Long term holds for 2018 with technical justification

What coins do you believe will be a great long term hold in 2018 and why?

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Currency Agnostic Dex.
stake for juicy dividends if they process a lot of payments.

XLM. Great team. Great technology. Increasing hype (what can I say, it sells). Cute logo ^__^

BAT - normie coin, has stayed low for long enough, development will probably produce something actually useful in 2018

Aeternity - basically another ETH clone but it's undervalued, no reason for it to be that low.

ICX - zero reason for a shitty RFID coin like WTC to be $10+ dollars and ICX is below that. No way ICX stays below 10.

Hawala - very low supply staking coin, imo this can only go up to $30 at least

FUN- state channel tech is god tier, plus cryptogambling will be huge


xrb - does it really still need an explanation? fast, feeless

also have a little bit of xby in case it isn't a scam, because it isn't it will moon like a motherfucker


FUN has a use case you can explain to normies. HODL.

BITBAY : see the roadmap

to the moon we go

Electra (ECA).


Smart Contracts need a decentralized oracle network to interact with real world off chain data securely.

>centralized oracles
utter trash

Due to the nature of a Smart Contract without completely secure data sources its a fucking wash.
For example a Smart Contract that makes a payment based on a certain trigger from external data - if this external data is anyway tampered with that payment will still execute and be fucked.

Centralized oracles are a honeypot and a potential disaster.

Solution to actually be able to use Smart Contracts in the real world?
A decentralized Oracle Network in which ChainLink is THE only one in existence, is a mature product with industry recognition and partnerships AND has Main Net launching in 2018.

Sergey Nazarov is a visionary on par with Vitalik and others. Get in now before $1 becomes a new floor.

XLM -> Hoping IBM deal pulls through and propels it to pluto
REQ -> probably the only ones that will release an actual working popular product
ICX -> Counting on korean millionaires to pump it into the outer space

I pump and dump small coins with the rest

Unironically LINK. The most unique coin/token out there and it's poised to completely revolutionize the financial and technical landscape. Just needs time for development.

WeTrust tokens (TRST)

Stay out of my domain

XLM for IBM exchange to take on coinbase
ADA for potential ETH competition
XMR for darknet shit
DBC for crazy chink AI play that probably won't moon, but chinks are crazy, so it might

MyWish (WISH)
Working product and a lot more to come.

Also: ODN, obligatory.

>what is market cap

ENG is fucking WEB 3.0 once you dyr

Nice, sold all my ENG shares

Also the actual circulating token supply will be much much lower even when the full billion are released because a grand majority of tokens will be staked in a node making passive income

Sergey registered the domain name "SmartContract.com" in 2008 before Bitcoin was even in existence. dont have source handy but look it up.

ZRX, forget every other post here

This is going to be 500$+ good pic user HODL!!!!

>has an actual physical product and app which have already been in a pilot project since September
>offers something with real-world value (blockchain-based anti-counterfeiting/anti-tampering technology)
>immediate applications for basic food (e.g. baby formula) and alcohol, but later on will expand to pharmaceuticals and other products
>starting in China, where fake and tainted food is a problem, but will expand globally (protip: Chinese spend a fuckton of money buying food products overseas because they don't trust local Chinese goods, so there is already potential money in this market)
>expanding sales in beginning of 2018 (planned for January) and expansion with more partnerships throughout 2018
>planning in 2019 to start partnerships with insurance companies and loyalty programs with product manufacturers

Gayest coin in existence

Electroneum. From a pure user standpoint, they had the largest number of participants in an ico ever at 140k plus. When the wallets went live the coin price dipped to .05 and has since gone up and maintained .07-.08. And that's after it was priced at .01 during the ico. Tldr, it could potentially introduce simple crypto to the mobile community. Yes, I know the "mobile miner" isn't an actual miner. Im just in it for the gains, and that's where the mass adoption will really help. Lots of upside for '18, and it's got a very good team with a solid pr stance.

>is a child chain of Walton
>main use case is something that Vechain did in alpha testing

I'm all in. See you on the moon

What does electroneum do beyond payments?


BNTY, will hit $1 in 2018

buy now!



Technical justification:

currently doesn't exist

later, it will exist

that's an infinite amount more Chainlink in 2018, meaning an infinitely higher price, meaning we'll see the price singularity

That's just free money right there OP


I read the whitepaper and it's a DAG/Blockchain mix for M2M. It uses a PBFT consensus and addresses security IoT issues with semi-homomorphic-encryption ciphertext computing. It can do 100k tps as well and has a ML data marketplace and has applied applied zero-knowledge proof, BloomFilter, Hyperloglog and other probabilistic models to provide data-analysis access to smart contracts.
It's actually freaking amazing and I'm surprised nobody knows about it. I can actually see the tech completely replacing IOTA and it's sitting at such a low market cap. Also masternodes, ATM machines, best partnerships in the space, national chinese government, PwC, DNV GL, and possibly Peoples Bank Of China etc etc..


Possibly Stellar

>surprised nobody knows about it

Strat. I am dumbfuckfounded that it is never shilled here. will be top 10 in 2018

Hahaha it's BS
It is a fucking fork of Ethereum
And they have "planned" their own blockchain for Q2 2018

The white paper goes into good detail about penetrating the video gaming sector for one. People can potentially get paid in ETN for playing.

ETH and it needs no justification, it's the only safe long term coin in cryptos

Kek. Right, vechain shills Rekt in 2018

ah huh

Vechain is good hodl, r-right user

BAT - Eich has mentioned in a rocket chat AMA that partnership with a top 3 NYC media company which will be announced Q1 2018. The price is very stable, with just a couple of break outs. 350 mil cap.

