ITT: things your pathetic cuckcoins cannot buy you

ITT: things your pathetic cuckcoins cannot buy you.

Your cool gains can't seem to buy you a penis bigger than 4" either.

I can totally buy a sex slave with crypto what the fuck are you talking about.

Must be the roids.

So I cannot afford a gym membership?

I can buy roids on the darknet with Monero..

Yes, I can literally buy steroids with crypto.

impyling its normal to have a 8 inch flaccid cock.
You seem salty

soft as fuck.

Dude, you don't even have room to put your dick and ballsack between your legs anymore.


Nice cope

looks natty

Why you looking at his dick? What're you gay or something?


Ron go away.

If you are not fit and biz the you are just asking to get cucked by the hot wife the crypto gainz will get you.

I seriously hope you guys are hitting the gym and trading or DYOR between sets

Steroid pumping faggot

I'm more aesthetic and stronger than you OP

Op looks like a slightly improved Jason Genova.

infinite free time to make sure to never miss out on workouts?

Post hard dicc faggot

>he thinks you have to roid to get this

I can buy steroids, protein, and gym access

Yeah that's pretty achievable naturally. Probably 2 years, 3 tops.

Post your pics fatass

with femurs like those , fitbro is 5'2" max

That's horrible

I am sure I can buy that dude if I offer enough.

Dyel me

Your Legs seems a bit weird and it seems that you have man boobs a bit, overall an OK build

Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

After. I covered my identifiable tattoo

>Blacking out reference points so we can't see your true form
Kek manlets are so funny

>work out burning calories
>eat calorie dense meals


>trade cryptocurrency gettin rich
>consume higher quality but less calories
>be dyel / money skelly tier

>Your Legs seems a bit weird
theyre called quads
>seems that you have man boobs a bit
those are called pecs

Nice catch bro


I'm already ripped nice try brah

Disgusting poopskin

can we please ban all non-whites from this board

bottom right pic is especially hawt

Didn't know I was in /b/

fucking kek


That's unfortunate. Hopefully one day you can see the error in your ways.

ITT: gains your pathetic cucksercise cannot earn you

His dick looks pretty normal desu. Trust me, I know the true horror of being an extreme grower in high school. They called me microdick. I'm 2 inches flaccid and 7.5 erect, I wasn't going to prove a bunch of faggots wrong by getting my dick hard in the locker room. I also never got any HS poon so no girls could vouch for me that my super power was indeed real.

That's marvelous. Gjdm

Your high body fat % is killing your aesthetics. Also it looks like you do a lot of squats and deadlocks, also hurting your aesthetics.

He also has no traps.


They were so non existent I didn't see that he didn't have them.

Also, nice gyno

Don't worry breh. Keep lifting. The fatasses on this board desperately try to make themselves feel better. 99% of the time when someone is projecting their whiteness (lmao 56%ers) as one of their best attributes, they are guaranteed to be genetic/living failures in most other aspects.

You sound like mutt here if anything.

'M U R C A


Truth hurts doesn't it hamplanet?

Why would it hurt if my physique is superior?

you can even buy roids with fiat

Post a picture of yourself.

Scroll up to the top of the page.

Nice try, stealing from Veeky Forums doesn't count.

I wanna suck your feminine titties OP (no homo)

>thinly veiled homo thread
ibf4 cope
already left the thread fags

I've figured that was the case. Nevertheless, I wish the best for them. Good luck on your endeavors user.

Let's see your bodies, fatasses ;^)

Full thanks

Crypto can't buy good insertions.
>non-existant pecs
>undeveloped abs
>trapezius, trapezius, oh where art thou trapezius?
>upper arms twice the size of forearms
>my mom's triceps
>didn't show calves, likely smaller than forearms
>my anorexic cousin's glutes
Get on a hypertrophy routine stat, you fell for the SS meme or you did a very, VERY lazy cycle. I'm guessing it's both looking at your lats and your quads. Crypto can buy you fin and tren, but it can't buy you dedication to a decent mass program.

Okay armchair bodybuilder.

Kek, that kind of stinks, user, but erect is what really matters. 4 flaccid to 6.5 erect here. You have me (and the vast majority of others) beat.

Hey bby, don't take my word for it ;) go post your pics on any bodybuilding forum and you'll get picked apart because your physique is nothing special. The only people you'll be impressing are normies who don't know anything about fitness and think ab-rolling and push-ups will get them looking like Arnie during the summer. If that's what you're going for, I've got no problem with getting an ego boost from people who don't know better, but some of us do and we're gonna call you on your shit. Your proportions are out of whack and I can see your child's calves that you didn't crop out well enough. If you were to compete in pro comp, you wouldn't get past quals.

t. Former bodybuilder who stopped because of body dysmorphia, laziness, and pursued a life of pure hedonism.

Okay give me more critique. I know lats are definitely a weakpoint but I always had difficulty bringing them up.

How does it feel knowing there's nothing you can do about it?

If you're doing pull-ups at the recommended rep ranges, you gotta add more weight. If you ain't, best get started. That's also assuming you're training them enough, 1x a week isn't gonna stimulate shit, 2x is piss, etc. 3x with 2-3 different movements to hit all the fibers is king, don't forget about long negatives -- where the real tension is at.

If you're OP, I'd recommend scratching what you got going already and just go find yourself a decent advanced hypertrophy routine. You can't go wrong with Arnie's Level 2 if you've got the time and good recovery. Research, read, and make a better plan.

fuck it, user. you're cute af, but this guy's criticism isn't shitposting hate and you'll be even sexier if you listen

Brown and black bois always look at White Men's dicks. They also always talk about them.

Especially black bois.... they stay thinking about White dick 24/7. You'll learn about this later in life. You'll start to see patterns play out over and over.

White dick stays on their minds.

Like a little baby.

They'll be dealt with soon enough, won't even have to ban them.
Keep doubting your enemies though.

You can't buy a good body with fiat either. What's your point?

Guys that like to show off like this, hahah omg. What a faggot.

There are two things that are guaranteed to auto-trigger Jews, Niggers and Wetbacks.

1) A good looking conservative woman
2) A white male with muscles and confidence

Both of these two things make them freak the fuck out.