Proof that mentally retarded people should not trade... nor own computers.

I am a two-week newbie who made the mistake of buying one LTC at fomo price of 370. Learned my mistake. In the mean time, my alt portfolio has tripled. Do I just eat the loss from my LTC, sell now, and fight back in the alt market? or hold to avoid any losses. Not sure which would profit me first.

It is best to always go against the creator's words

I'm in almost the same position. If I had put my LTC investment into alts instead I'd be in lamboland right now

SELL and buy XRP

its about to moon retards. 300USD by new years day

I'm going to believe the LIE of this mooning tonight, but yeah, sell low, buy high.

Id sell, the only reason to have ltc anymore is a medium for buying in

>It is about to moon
If you really believe that, put your money where your mouth is, user. Go all in at the current price

>the LIE of this mooning tonight
Well, Whale-Bro said it is going to $1,500 by tomorrow night. The expectation has been lowered to $300 it seems like

Hey! Same boat. Yeah, my $355 LTC was a complete waste, but on the bright side, it held like 80% of its satoshi value. I could hold it until it crawls past $500, maybe $1,000.. but I think there's much quicker money to be made in smaller, newer alts. I don't see any reason why it should 5x, meanwhile other alts in my portfolio have 10x'd.

Recommend picking out one or two lower mcap coins and redistributing. Just don't FOMO buy when LTC shoots to $500, ot probably will someday but you'll still make quicker gains elsewhere.

silver coin follows daddy coin >:L

I bought it at 314. How does 300 help me?

im already all-in at $215 USD

Yeah, if you sell at $300, you only lose 5% that's peanut in crypto. Shill until you make 100× , user.

I have 29.2804785 Litecoin with an average basis of $243.265 per coin.

Why would you even fucking bother selling it that low. Better hope it goes back down to 200 or sub 200 in the next few days.

just fucking hold your LTC
just fucking hold your BTC

both will be minimum 2x-5x at this time next year

you think the big money players arent waiting on the sidelines? they are not stupid enough to buy at $19k when every technical indicator is screaming "overbought" like your normie friends.
but they ARE watching and they are waiting and they have a lot of money ready to move into these markets

so just

>selling any coinbase coins
bad move


Litecoin is being hurt much more by the bitcoin drop than the other big coins. Kind of annoying.

I sell it when its high, and rebuy it again when its low. made thousands for me.

Why would it ever moon again? What does this coin do that other coins don't do better?

No way LTC moons until BTC regains some of its value. BTC has to be around $17500 for LTC to be at $300

Then why did you buy at $314?

7 day waiting period fucked me over. LTC started crashing because of what happened in the news, and there was no way to sell it until 7 days.


Why? Even if you don't think it'll go back to 400 it's certainly not going keep dropping down to zero. You would have had a chance to sell at at least 250 within a week.

I made the rookie mistake of not keeping part of your portfolio in cash twice and have paid for it. I'm not making that mistake again.

Always keep cash available in case you need to buy in at an extremely low price.

biz has some of the worst fucking advice I've ever witnessed.

fucking pink wojak panic ass bitches

Jesus cock fuck of the world penis lord sold bob 100 dicks on Christmas ass poopers

HODL you fucking morons

>chance to sell at at least 250 within a week.

Funny thing here is it was over $250 yesterday!

go back to /reddit/ you faggot

I would but they're too civil for my banter

much more entertaining here

LTC seems to be holding its own and not dipping while BTC is dipping.

>muh silver to btc gold
>muh silver to btc gold
>muh silver to btc gold
hodl user, i'm stuck with a heavy bag and won't exit until i break even at the very least

lol this hubris. this is what happens when a beta faggot runs into a miracle and cant handle whats going on.

What does BTC do that other coins don't dominate it in?

Ride this shit til 5k

uh no, its ratio fell by 15% since last week. was at 0.02 now at 0.0165. so it's fallen faster than BTC.


lol you bought Charlie's bags

>bought in at $4

stop being faggots ive made heaps of money, no need to be greedy.

nice faggot, easy to say when you're up 5000%


>tfw bought 100ltc at $25
>sold at 150
>severely depressed for days

This correction has brought me joy

>I'm depressed I only 6x'd my investment

the absolute state of Veeky Forums lmao

>the absolute state of Veeky Forums lmao
I bought this coin when it was priced at a single digit. I'm still depressed seeing LTC drama in the past 2 weeks.

No i know, it's fucking hilarious

But the user above you is also right. Even though I was in usd and spreading into other coins by then. Seeing Charlie's tweet made me uneasy. He seemed like the only guy i felt was on us pleb's side. I hope the notion that he's trying to focus on developing the coin is somewhat true but I won't hold my breath.

I'm looking at XLM, FUN, ETH now. Swing trading BCH has been useful lately too

*user below you**


It'll help you learn a lesson. Don't FOMO into ath you sperg newfag

Fuck yeah me too

>its about to moon retards. 300USD by new years day
If this happens, I'll empty my bangs and donate it all to LTC Foundation. Screencap this!!!

But XRP isn't currently at ATH

Thanks for the discounts morons. I sold after the verge pump and bought some discounted litecoin! This is the correction price, this shit is going to double in the next month or two with all the normie money flowing in from coinbase.

Accidentally bought normiebase LTC with my bank instead of Debit card.

>forced HODL prison
>gotta wait till the 4th
>wanted to buy FUN and XMR

I know the feeling. I hope it goes up now at least..