Ethereum will be #1 in 2018

Screencap this.

IS THIS YOU JOHN WAYNE? dont look good picks to me


why does it look like the sims logo

It's brother will be 2nd.

eth is an ok coin, but wil never be #1

>The flippening will happen by the end of the year!
- you, in june

that depends on if people are intelligent or not. too bad they are not.

read people, not what you find is "logical".

I agree ETH will never be #1.

A store of value focused currency will be on top. ETH is meant to be a platform with utility - and while it could serve as a store of value with a PoS consensus that is it not what it was intended for.

Assuming ETH survives long term (10+ years) I believe it'll always hang in the top 10 of the crypto world, much like we would rank tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

>intelligent people use ethereum
the ethereum vm is a piece of dogshit and solidity is a horrible language

in 2018 the true #1 will reveal itself

The #1 coin cap by EOY 2018 will have these traits:
>low volatility
>sold on Coinbase

Forgot to mention that it can be scaled. Cardano (ADA) is basically ETH but can be scaled.

Yes it will be, wait for the moonriders that realize 90% of their moonmissions are based off of big daddy ETH and in the next few years they will all be feeding him. Most plebs can't understand how quickly ETH will start to snowball.

Literally the comfiest coins of all if you believe Crypto is going to make it anywhere.

why is ETH not scalable?

Eth is scaling next year

It is.

No not at this current stage. Remember when cryptokitties came out? Network was clogged as fuck.

Everything real sucks when compared with promises.

Privacy is a stretch but ethereum after full PoS is the only coin that would fulfill the deflationary criteria.
Mining = inflation

Inflation due to mining is the only reason bitcoin and ethereum are so low compared to coins without any use but no mining.

Yeah that 4% a year is really fucking everything...

If BTC going to keep fucking being stupid this will not be so far from truth actually

>in 2018 the true #1 will reve