threads and replying to them. 100%.

This nigger is taking noombs for the gains.

Will be lightning fast for payments and thus content with XRB/XRP

Holy shit this coin is going to be huge. Unironically bought 15k.

you were all asking what would get you 2x today this is it. get in while you can


Alright Pajeets you shilled me. I'm in

Fuck it, I'm in for 100k

As soon a she posted it was already up 400% and now it's back down to 200%

Fuck this kike john. Gonna start my own discord and fake ass hodlrr website for 100$ to reap &$$&&&$$$$$$

Its been in development for 3 fucking years, its about time it gets the spotlight.

t. XRB bag holder


Fuck pajeet John. Most bought in after hisbdoscord or now email at 400% gain. Now it's dropping to barley over 100%.

Ducking nigger is just PnD noobs. Stay away

Still plenty of room for growth

Target 700 sats :)

Fuck this nigger.

He puts out a coin after he invested low only for the noobs to buy high shut down exchange lolz and hold bags.

Go hold your bags you nigger pajeet. You got fucked.

just dropped 10K usd into this baby, been following the dev forever

Hyp = new Verge
tell the normies

PND group pumping this, I recommend everyone to stay away from shitcoins you have never heard of that just suddenly moon for no reason, it's most likely a PND


Get in while you can, bought a few k - TO THE MOON.

10k here. They're pumping it to 500 at least, just seen in the discord

OFC its a pnd
but do you know who's leading it?
I bet many of you made a tidy buck with his prevous tipoffs

get in while you can
don't fomo later

>choosing to stay poor

The point is the shit coin was already 2x when he posted about it. Check the time stamps.

Rocket to 1k taking off now

As far as I'm concerned this nigger like is 2/2. VERGE and burst he got right Marx and hyper he got wrong.

I'm guessing he's using his connection to make his own PnD group and taking NEET's money. Hes 0/2 for his own picks.

get fucking hyped

Hes been had lolz

In other words he scammed a bunch of neets out of their money and is ready to set up the next gig.

I'm so pnd'd

HAHAHAHAAHAHA I'm dying here

I will buy your HYP for 20sats everyone.

buy the dip lol

I don't know if anyone will trust this guy ever again...

This was a huge loss for a lot of us

For all we know it could be him that leaked it and is acting like it was a fucking nigger that did it

Its one of those things, there was a good structured plan, its a pity everyone couldnt play ball and everyone could have made alot of money

Shit was already 1.5-2x when he posted on discord.

Then by the time myself and other bought in at 4x (nigger syndrome) shit plummeted. His nigger ass sold.

LMAO just lost my entire investment on this shit! luckily it was only .25 BTC

Thanks dad

so basically: its ya boi verge is dead...

Really? Nigger is 0/2.

Lets address something.
Discord groups are ruining people's experiences on this board.
Stop using your discord groups to shill shitcoins, this board is nothing but constant advertisement and who the fuck wants to put up with this anymore.

Once it hits 50sats its gonna moon again

I lost my house because of this fucking pajeet

you realize it's going to the fucking moon then mars right? 100sat pump was just to get people talking.

The whales just accumulated during that dump. I've been seeing smart people talk about this for weeks.

is the pump over i just found a wallet with 26k HYP today. Feel like dumping.

pump is over, it was a scam for the creator to just cash out on noobs, try this group instead

has a good reputation and a good system