Told y'all so..

Wow just broke 300 on gdax!!

What do you mean??

1500 EOY18

hope LTC goes back down to 100 so i can load up

I'm hodling 8 user, but ti's still down

Looks like the normies were not done with this shit coin after all

nope, shitcoin.

sorry bagholders, you're never getting your money back.

I've only got 6, should I buy more?

I can see it hitting 400 tonight, but if it dips it'll be a cold winter.

It's the same dickhead posting shit, just ignore him

I aint Apologizing until this coin hits 300 tonight. So far it has not...


It's down trending hard with no changes in volume, meaning it will probably continue that way for a while. Maybe January 11th will be a better price entry because the shit hasn't even consolidated.

god i hate that dumb fucking chink. How does not selling make it more centralized and dependent on him?? I used to not hate him but now I do...

Someone please tell me what this coin does that other coins don't do better.

Holy shit its mooning

It will go to at least $144. Cunts will sell all the way to the bottom of that wick, then they'll buy the shit out of it.

Man, I'll be honest I just haven't got the balls for this game!

Thanks for the reply. I'll probably just hold what I've got.


I'm holding a shitload of LTC... When is the right time to blow my brains out?

it's just (poorly done) damage control.
the reality is that he knew of the crash, so he sold like any sane trader would.
however this is inside trading and could get him killed so he'll never admit it.

If we go off the daily, try checking at the price during New Years week. If it bounces off 200, that might be a good entry point if the volume goes up. If it passes $200, there is a good possibility it will go down to 175-150.
>If it turns around at 203
With good backing, it will go around 380, retrace to 330 and make a run towards 400.
>If it goes to 150
You can expect it to possibly go 380-430 on the first leg, which would be a true rocket mission, but it will retrace hard so you would take profits around there. I didn't bother calculating past the peak, but it should retrace hard.

This is what my TA says. It all can change though, like if BTC decides to fall down the stairs or if ripple gets another run.

So what is the price point we should be aiming for if charlie lee releases information that he is implementing (actually useable) smart contracts for the LTC blockchain?

Also another disclaimer, it also depends on how bearish that market would become. So you would have to check every support/resistance line as you follow its trajectory upwards.

im holding 40 LTC but stop shitposting you're getting my hopes up. it will moon soon, but not now.

$275 in 5 minutes


I hate myself that I bought about $7000 too early at $245.29, but I do think it will recover soon. I think it so much that I bought another $500 worth at $212.

>I can see it hitting 400 tonight
What are you talking about, user? It is at $220 now.

Even if this "Facebook partnership" is announced tonight, it won't help if the market is bearish.

My thinking is very simple. Before a well known and used crypto such as litecoin would go, like all of these other ones should fail.

This user knows

lol, you forgot some.

XRP isn't crypto. It is a token.

I never thought hitting .0169 would ever get me hard. But I'm pretty Chubby right now.

Next stop orbit?

will we ever see 0.02 again?

pumps over.. turns out it was just a dead cat flop after all.. xrp bout to go supersonic

Depends if LTC can finally decouple itself from BTC price.

The problem right now is that this stupid coin is so good at transferring value across exchanges that it gets used for arbitrage. It almost has as much 24h volume as Bcash but a quarter the market cap.


LTC is a good coin

- easy access to fiat markets (CAN cash out)
- segwit & lightning network compatability (atomic swaps with bitcoin)
- fair, decentralized, old and reliable blockchain (never hard forked, no drama)
- "silver" to bitcoin's "gold" (boomer & normie appeal)
- deflationary (only 84 million LTC ever to exist)

why is this shit falling again.. i just want to dump my bags at 300.. why wont it fucking let me do that... fuck u whale bro.. fuck ur 1500

How will redditfags ever recover?

a few days from now when xrp pumps back up to $2 again. the same shit happened when it reached $1+