TA fag here. In my opinion ARK looking to break new ATH within the next 48 hours.

You can buy right now and trade up for an easy 10%, or hold for new ATH.

Fundamentals to support TA; New wallet release Dec 31.

Comments/Criticism appreciated.

.786 rejected several times. Moving up now to attempt breakout.


no one seems to give a rat fuck about Ark anymore, it's really a shame

I care

That's consolidation from the break out of the downtrend you idiot. It's a good thing.

the fact ark is steady and slow is usually a good indicator of a project with a good mutual relationship with the holders and the devs.

I strongly believe in ARK q4 2018 or q2 2019.

Hold people, and stake your coins! You're all going to make it!

Probably because we got tired of no gains while everything around is mooning. I started an ARKie but decided to sell and move on. Too slow. I'll still call moonman and unclechange cunts when I see them though. Think I noticed they're not around much anymore as well.

They are still plenty around, nice get though m8. Devil's Sixes and Lucky Sevens.

i literally bought ARK a month ago and have made double what I have put in and you faggets are saying it's moving too slow. It was like $3 last month and now it sits between $6-$8

Stocks don't move any where near as fast. No wonder so many of you will fail, you have no patience and only want a quick buck. The lot of you treat cryptocurrency like scratch off lotto tickets, and that's why you'll never make it.

You faggots would rather invest in meme currencies with much less stability

just hold and stake, i made the mistake of losing 1400 arks

That's the shame about biz. If a coin doesn't make 20% gains every single day it's a shitcoin. If you invested in any other company and it gave you 100% in a month it'd be time to fuckin' party.

There's nothing slow about Ark, and I'm glad you get it.

Fuck off with your faggot pump group. Ya we have people in it and know what your doing. Fuck off

also a TA fag and im accumulating this and ETC.

make sure to trade your ark gains for icx soon. 1-2 weeks

College Poorfag here but still trying to accumulate ARK, as it's the best passive income in crypto. HODL

Sorry but I was once an arkie as well, it was 100% of my portfolio. However the devs refuse to market the coin and it moves too slow. There are no updates coming for a long time now, and they also killed trustless swaps, which was 90% of the reason I bought ARK in the first place.

I think ARK will do quite well over time and you can expect to double or tripple, but if you arent a brainlet and have lots of free time, doubling your money in a few months is really poor results. Trading is much much more profitable.

Was a hardcore arkie and founder tier on biz delegate.

But this shit is weirdly tied to btc and gets completely obliterated everytime btc decides to shit the bed.

But the final straw for me was devs saying that they didn't want ark to be necessary for the eco system to function. Seriously wtf.

Honestly I'd love for someone to explain to me how bad i fucked up and how ark will accrue value so that i can fomo back in.

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how arkbitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

gonna dump my bags next time it hits ATH
bought in at 0,70$ in june so I made decent gains but I probably wouldve made 10 times more with other coins.
the saddest thing is that I dumped all my verge to buy ark.
I really wish I sold my ark bags when it first mooned in september

You're me, except I dumped my verge way earlier than you

You did the right thing as soon as I heard arkVM was going to be hosted off chain dumped my coins

The actual tokens we trade are completely useless and no more than a glorified ponzi staking system and the ridiculous thing is the devs are aware of that and think it’s good design.

Also the wallet was the biggest fucking disappointment ever, I know ark sets the bar pretty high with its desktop wallet but the mobile wallet is a fucking disgrace and even as someone experienced in blockchain I found very clunky and awkward to use. There no way it would ever appeal to normies

40,5 hours remain.

Hm, first I'm reading of this. Read most of that long slack conversation. So now I'm even more confused about what the fuck Ark is even supposed to be. I may be looking for an exit here soon... I don't hold a ton but the tokens seem pretty fucking useless after reading that.

ark is dead. useless coin. I have 1k , those tears mang.

>Why isn't my coin making a 30% increase daily?
>Why isn't my coin going up like the newest shilled coins?

What happened to hodl? Sure, if you are lucky and get the daytrades right you will end up with lots of money quickly, but ARK is a long-term hold coin. It's not going to rise up so fast unnaturally. But it will get there, been holding since 1$ and its dips to 40 cents.

But what about