The redpill on KCS

KCS, Kucoin Shares, gives you dividends on the entire exchange. So you get dividends on every single coin on the exchange.

The obvious pro is that you get a little bit of all the exchange's coins. Right now I have like 1 coin of every single coin on the exchange.

So where do they get you? If you don't invest enough that withdrawal is worth it. If 1 million users get 0.00001 QLC coins, are any of them really going to cash out? no. all of them will just maintain it on the exchange. at that level, the coin might as well have never been dividended out.

so as you can see, KCS is only worth it if you invest enough for withdrawal to be worth it. The bonus is that if you do this, all those shrimps who find it NOT worth it to withdraw..all that alpha just flows to you.

if u understand what i am talking about, you know i am right.

this is your protip for the day. you can now resume buying ripple and XVG like the fucking idiots that you are.

oh and one more thing...

you have about an hour left to get in on DBC before it goes to the moon off the backs of those railroad workers.


KCS is definitely worth investing in, it can provide a lot of passive income. Not to mention the coin itself is going to go up a lot.

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Right now the dividends are not really that worth it, but the exchange is growing fast. It only did about 30MM USD in volume yesterday, the biggest exchanges have 3 billion USD+ in volume so it has a lot of room to grow.

As the exchange grows your dividends will grow and the value of your shares will grow.

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Mods you really need to make referral codes bannable on sight.

Referral codes is only the beginning of a long trial of shittiness that will pervade and infect crypto like so many normie shit projects have gone.



I have 4K ku shares. Is that enough?

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You could have 10k KCS and you'd still make jack shit unless Kucoin goes like 20x in volume.

At current rates 10k KCS would gain you around 1.5k a year in profit, thats not counting the prices of the cryptos you get going up. Hardly jackshit.

What’s the volume right now. With deep brain kcs ox and prl those are good coins. Also it doesn’t feel like a fucked up piece of shit that binnance does.

it will.

Kucoin pros:

UI: one of the best I've seen. It stays basic until you go into the actual trade, where it turns professional. Very clean, intuitive, and reasonable UI.


obviously its servers are still shit.
it's unproven. it can still be a scam. looks driven. the devs are working hard. the website has already improved remarkably in the last 3 days.

and most importantly, it's still on the ground floor.

and tell me. fucking tell me what is a good exchange. the best we have is binance. fucking binance, which has one of the shittiest charts ive ever seen.

gdax already proved to be shit. bittrex shut off its new members. bitfinex is a scam. poloneix is a scam.

see you on the moon.

If Kucoin goes 20x in volume he'll make like $1k a month just from dividends. It's very possible that it'll go 10-20x in volume imo.

With 10k KCS you'd make 4.8k a month in dividends in case of a 20x volume growth which is more than most jobs.

Haha 1.5k is shit. But ya the coins should go up which is useful kinda

So I've owned like $1k worth of this coin for a couple months and it looks like I've made about $1, is that right or do I have to do something to stake it.

4.8k a month is damn good. If the coins appreciate its even more then yes?

If the coins that your dividends are paid in increase in value then yeah it will be even more. I do believe though that the dividend percentage will be decreased at a certain point but I don't remember when exactly.

The only reason I can see to not buy KCS is if you don't believe the exchange will grow or if you believe crypto will die soon.

Any updates on XRB going on Kucoin? I think that will boost the volume up, since XRB only has two crappy exchanges. It would attract many more users to buying XRB in Kucoin before it hits Binance.

To put it into perspective I own about as much COSS as KCS and COSS is putting out $.8 a week.

You're lying. If you bought $1k worth a couple of months ago the price was like $0.80 so you have like 1250 coins? You'd be making $0.50 as of right now.

Unless you mean the KCS you have now is worth 1k? You'd still be lying then because you'd be making $0.13 a day as of right now.

Maybe you're only looking at your KCS dividends? You get paid dividends of all the coins that are traded on their platform.

$0.50 a day*

I have a few people who signed up under me but it shows that I’ve gained nothing/can’t extract any rewards. What gives?

Oh, I see I was only counting the non-kcs dividends, didn't notice I was earning KCS. Is KCS the only thing anyone buys on this exchange? Everything else seems to be dust.

Wait for them to trade

The 50% trading fees you get will only last till march they said and then theyre decreasing them. Its not even a permanent thing.