EtherTanks v5

Why aren't you in Ethertank?

Do you not like making 100%+ gains per hour?

Enjoy your Shitcoin 2% gains

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all in tanks user


MT3 best roi, to the moon.

Tank tank!


Dat MT1


Cashing out is a chore since the ingame balance is incorrect and you gotta do it manually on all tanks

Dream squad reporting in:

- 7 LT-1
- 3 LT-2
- 2 MT-1

Investment recovered and ready to roll

Tank & HT-3 are killing it


Not even near to breaking even in one hour

Can someone get me up to date, so is this scam or not ? I read a thread earlier and supposedly dev ran away with the money ?

That was FUD, too bad you didn't get in

i like these devs as much as the etheremon ones. these projects dont deserve the FUD they get. the foundation is solid for both and its already been proven time and time again they are in this for the long haul

How the fuck do you cash out? It just keeps saying the amount is 0.

What the fuck is this even? This site doesn't explain itself at all. Is it just a game, is it gambling, can I make money on this?

you buy pictures of tanks isn't that obvious

Ok, so I'm a complete brainlet. Cashing out works, you just have to do each tank manually. Even if the transaction says 0 it will go through.


guys can one of you ponzi artists please make a site where we buy rare pepe's. honestly thought about doing this myself and making bank hiring someone to do it but i am just too much of a brainlet to accomplish even that. anybody capable of this, please do it

Not a scam, it went down and people thought it was. Devs manually paid out while it was down and updated it. They're actually in this for the long haul it seems.
>can one of you ponzi artists please make a site where we buy rare pepe's
I'm surprised that isn't a thing yet.



Please stop buying tanks. I have made so much money just from buying some pictures of a virtual tank that I am actually starting to feel guilty.

What price did you pay for the latest tanks?

Hey faggot why are you in ethertanks but not fishbank?

i literally cant buy any fish. fuc kyou.

Thats cause it isnt released you fucking idiot but it will be in

so literally i just signed up so u can get a fish. fuck YOU.

is this a joke or do you newfags seriously not know how all this etherkitty tankfag shit started?

I thought there was some steam in this ponzi but no. I bought in two and a half hours ago and I've only made 12% of my initial purchase, I haven't broken even.

Silly game

So can someone explain cashing out to me ? I have my initial investment cashed out to metamask address, but it only accepts sending out ether in integers, it accepts 1 or 2 but if i put something like 0.01 it claims it's an incorrect form and won't let me cash out, I'm using firefox addon for this.