Why aren't you all in on XVG for this moon mission? Do you hate money, user?

Why aren't you all in on XVG for this moon mission? Do you hate money, user?

>Do you hate money, user?
No, but I do hate niggers.

waiting to see what happens


We are breaking upwards to 1500 sats, then consolidate, then upwards again to all time highs.
Next top will be at 4000 - 5000 sats.

When do you think that will be, user?


"Hello XVG? This is NASA. Send these boys to the moon!

What do you fags predict on the price for this one?

Dogecoin dark

The break to 1500 will be fast, probably in the next few hours. If the fractal pattern from the last upleg repeats then 4000-5000 would take a few days to a week.

The market is just waiting for an event to jump back into XVG, I assume it is the Wraith release.

Last post was in reply to you

I actually just love all the butthurt Monero fags constantly trolling around. Happy you aren't buying. Fuck off with your shitty shitcoin that's barely better than BTC.

I want to hear what price you fags think Verge will reach by this summer?

>Newfags: The Thread

Why would Monero owners be butthurt about Verge? It's not even a competitor. Monero = actual anonymity. Verge = fast transactions and Tor?

Wraith was supposed to be release last week, and the week before that, and the week before that. y'all XVG bag holders are delusional. Verge is absolute shit.


Monero is literally shit. Slow as fuck, shit fees, shitty SJW redditor community. It is the coin of ANTIFA and a literal cuck coin.

if you support or buy Monero you're literally giving your money to SJW fags probably still crying about glonald glumpf


BTC is undeniably the worst crytpo on the market but is over $12k....

t. monerofag.

Wraith was never confirmed previously. It's confirmed before 2018, meaning now until about 27 hours.

Better come correct if you wanna step to the king, Vergens.

wow you are stupid

Shit just hit .16 cents on bittrex

Am I going to make it?
Been in since 5 sats

Why so?

insiders know that wraith is coming. you better jump in now faggots


If this is real, people like you inspire me. Thank you

Oh it’s real bro, hopefully this is my ticket to an easy life for me and my family!


because it already mooned I guess

you should be taking some profits user. i hope you have been

it broke out of my meme lines get in now

Yh that’s what that 150000 sell was for. I’m leaving it alone now till I make it or the ship sinks though


jesus fucking christ lets go boys

btc isn't the shittiest coin, you're mentally disabled

IM rich. already sold half and didnt phase the buyers.

Moon mission starting lads

Damn this rocket has some ducking thrust

Oldest tech, slowest, most expensive to use. It is functionally the worst coin available.



Holy fuck, nice work senpai. Your family deserves it

Jesus, look at those fucking walls.

nice moon mission, fags

kek thanks for the pump deluded Vergens.
Just jumped in for a quick 10% pump to my bitcoin stack on trex. See you guys for the next Wraith release LOL

.50 cents by the end of tomorrow. screen cap this

Fuck off cunt, you're in that deluded Verge discord channel aren't you?

Zoom out

I hope you bought the dip fags

>he bought high and sold low

i just got banned from the discord. wtf man. now I just want to sell all my fucking xvg

Even further...

Was this pump all orchestrated my p&d groups? what the fuck

One more day until this shit starts to implode.

Welcome to crypto, enjoy your stay.

awwww, man. Look at them go again. Truly the brainlets of crypto.
>I know some bois that will sleep good tonight.

A fork of Dogecoin that masks IP addresses. Keeps a public ledger and calls itself a 'privacy coin'. Once the monero update comes out this thing will be more worthless than it already is. The only thing it has going for it is that Mac a Fee shilled it.

Why do you hate money

I'm a fucking accountant and a lawyer you stupid shit.
Don't you dare call me a brainlet ever again

definitely blowing past 1500. 1750 will be the next level

verge is fucking god

going to pass that 170 sell wall easily right
deluded vergie

Wraith will introduce a private ledger. You will be able to switch between transacting on the public or private ledger through the official wallet.

Optional private ledger. Why is this a problem? The coins won't be fungible.

sue me, faggot

>we've done it before

This shit has huge sell orders at 28c and 29c

>This shit has huge sell orders at 28c and 29c
fake walls

so it will only 2x :( boo

>believing the sell wall meme

whales put that shit up and pull them down when it gets close. they think they psyching people out but normies dont know wtf they are doing.

ask yourself why a whale would put a sell wall if the coin is going up. whales dump on buy walls not the other way round.

How long have people been saying this?
I'm counting the last two weeks at the very least.

shilling for monero, did you just copy and paste that from some other thread?


Holy fugg its actually happening. OP is not a fag, I repeat OP is not a fag

see you boys in the morning, we'll be at least 25 cents by then

They see my HODLING the hatin'

Next stop is $1 tommorow, then $5 in the next two months, $15-$30 by next december.
#wraith #itshappening

We're really gonna make it guys

XVG is the fucking bomb. Love this community

is binance fucking up for people look at the price action for verge?

Yesterday everyone on Veeky Forums was saying to dump this because of the dip. Now look

Who /ironfist/ here

all these faggot fudders told me it would drop but it just broke 1600 and still climbing.... wtf

Look at it devour these walls!

yep. It's crashing my browser there's so much frenzy in the market now.

Its on the verge of crashing due to the buys lmao

yes. it happens to any large volume coin. the browser just hangs.
fuck binance

Hands of black iron tarkus reporting

Holy fuck guys, we're breaking the 20 cent mark on bittrex as we speak

holy shit did you guys see that wall melt

>did 2 moons in crypto
>both on xvg

was fucking lit

hands on titanium, balls on steel

got in at 180 sat and sold at 300 sat. Rip me

its moong crazy right now not even sure when is a good time to sell

Any other vergens getting /comfy/?

oh fuck 1700. its not stopping

sell only if wraith fails to meet the deadline, i'm serious

>literally paint by numbers for mathematics and one of the most overpaid and least useful to humanity professions

I literally just started crypto with $20 last week (all I could justify/had to spare), and it's been quite educational to watch things move around tonight. Kinda wish I'd gone all in on it, but oh well.