0x - Sleeping giant. No big break outs, gradual uptick, great product & still under a 300 mil market cap.


Simply because it's ultra low cap and it grows everyday.

That's all you need to know


Put $400 in each. Cya in June!


ETH is proportionally low in the marketcap ratio right now. XMR is supremely undervalued and under bought for its function. LINK and ICX for the meme potential.



kys disgusting pajeet



So I dug up an old laptop with an old version of Multibit on it. Found about $600 on it and sent it to my main wallet. Only I didn't adjust the transaction fee so it stayed at 0.0001 BTC fee. Thats gonna take like a year to clear isn't it?



My friend believe.

Seriously wait until weeks and gamers really get into this. Unless kikes really do shit everything up with xrp.

Best way to HODL

you can adjust the fee

At least Im pretty sure you could, haven't touched this wallet in three years

>Thread ID tag G4Y


ZRX token

Neo and WTC.
You’ve been warned.


Ethereum - Proof of Stake implementation next year, adding scalability to the blockchain and making ETH harder to find as more people hold to stake back into Ethereum. Already has some use cases, will continue to grow with ICOs and dApps next year

Stellar - Cross border payment solution, FairX exchange opening Q1/Q2 next year which will heavily use Stellar's blockchain network to run on to trade fiat into crypto and vice versa, excellent team, anything Jeb touches turns to gold usually.

Groestlcoin - Very strong POW coin tech wise, not the greatest name but rebrand vote on the roadmap for Q2 next year. Heavily hinted at some major partnerships and news from officials in the discord, lots of talk about it overtaking Vertcoin next year.

Power Ledger - Great development team, already has partnerships in place with many groups including a proof of concept grant with the Australian Government. Asset germination events are scheduled to begin next year, which will allow you to stake your POWR into power stations such as solar and wind farms in order to claim a % of the profit of said plant relative to the amount you have staked.

NEO - Strong ICO platform that is easy for developers to use as they have a compiler that can translate a number of different coding languages into NEO's native language (unlike ETH which forces developers to learn an entire new language). Plenty of hype coming from the Asian(?) market, tons of potential for growth and holding NEO in either your own wallet or on an exchange like KuCoin (shameless referral code reference - E47fDA) gives you a dividend in the way of earning GAS for just holding the coin.

Bitcoin - Not really a technological hold, but it's still the #1 in crypto for the foreseeable future, and if Segwit and/or Lightning Network are ever fully realised with tangible benefits for users, BTC would be set for another parabolic run.

Hope that helps m80s

Thanks for the info.

No worries m8

Shhhhhhhhh shut up user I'm not done accumulating yet. You're not supposed to give real advice in Veeky Forums

>ICX - zero reason for a shitty RFID coin like WTC to be $10+ dollars and ICX is below that. No way ICX stays below 10.

before you call over normies, learn about marketcap and supply you fucking single digit iq brainlet.

this board really has gone to shit.

I'm not going to type out all this shit just to "justify" it to you user.


That's all you need.

When will you fuckers learn


let me spell it out for you A, D, A


this shit will be $5 EOY 2018


Fuk u pajeet

No WTC? Dumb. Neo is good tho

Rcn is going to be a big name in the new year. Released in april with the goal of being the main credit provider to south America.


If I'm being honest I haven't really looked too hard in depth at WTC which is why I didn't recommend it. Been on my to do list for a while now but every time I think about it I always think I've missed the boat on it.

Second xrb

Silver Eagle, only a bit above spot always at least 1oz
Libertad is also cheap but sometime below 1oz
Maple Leaf is a abit more expensive but 999.9

The more risky long term holds I'm going to go with in 2018 will probably be Utrust (UTK), Deep Brain Chain (DBK). Just based on a gut feeling.

Last year it was Xtrabytes (XBY) (Bought 30 000 of those when they started out, just sold them cause I don't believe in them that much any more, they just artifically pump the price by selling nodes)

More trustworthy long term holds will be Ethereum and Ripple. Ethereum will keep raising cause so many alts are married to it, and Ripple cause they seem like the most serious one business wise.

Fuck, I meant DBC.

Also forgot to add AION to those "risky" long term holds.

Definitely DeepBrain Chain

Zencash or Zen Protocol?

only this user gets it
you dumbshits really don't read all that much about great projects.

bravo user. may your gains be blessed in the very very very near future

also i noticed no one really gives a shit about NXS.

i'm been getting mixed feelings about it.

is anyone else on the fence with Nexus?


Rate these holds. Call me poor, but Im going to flip 400 to 1600 then 1600 to 6k this way. Unless you convince me that I'm retarded, this is my hold

These are the only 3 you need

Not my holdings, but very patrician

Nope it’s still really early, they’re supposed to drop their own blockchain and masternodes q1 2018, jan\feb


Great team
Relatively recent oversold ICO
Working with regulators
Actually aims to solve a real world problem, liquidity in cypto/currency trading

No coins are great for long term because this planet will be destroyed in a few billion years.

This, no matter which currency wins, so do OMG holders

thanks just bought 10K


They're currently working at adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $500 billion crypto-market in which it's currently hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

So it might, or might not steal marketshares from Paypal. But it sure as shit will become a force to be reckoned with in the cryptomarkets.

Was good for a conference pump and dump because Ron Paul, but it was shit. The team are ACTUAL deluded potheads, like Ark doesn't even compare. They're just spaced out retards who don't really have any sound ideas.

If you have faith double those numbers pal. Work extra shifts. I want you to succeed.

This board is too brainlet to understand why a blockchain based C# execution environment is a big money idea.

I thought so too at the start of my crypto Dunning Kruger curve.

Should I sell my crypto and long numidian coins?