Talked to my cousin about crypto a few months ago over a family party and now she's saying on normiebook that I scammed...

>talked to my cousin about crypto a few months ago over a family party and now she's saying on normiebook that I scammed her because she fomo'd on ripple at 2$
what the fuck man
I can't even tell her to fuck off and stop lying because I don't have a normiebook myself and just found about it because my mom called me this morning and told me to just give her her money back before things get worse

Anyone else here got fucked over by not hiding their powerlevel?
Please tell me that my family isn't just that stupid

pay her back by fucking her in the ass

>6000 fidget spinners
>cost 50 cents each to make
>"I sunk my life savings into this. Please help."

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>Implying modern women aren't just children that have adult power

Why would you do this?

You are better off going to the casino

That pic is a nice cripple allegory

yes, you can tell her to fuck off.

yes your family is THAT stupid like any other normie. lots of relatives have asked me and I just reply dunno about bitcoin lol and that is it.

there is literally no benefit in showing your power level only drawbacks.

lol nope

tell your cousin to go fuck herself. tell you rmother to mind her own business or you'll rape and murder her. rape both of them anyway but if they keep talkin shit kill em

>telling a FEMALE about crypto
>telling a FEMALE about anything
you deserve this. what did you think would happen?

If you're stupid enough to tell friends/family about crypto, you're just as dumb as them.

Just gibs her the money user.

>Tfw my family is proud of my crypto gains and thinks I have a talent for investing

They don't know I bought Litecoin at $350 lmao

>forcing your cousin to buy those meme monies
You should be ashamed, user. She's family!

eh give it a month, then take the loss. Check out lee's twitter

you expect a girl to make smart buying decisions and then to also take responsibility for herself? tell her she's a dumbass and to fuck off unless you were telling to to buy in quick while it was at 2

Most americans have NO savings and around 6k in cc debit

>trying to resell mass produced pieces of plastic

about to drive over to my mom's to talk about this

Still need to get the full story but it looks like she sunk a ton of money on XRP and that she's already sold it all at a loss

I didn't even tell anyone that it was a good idea to buy crypto or encouraged it at all during that party, I just waved it off and said that I made a bit of money on it after the topic shifted to it. I was barely even participating in the discussion and now she's acting like I pressured/scammed her into buying ripples
I'm about to lose all my gains if I can't get the pressure off me and convice my family that she was just a huge fucking retard with her own money

Someone please share retarded normies on crypto stories to help me calm down please


she already sold at a loss, LMAO

don go over lmao you'll get yelled at by a bunch of retards

what would happen if you just refuse to pay anything?

Is thanks to those people we make money

ripple is cripple, why are all these threads

I'm buying this XRP dip/crash because I think coinbase will add it. Just convince her to get back in and make her money back. Best case scenario she becomes rich and forgives you. Worst case scenario she loses everything and continues to hate you like she does already so nothing changes.

cool story op but unless she has fucking autism theres no way she couldve taken more than 30% loss on XRP unless she bought for more than 3$ nice larp tho

You're not actually considering paying her, are you? Are you all fucking beta cucks in this board?

By the time you get to her xrp will be >2$ again and you can show her how retarded she is

>doing anything


I know how she feels. My friend raises chickens and makes good money from it so I mortgaged my house, bought as many chickens as I could and put them in my bathroom. Now I have to pay a guy to clean out the bathroom full of dead chickens and my friend won't even buy me a new house. Some friend he turned out to be.


Women L I T E R A L L Y C A N N O T figure out how to buy Ripple. They CANNOT DO IT. It CANT BE DONE

post pics OP

Laughed hard
Numbers acknowledged
Tell her to get in on ether tanks quick

This. Don't take shit from dumb normalfags just because they happen to share your blood.

>I can't even tell her to fuck off and stop lying because I don't have a normiebook myself
user, explain to your mm what happened. It is a very plausible story. She will fuck over your sister live on Facebook. Parents love to have their children take responsibility.


Jesus Christ this.


Goddamn gold mine.

i needed this thanks you win the thread

ditch her

15k CC debt and 10k IN personal loans
All used to buy crypto currencies.

My credit cards were cancelled by Chase when i told em what I was using it for. Could care fuck all since Ive made 15k in the last 10 days off it.

What have you done?

Literally dont give her any money. Its simple OP. Fuck them if they try and make you.

Why would you tel them ? Doing the same thing here


Tell her XVG is about to moon.

Wow what an asshole you really got screwed there

>no benefits
Take the referral bonuses and run

lol buy high, sell low, buy the dip. dips even further. fucking lol.

why are you fucktards even investing into ripple when its at 75B MC. what kinda profit do you hope to make?

Do not pay a cent OP. FOR FUCKS SAKE


Calling women children after what you just wrote is the best irony

He wrote about what an alpha male would do, but yeah, a beta cuck like yourself wouldn't understand.

if your money is in cryptos she can't do shit to you

You're the guy who's gonna be fucked when this all comes crashing down

I feel your pain, user. I made the mistake of telling a friend about cryptos and the next day the fool bought 2000 LTC somewhere around the ATH. Now he doesn't talk to me anymore. Oh well. One less idiot in my life to deal with.

LOOOOOOOL got me laughing at 7am mate

>talks constantly about crypto when up
>shrugs and says “its fine” when its down

Gains are forever, family isnt
Never forget this user. Dont give those dickbags a single shekel. Jew them

Never give people investing advice. Even if they make lots they will stay paranoid thinking you think they"owe" you.

serves you right for even speaking to faceberg normies.

roastie spotted. fuck off

Dont pay her user. Dont do it.
It would be admission of guilt and you would be known as the crypto scammer black sheep for eternity.
Take the heat and insist shes a retard instead

whew you gon be fucked soon. Bearmarket has started brainlet

No way man that's really funny.

My wife told her dumb filipina friend to buy bitcoin, jumped in with 10k when the price was $19500 and doesn't know how to use a wallet.

Its a woman
and she is lying.
Just laugh at her.
and thank her for taking your bags.

Please be my gf?

bitch lasagna

Would your cousin have given you the profit?

Is past performance a predictor of future success?

Did you specifically ageee to personally underwrite risk for losses incurred following your investment advice?

Ask your retarded family these questions. It'll help them understand that your cousin needs to take responsibility for being retarded. Or you could double down and tell your cousin to go all in on LINK.

whatever you do, don't give her a single fucking cent

What you're doing is just gambling. The common advice is to not invest more than what you can afford to lost. You haven't made any money unless you've cashed out.

>double down and tell your cousin to go all in on LINK

But user, why would he want the retard cousin to be rich?

>double down and tell your cousin to go all in on LINK
kek do this OP

Legally she ain't got shit on you. Are you really going to be manipulated by some dumb roastie?


How cuck are you?