Fuck. FUCK. I'm this close to being shilled and throwing all my ETH in this.

/biz should I? Should I not?

What's the retarded decision here.

My only 3 ETH on the line

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Stay with ETH and you'll most likely have some comfy rainy day money in the future

Buy XLM and it could moon so hard you buy lambos

XLM has the bigger risk/reward

XLM bag holder so I'm betting on a moon mission

>XLM bag holder so I'm betting on a moon mission

It's on an uptick right now.

Should I hold off on that buy ?

Theres no risk going in XLM, it's only going up from here user

I don't think you'll regret buying

Let’s get something straight here.
This isn’t a pajeet scam coin.
This is a god coIn
A solid coin.
A ok let my uncle fuck my ass coin.
This is a safe buy you fucking edgy faggot.
You know what, day my buy into my coin you pathetic cum bucket , it’s only for stellar marines, which yo clearly aren’t.

You're gonna get crushed against that buywall like a lamb to slaughter. This is a TRAP. Wait for it...

Fuck it, went in. Let there be prosperous times.

I'm just a scared that that the FairX Rumours end up not being true

Its a centralized shitcoin created by one of the ripple scammers. Avoid if you have any self respect.

how is ETH gonna make u money anyway. That shit will never x2. ETH is wat.. 725 a piece? so u got 2175.. if it goes up 30% which is a lot, you make ..652.


xlm sell at 6.7k SATS BITCH

keep eth if you are a cuckold

we're all gonna make it BRAHS



its not a rumour.

3 ETH to get comfy rainy day money?
holy fuck im holding my 3 eth then, i can wait. as long as I can get there

DONT DO IT NOW THERE IS A HUGE PnD going on right now!!

you gotta be honestly retarded and born with noodle hands to lose money on XLM

congrats retard you just got scammed hard LMFAO


suck cum arsehole

Shit, didnt see that updated. Sweet.

Nice larp.

Haha fuck me!


pump&dump groups going around

Point of entry should be DYOR







It's probably going to dip user, but just hold. XLM is a serious coin and has a consistent upwards trend.

Waiting for that dip.

Just converted my XRP to XLM. XRP market cap is too high to go much past $2.

Just bought in. Figured this is enough of a dip for me.

hodl for 4 months minimum for 200%+ gains

I was trying to see if there were any updates from Deloitte since their announcement in 2016. I think this is the most underrated piece of news (maybe because I've worked at Deloitte and know the type of Clientele we have).

>Buying high during a PnD

I've done work in deloitte offices. Very nice buildings, big money their.

the lowest you're going to get is 30c anyway. It held that like a brick wall even during the big btc dip today

Yeah p&d scammers got the signal 2 days ago so anything above 0.33$ is possibly overvalued as of right now but a bunch of people sold at a loss without doing research & not hodling so not going to get into that

How do you know this?

I'm going to wait a bit on this one. I've rushed trades before, and been burned. It is tempting though

I'm buying more at 30 cents, I'm just starting out but I have 1.1k, want to make it 2k

he's fucking larping don't fuckin listen to that retard

More like 200x gains

How do I know this? I saw the 3billion$ hype train happen in the last 3 days because I followed it. I even saw how many idiots started asking about how to buy XLM just like how they were saying how to buy XRP

I know when normies are throwing in money it makes the price increase and makes it juicy for scammers to make money by coming to places like Veeky Forums and hyping a low price coin by saying 'BYBUBUY ITS MOOOONING'

If you also have noticed (if you were here), you would have realized more XLM threads became BUY signals instead of educational/news threads.

Makes you wonder why

>If you also have noticed (if you were here), you would have realized more XLM threads became BUY signals instead of educational/news threads.

Just started visiting biz after discovering it through a reddit thread.

I've been on the verge train, don't get me started there. It's still Q4......yeah.

