/too smart to get rich/ general

tfw miss EVERY SINGLE MOON because I refuse to buy high

you tell me a coin that hasnt mooned yet RIGHT NOW



I feel you op
that's the reason i switched to daytrading



Strat. The only problem is that it's low volume so if the big boys cause a commotion, you'll freak out from the high percentage drop. That being said, you're a brainlet because you're suppose to accumulate during the stealth phase and be loaded for moon missions, not chasing them like some kind of druggy. This is where TA comes useful, because you read up and be like IGHT THIS SHIT IS GOOD, see that it hits a bottom IGHT IT CANT GET LOWER and then buy. Wait for a week, profit.

Theyve all mooned, binance only has 2-3 coins left in the .00000xxx sat cost now. You’re best off day trading or holding a privacy coin

HYP don’t stay poor

WTC. gonna moon hard Q1

Are you fucking blind? UFR.

What the fuck is wrong with you? 5mil market cap, this coin is easily going to 5x in the next few days.

Unironically DBC

POE and LEND, Volume is picking up and price is steady. Accumulation before the pump

UFR-UPFIRINGget money for seeding torrents!

If you're not investing in Upfire at this point, you're an actual retard. Read this thread

>50 mil marketcap
>most advanced privacy tech out there
>under $5

stop falling for pajeet memes and hop on spectrecoin


BNTY-Still room for growth.


UFR has a low market cap, take advantage of that before it's too late

Fuk u pajeet.
I shit in toilet and I no sekll ufr

Siacoin you fucking idiots

By now, even the shittiest of the shitcoins that is only traded on a single exchange in Timbuktistan will be prepumped. People are buying into hello world coding examples, just because someone sticked the word "blockchain" next to it. Dotcom time again and we all know ending. While you QQ about x10000 no longer a thing, smart people are riding the 40% pump&dump train and still make profits normie stock investors can only dream of. Adapt to the game however it's played. Crying earns you nothing.

This lol. 99.9% of cryptos that are here now will be obsolete in years to come, and we will look back and laugh at ourselves for ever thinking some of them could be actually useful.

you're right bro. fuck this hold shit on altcoins. Time to start taking advantage.

You dumbass