Hello, Figured id settle the confusion by coming to the source of it all. You might have seen the news that I signed a bill enabling all cyprto exchanges to be taxable but i assure you that is not the case.

Feel free to ask any questions !

- Jared

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Wait you are not taxing trades between alts?

You only tax when people purchase stuff or cash out to fiat?

Ok, you can start by assuring us it's not the case by actually assuring us...

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Where can I cash out a few hundred dollars without getting taxed to shit?

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if it is you sir are fucking hero can you ask mr. President to relieve blockchain startups from any form of tax please ?
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Is there tax on loans that you've defaulted on, and they lender has taken your collateral?

For instance if you had 100BTC, and took out an equivalent fiat loan putting the BTC up as collateral..

Then you default on the loan, the lender takes the BTC, you take the FIAT.

What is the tax implication here?

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Transfer all of this years earning to LINK, This method is the only non taxable event for any funds higher than $600

- Jared

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On the real though. Taxes through each crypto trade, get the fuck out of here. With the amount of trades I do and the paper needed to print said trades, would kill too many trees

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Can ou plz tell us thenew tax law thst just passed. Also what about holdng for one year and what tax bracket will it be? thanks

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- Jared

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- Jared

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- Jared

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- Jared

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Whenever the IRS knocks on your door and you missed LINK shooting up to the moon and you need a shoulder to cry on, just remember that I'm here for you.

Don't hurt yourself, please.

- Jared


- Jared

>Transfer all of this years earning to LINK,
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