What is the best coin to mine with nvidia cards right now? post figures with hashpower, don't say check whattomine

What is the best coin to mine with nvidia cards right now? post figures with hashpower, don't say check whattomine

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something something blue board nsfw enjoy ban etc. etc.

You really should finish to paint your door.


Lurk moar or use no brainer tools like nicehash.

Moby Dick is a shit novel.

nicehash is dead user

If by dead you mean no more trust, yes.
But I'm dumb enougth to still use it this very instant.


I'm reading it right now it's dense and based as fuck
maybe the best American novel after all

Are those two ballsacks or a grabable pussy?

Go here. Tells you the hash rate you get on different scripts and also once you calculate it tells you what is most profitable to mine.

>Kite Runner
>Life of Pi
Who is giving this thot such trash to read.

basic bitches gonna basic bitch. She will have random feel-good phrases and words dotted around the place in picture frames, on the walls and on cushions too. Her kind are a disease. Nice butt though, but not a wifer for lifer.

>old ass copy of the odyssey
would bang

She has never read it, she picked it up in a second-hand store and thought it would look good on her shelf. She hasn't even painted the door. This woman does not have her shit together, it is a facade.

just one fat juicy goosey



>standing on tip toes to make it look like she has an ass


thanks OP i just got fired

No, she has Paradise Lost... My kind of woman ;)

I read Life of Pi in elementary school, it was pretty good.

You cant make judgments like that just based off whether her door is painted or not.
She could be renting, living in a share house or whatever.

There's no way she's read all of those books.

Paradise lost - pretty good
TS Elliot - Meh
Hugo - ok i can dig it
Shelly Frankenstein...

Read East of Eden, amigo. Best ever in my humble but most accurate opinion.

>bookshelf of the most mainstream meme books
>blond thot

Guaranteed liberal arts roastie. Imagine her student debt on a sandwich artist degree

Why is this copy of Moby Dick so small? Is there an abridged version or is it written on Bible paper?

This is now a lit. thread.


Job you say? Who needs a job when you can just trade cryptocurrency?

>living in a share house or whatever
Is that what they're calling halfway houses now?

I can and did. If she is living in a shared house then she is a social peasant and no good or even worse a communist. Renting would be ok but you don't paint walls that colour and hang those sorts of pictures in a rental without painting the door too.
>lylac walls in a 'rental', it's not a rental.
>communal living hippy/communist.
Not everybody still reads the big print books. Not that she read any of them.


unironically going to jerk off to this right now thanks op


BLUE BOARD! I just got fired from my job at goldman sachs! I was projecting Veeky Forums during a presentation about cryptocurrency influencers and your pic got flashed to a room of investors!

To spill your seed is a sin Onan user
It will only weaken you.



>Kite Runner
>The Secret Life of Bees
>Life of Pi
That absolute meme of a woman's bookshelf

What a shitty bookcase. Women have no class

Why does she have a pair of balls?

Those look like books she was forced to read in college.

>fuck up the housing market
>fuck up the demographics
>fuck up the nightlife
>fuck up the crypto
Is Oz basically "Just, the country" ?

>Not mining adolfcoin in 2018....
Shame on you user.

Im mining verge coin with my GTX 660. Making about 5 xvg a day. Just a little something to add to my bags for minimal effort. Ive got high hopes for it in 2018, I can easily see it at $1-$2 sometime in 2018. ill hodl these fuckers till then. Anyways if you have some good gpus id definetly mine verge.

That clam looks mighty meaty.

Verge is for newfags.


>Making about 5 XVG a day
>XVG is worth about $0.20
>Mining for $1 a day
Verge confirmed retard's coin

toast the roast