EtherTanks v4

Why aren't you on this?

I've made over 300% already

stay poor pajeets poo in da loo

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Made 30k so far not bad

LT-2 tanks are soo undervalued. I made 3x profit, gonna buy more!

In ten fucking minutes

Making gains baby happy new year.

MT-1 tanks from the start

When your kids ask how your family became so wealthy?

"Son, let me tell you about this one neat trick with some spinning tank gifs..."

Literal money printing



Not a bad return after only about 10 minutes. Anxious to see my profits tomorrow

How many of those do you have?

Is this like a Ponzi scheme?

holy fuck
how many did you buy?

14 tanks baby

Not trying to rain on y'all niggas parade but didn't the nigger just scam all you fucks like last week with that pokemon shit? How is this different?

This little sucker is fucking amazing


How does this work

that was a creative and fun project that they deponzi'd a few days later
this is a straight up pajeet scheme

I invested in both pokemon clones. Wasn't a scam, profited from both. I also now hold a lot of gen 0 mons, which will likely be worht 10X to 1000X in a year.

how much did you buy for?

Latest ethereum blockchain based game, up for less than 1 hour only and you get royalty each time someone buys your tank. You need metamask add-on. Send Eth to the metamask adress. mad profits

14 of which one?

>give pajeet 1 eth for a picture of a tank
>every time someone else gives pajeet 1 eth for a picture of this tank you get 0.005 eth
>if 200 people give pajeet 1 eth, you will break even and pajeet will have a 200 eth profit
>if 400 people give pajeet 1 eth, you will make a profit of 1 eth and pajeet will make a 400 eth profit
>as soon as the pool of buyers runs out the income stops and the first few people are the ones who make the most, while the rest just got scammed. pajeet finally has enough eth to buy himself a white woman

Look in the picture, I have many different tanks.

LT-2 making so much moneyz

What is this?
Is this what playing Star Citizen feels like?

textbook pyramid scheme and yet people don't realize it, kek, why do you think the etheremon threads stopped popping up everywhere on biz?

etheremon had the decency to stop the dividends shit after enough people joined and it was slowing down

Yes, but just 1 of each?

TFW I'm the lord of war now

Ethermon went for days wtf are you talking about

LT1 best gains!!

I had bought 3 of the LT-1 by mistake but now I realized I should have bought even more lol

So all of crypto and all it ever produces will be speculation tools? LOL

HT-3 is my most profitable by far

How does cashing out work? It looks like it just sends my balance back to their smart contract.

The LT-1 sux I've only got $6 from $121 in 37 mins

post profits
also how many do you have?

I bought LT-1 and LT-2 for 80$~ and have cashed out 175$ so far and still making money on the website. Can't believe this shit

How did you cash out you fucking pajeet

I sent it back to my meta mask wallet then back to binance to buy more XLM.

What is so hard about it pajeet
Just click cashout and send them a transaction of 0 eth

>all the pajeet shills in this thread

this guy fucks. hodl that shit.

it gave me my fucking money back when i got it hahahahaha i feel sick from profit

MySidesCoin are going to the moon


so what's the best strategy for this game?

apparently getting a shitton of LT2 tanks from what i see

there are new tanks at the bottom of the page that are the most profitable!!!!

LT-1 is making me loads. It's everyone's "test" tank.

sure, but if you don't even know how the game works i wouldnt buy a 1600 usd tank
plus it has to be bought by 100 people to just go even, and that's a pretty expensive thing

there is a Tank - 2 and Tank at the bottom of the page that are like 200 bucks and insanely profitable rn

oh those are new ones i guess
how much are you making? how many do you have?

have an lt-2 and a tank - 2, made about half of initial back so far


how much more is the tank-2 making over the lt-2?

like 5x more atleast


alto i made my money back pretty much instantly. i don't recomed getting it now since it probably increased a lot in price

Made $800 today with 2 mt-1s

wonder if its too late, in for the cheapo shit tank anyways

MT1 is the tank to have, honestly. and this is not dying anytime soon to all the fudders out there. check

ethertanks #2 on whole ethereum network rn

wait for next new tank

have made like 3x my investment, obviously I should have bought more tanks last night

same here, keko maximo, oh well. I mean for all its worth, it could have easily stolen me monies so i am happy whatever

It's still the beginning look how much money it's still pouring inside the dev's address plus ethertank is second per transactions in the network

Tanks are dead, get fish before it evan drops