This is going to be the coin of the elite. Think about it

You cannot own a portion of a NEO. They are indivisible.
Think about all those normalfags buying shitcoins like Cardano and Ripple because muh numbers
They will never own NEO. Only big dicked ballers will have it.
After it gets above $500 it will go parabolic once everyone realizes how truly rare it will be.
Every NEO you own is like a piece of beachfront property.

>you can divide bitcoin into sats
>you can print infinite ripples
>you can never have less than 1 NEO

Buy now or be forever poor. This is the BRK.A of Crypto

I have a fuck ton of NEO. Never doubted $500.

Have a good portion myself. Chad coin.

Actually has proper team and product behind it in comparison to 99% of pajeet coins this board is infested woth.


All in

2018 is the year of neo

Been holding since Ans and will never sell. See you guys in the elite percent in a few years

Scrimped some money together to make my first purchase in Neo, could only afford $200 worth. But feels like I've put $100k into my retirement fund.

i will never make it, i just got 35 NEO.
Gonna sell them all.

You will be crying for pity as you milk an old chinese woman's tit in a couple years just to scrounge up some /GAS/ like all the plebs who did not buy into NEO, the one coin that will never be bought by normie scum.

You will make it, friend. That's 35 beach houses. Some of us may have more, but it's still 35 more than any normalshit will have.

That's max 20k chief rabbi

so sell and gtfo, whiney faggot

yes, 20k is about the target (my memelines show more like ~22k, but we'll round down) once the parabolic run begins at $500

your 35 NEO will be worth 700k. And they will only continue to go up in value. This isn't Bitcoin. Normies cannot come in and ruin it.

I wish I got in on NEO when it was a bit more "affordable". The comfiest hold.

>This is the BRK.A of Crypto

I got a big dick!
I'm a baller!

same here friend. my only task during the day is going to be claiming gas to pay for my lifestyle.

i...i have 3
will i be allowed into the NEO holder's parties

I always trusted our Chink overlords. Btw this will continue to go up for weeks now until it gets to 100+$ and then everyone will br wtf it was 30$ 2months ago.


this, biz doesn't understand this

Guesses for gas price by end of year? I’m staking about one a day with 2300 neo. If it hits over $100 I’ll quit my job

>>you can never have less than 1 NEO

its not just biz, most people dont get it and by the time they do understand, its going to be too cost prohibitive to make a dent.

i guess at the end of the day, better for us.

Umm how do I have .8 at end of my balance if you can't buy less than 1

On your exchange probably but if you try to get them in Neon you won't be able to send your .8

LMAO!!!!! You sick fuck!

you dont "have" anything

you have the representation of a number in an exchange database

but don't worry, in a couple years this is what all the normies will be begging for. for one of us to rent out a fraction of our beachfront NEO to their poor, beggar hands

and we will tell them, no.

newfags so new they don't even know about NEO indivisibility. lol

I got a few NEO and a few GAS, really hope China starts to use it.

>I'm too fucking dumb to realize divisibility = scalability
Anything that can't divide will eventually have a serious limitation in the number of tx it can maintain, as well as liquidity issues so that tx can't even take place. If NEO was trying to be a currency or store of value, could be good, but it's trying to be a platform for blockchain development. Makes zero fucking sense.

>never seen one of the oldest wojaks in existence
fucking normies i swear

GAS is what will be traded. NEO will have relatively low liquidity.

I bought at $3.50 during Antshares, but I was poor back then and could only afford 250. Held through all the ups and downs, holding til fucking Andromeda.

good on you bro. seriously it was hard to hold near the end. and dont feel ashamed for a second. 250 ain't bad, my friend.

It's okay no-NEO, you can own your fraction of a GAS one day once you get it. Enjoy your antslum

I've just purchased a couple NEO and they're still sitting on an exchange.
Wot now? How do I scored GAS dividends? Can someone explain how does that all work?

Bought some, get ready for the price to tank.

put into NEON wallet, or hold on an exchange that gives GAS.
just holding NEO in a wallet gives you GAS

Thank you sir.
Much appreciated.

what's the timeframe of this coin hitting 22K?

that only exists in an exchange because of how their wallets are set up

try and transfer that to your own wallet, i dare you

I have to admit that I got scared this month. Scared from all the senseless shit that's been happening. So I went and bought myself some NEO and some ARK. Just an amount that I can afford. I'm staking both. The future looks bright.

should i buy despite it being pretty high?? should i hold out for a dip?? fuck

Will purchasing and storing NEO on Binance also generate GAS?

Bifinex, Binance and Kucoin has 0 withdrawal fee for NEO and has

hmmm, never heard of an indivisible crypto, kind of mind boggled atm. if he has .8 neo on an exchange, worse case he could buy .2 more trade it back to ETH? AHHH SOMEONE EXPLAAAAIN.

yes, you get it once a month.

you cannot withdrawal fractions of neo. if you send 1.6 neo from an exchange to your wallet you end up with 1

ehhh, it sounds really cool at first but just seems like a scam to scrape up all those missing decimal points

Neo is what i cash out my gains into and never sell. It's so rare and gives me dividends that grow and grow. Best blockchain and vision for the future. Best partnerships. People are just going to FOMO hard once it starts pumping this Q1.

it's a scam by the exchanges. normally you couldn't trade in a portion of a neo. think of it like a share of a company, can you divide a stock of apple inc? that's why it's former name was antSHARES

damn, is it too late to become a big dicked baller??

Alibaba, Bitmain, Elastos, Stellar and NEO. Watch em.

forgot i had like 5.7 NEO sitting on bittrex. hmm

for some reason its my only coin on bittrex. god damnit im going to have to do enhanced verification just to withdraw my 5 NEO.

forgot those fuckers have been taking my gas


btw all this talk about needing a full coin...would i be able to round out my 5.7 to a full 6 on an exchange? or am i gay? thanks anons


Last I checked, trex withdrawal fee for NEO was 0.025 NEO, so buy up to 6.025 NEO and get the fuck out of there with your 6 NEO.

god tier shill, but c'mon you really think one neo will be worth 400k USD or whatever ridiculous number BRK.A is at?

What's happening

Nice just bought 100k

Who else in here is in the one GAS a day club?

Exchanges take some of your GAS