Blockfolio thread

What are you hodling into 2018?

nice portfolio

>50,000 XLM

nice. Enjoy your lambo in a year just from your XLM bags

Help a newbie out?

Needs more XLM

Memefolio am I right guys?

Why the dog coin? It's a meme

It hurts senpai

Who's going to win 2018 my fellow cunt bucket?

will I make it?

Will I make it senpai

Just broke 70k, feelin good.

rate me Veeky Forums

XLM is a good choice, but I’d pick up some ZRX, it’s the future of decentralized exchanges as it allows exchange operations to be handled off chain reducing network bloat on ethereums blockchain

Am I going to make it? Looks likenI'll need to diversify later

I am but a small fish with big dreams.

Take me to the moon, doggo.

Only the finest wares

With only 3.3k you don’t have the luxury to diversify, you want to go all in on a coin. Research your ass off, find one you like, and go balls deep. XLM is safe, take a look at ZRX, as I said above it allows decentralized exchange operations to be handled off chain reducing network bloat. It’s riskier but only has a 234m mcap so it has lots of headroom. Remember to DYOR and not just listen to this boards shills, good luck!

It's a memecoin with a very obvious boom/bust cycle. And relative to BTC over the last month, it's maintained its value better than almost every other coin on the market.


Dogemas is coming

newfag here, but what kind of chart is that?

>he doesn't know about the Chinese New Year moon mission

2018 will be bitcoins best year yet. why the fuck wouldnt you have any?

why is salt tanking senpai?

Hodling xby and stinky. My fucking man

I just wish I had a fraction. Enjoy your success man!

I have BTC LTC ETH XLM NEO XMR, and I’m going to add one more for hold until 2019 between XRB, ZRX, XRP, ADA or ICX. What do user?

One that is so unbelievably ridiculous that it's fucking hilarious
>babby's first market analysis

>falling for the diversification meme that hard

A possible indicator of annual market sentiment, ie periods of time where people were more loose with their money and more happy to lap up the bags of people who bought doge at 10 sats

We will make it user

jump into ICX before blast off in Jan

>Chinese New Year
fuck me, year of the dog coming up. Time to strap into this rocket!

salt is shit, that's why

>thats right goyim just ignore the increasing trading volume at the bottom that means nothing at all
0/10 FUD

btw to eveyrone unsure about doge, understand that whats going on right now is organic growth. the ancient whales of 2014 have not even started messing with this yet. expect a crazy 2018

>tfw just bought LEND

This shit better 2x/3x next month.


based. I have 100k.

Year of the DOGE is upon us.

if you want to make 500% but risk it all listen to this guy otherwise diversify and accept smaller returns

consider that triple A bonds are paying 2.2% pa, doubling your money in less than a month is considered insanity to traditional investors

R8 pls

COSS SUB REQ KMD are the only ones I really care about. Everything else is either the 10% of my bags that I held onto after trading (SALT, NEO), the "trading utility" coins ($1 BNB, ETH scraps), and the free crap that's been handed to me. (TRX, GAS)

Also the DOGE moonshot that's outperformed everything else on my chart. But that was chump change I threw at it on a whim at 16 sats, so I can't complain.

Pearl is bleeding me. Should I drop it or hodl?

>implying being a meme during this era isn't a good thing

Are you shit talking or just retarded?

>coin requires whales for market cap growth
If you'd actually read what I wrote instead of just snapping at heels, you'd realise that your statement about whales activity correlates to what I said about market sentiment. By the way, whale contribution hardly implies natural market growth. What is natural about market manipulation?

Started this month, invested 500$ in total. Am I gonna make it before the bubble bursts, guys ?

What am i doing wrong Anons? Am i getting memed hard with DBC?

>in the green
>"what am I doing wrong?"
Nothing :)

what the fuck does DBC even do? the AI industry is so tiny. seems like a fucking random ass project with an AI tagline slapped to it. i don't know why its getting shilled so hard.

This is my plan for a long term hodl, rate?

>no link
>put in a few hundred and hold for a year

thank me later

Am i gonna make it

the big sell is that it's working on the NEO blockchain so the chinese market is supposed to buy in bigly when it hits their exchanges come Monday

pretty low marketcap so i decided to roll the dice on it.

get link

my body is ready for 2018

Good to see Verge returning to moon status tonight.

nobody wants your bags stinky linky


Should I sell ETH, ETC and XMR to buy something else?

op's portfolio is fake, nobody has numbers that round

Gonna be honest. Unless you're doing it purely for the price of the token itself, there's no point in holding only 300 COSS. Your payout is going to be dust for the forseeable future. I would recommend 10k minimum.

with such small blockfolio you should go all in on some low marketcap coin, for example nuls

I made my money with Eth and im too scared to divest.

Am I gonna make it being this Eth heavy?

Am I gonna make it

>no link, no fun
> gonna make it
choose one

ive finally hit 1bitcoin if bridgecoin was updated
these are good

yes, eth still undervalued

How many times do you see ETH going 2x? 3x? Because I can tell you right now that REQ and ICX will do 3x easy.

ETH is great, but you're well into the establishment phase at this point. It doesn't have much room to grow, at least not on a percentage basis. Would recommend you do some reading on what you currently hold, and cut your ETH down to 10%.

Help is appreciated.

Planning on leaving this til Q2. Day trades tempt me too much.

Dont mind profits%, havent set up Delta properly yet

>LEND already down to 1291 satoshis

no link? sell 10% of icon and lumens and buy some link, just in case.

Don't mind the vericoin. I have 600usd to put on a coin, any tips?


Solid portfolio fellow ausfag. May I suggest some link (dyor), some OMG (wait for a dip), and grab some Jibrel network when it gets on exchanges

Needs more REQ.

I'm not touching my REQ/XLM holdings till end of 2018. Everything else in the folio is playmoney for short-term gains to increase REQ/XLM stacks. Also got $8k in popular ICOs which should give me an easy 3x when it hits the market.