Looking into the lumens now, have about 350cad to throw in. It was between this and tron and though tron sounds cool with the riceball ceo, lumens seems like it has actual traction ie. deloitte, ibm etc. so i'm more interested in that

you have to go back


Good entry point is

I've got bags at 2780. Hold me biz

Kiss ass faggot. ooooooh I don't like reddit.
You're assbergers is showing. Yes, I know I spelled that wrong.

forming ascending triangle, so in case of a breakout that's the most likely thing to happen. I'm buying again once it bounces off the lower side of the triangle again.


You're literally too stupid to be talking about cryptos.

Just go back

By the way, horizontal blue line is a huge sell wall on Bittrex, so likely to correct on that.

Cool story. Can we talk about the thread topic instead of deviating into your autism?

keep sperging

But I was told to buy high sell low


If you're just looking to ride pumps look elsewhere.

You did right. I have made ~$7 million from crypto since May and my portfolio is 90% XLM at the moment. Not that it matters since everyone is going to call LARP anyway, but XLM is going above $2 in the near future.

How are you holding bags? Did you literally ride the pump train and buy ATH?

God damnit stop listening to the threads that say buy, if they're not educating you and telling you to hodl for at least 1 year, they're scamming you

i'm a bit of a retarded ugandan child so i'm not too well versed on crypto at all
can you explain why you predict this happening

I second this request

give us newfags some advice senpai

I just bought in XLM for a long hold. Did I make a mistake? Ripple is making me nervous. Is it true it is tied to XRP like Litecoin and ETH are to bitcoin?

Wakey snakey

Also, how are you guys going to cash out of binance with XLM? Are you going to trade for BTC and then transfer it to an exchange like gdax/coinbase or gemini? Is there an easy/efficient way?

press F to wake the snake


XLM is on it's way down, you'd be wise to sell now and wait to buy in lower, it ain't gonna moon again in the next 24 - 48 hours to say the very least.


You have to go back

There are so many bullish announcements in 2018. XLM is one of my comfiest holds.

>cash out
You also have to go back

What the fuck do you mean sauce

This is all speculation you dumb cunt, it’s just sometimes you can tell where the market will most likely end up

I.e XLM had a pump, no announcements upcoming (that we know of) therefore everyone would want to take their profits. It really doesn’t take a genius

>has no idea what fairx is going to bring.

Just "HODL" for 3 months, you degenerate mouth breather.

XLM doesnt tank, its not a shitcoin like ripple

its already down from a high 0.39 you fucking brainlet.

XRP went from 6B to a high of 110B in 3 weeks, even if its tied to XRP why is that a bad thing. Would you rather HODL a coin that's tied to BTC?

Quads confirm BUY BUY BUY

I still have a few more days before I go in on XLM right?

I'm still making money selling/buying BNTY to/from Pajeets

I want to keep taking advantage of this for as long as I can

quit pegging shit to BTC... shit should be pegged to ETH ffs

nah EOY moon mission in sight

Just buy and hold XLM. It's the most promising of all currencies right now. Sell if you think otherwise or if you are happy with the profits, but it will go to $1 and beyond sooner than you think. The IBM partnership isn't priced in for what it's worth.

I literally see these lumens as $1 bills. If I can buy one for $.30 I'll pawn everything I own to get more. I believe it will go higher by far, but I keep my expectations conservative.

Stop making leafs look pajeet-tier you maplenigger.

Fuck i cant buy until tuesday because jews wont wont work herey, i cant transfer fiat to cripto until then.

Realistic price-predictions?




got a million XLM boys

sell at $1 or continue to hodl?

>one of
not the comfiest, user?

DESU bro i have %20 of my portfolio in it but at the same time it was just 3 cents a few week ago lol. Were not buying low anymore so you can always get fucked in this situation. id go in with 1 eth maybe but save the other 2 eth unless you find some other good coins. like you could have just bought ada at 2 cents a month ago or 20 cents 2 weeks ago, you coulda bought ICX at $1.50 2 weeks. countless others and countless more. Just keep that in mind before you go all in mid pump but im a cuck so lol.

yea its not over until ripple goes sub $1 lol. XLM will hit 50 cents in the next month but who the fuck knows after that.

Where do you guys see XLM being at in 2018? I plan to use it as my long term hold when I get to at least $10k and go all in.