Bounty0x - all in

Who is buying more BNTY?

2018 projections?

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should have bought prl

I think it will moon, i got 100K in BNTY during ICO

You bagholders are starting to piss me off. Some spamming this shit already

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it doesn't need its own token. There's tons of centralized services that already do the same thing and they never run into issues

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From their most recent blog:

New clients
Bounty0x is getting close to hitting $2mln worth of bounties on the Alpha platform. Given that the Alpha was launched mid-October and it is still in its very early stages, this is an achievement we are very proud of.

Here’s a brief list of some of the companies that are already using Bounty0x:

Safe Haven
In the coming weeks, more clients and partnerships will be announced.



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Can somebody give me a non meme reason as to why Bounty is a good buy?

Can somebody give me a non meme time frame? Strategy? Hodl or quick buck?

Serious questions, I am asking again because I did not get a good answer here


What the fuck else is there to say?

The meme potential for this alone will catapult this to $1 at least.

Small marketcap (important if you want to make a lambo or two in a year), good idea, good marketing, been out for only 3 days on a shitty Kiwi exchange (will moon harder on a serious place).


Bnty is such a good buy because if the dev team pulls it off it's a very nice medium sized growth business.

What I mean by that is: Normally Crypto is some pie in the sky 'revoloution of finance and the world' crap that has a 0.1% chance of working out (XVG / XRP).

Bnty is not that, it's a small focused project with clear goals that has the chance to spawn into a nice, cool industry.

The tokens may one day generate residual income from being used to judge bounties.

Timeframe I'd say mid January, even Feburary.

The price jump, maybe 5x - 10x from $1 - $2.

Thanks. Is there any word of it getting onto poloniex or binance in the future? Or is it too early a stage


someone make it dip i want to buy in the 1250 range