What's the best way to kill myself /biz?

What's the best way to kill myself /biz?

Stupid pajeets shilled this to me and I managed to buy it at the utmost ATH and not a satoshi higher than ATH.

Volume has dropped and whales have accumulated it as they're doing their duty of killing fucking shit projects. They'll take most coins out of circulation and then kill the project, coz it's a worthless piece of shit

This coin has been out for four days lol.

whats your point faggot? I want bank bro, I want to drive a range rover

chill out, this coin has huge potential, they are getting listed on more exchanges soon

Dude Reddit and Veeky Forums are both united in loving this coin. Very rare popularity that crashed Kucoin
wait it out
it had an unusual amount of whale activity but it's fine if you give it time

ROFL yeah shit-tier exchanges with no volume, GL getting on anything relevant like trex or binance

let me guess you fell for the "no this isnt like the last pump and dump shitcoin just read the white paper also itll be on binance!" meme?

hodl your BNTY

taking off in 2018 Q1


ill buy more BNTY at a discount, no problem. Pajeets love those bitches

Exactly, I'm sorry for disappointing you user, I've failed everyone I love again just to chase an extra pump, I am a failure please give me motivation

> Buys ATH
> Incredulous at lack of instant moon ride
> acts like a cunt to anons offering support on a fresh coin

Holy fuck you're retarded. You're never going to make it

This. I hope this fucking retard loses it all.

Out of the literally tens of thousands of people that participate in them.. maybe 10 of them, maybe serious banks on the PnD. (10x+)...

A lot of people make -20% + 100%.

And because of the way word of mouth spreads (starts with 1 person, then 2, 4, 8, 16,32,64 etc....)..
The last people to find out about it are also the most numerous group.

They jump into the PnD and contribute to the final spike.

Finally a loser class of 1% of the worst most clueless people, come in and buy the top of the ATH signalling the big pop.

You can identify these people by a low volume high price movement right at very top. (ie; If you're seeing the price ramp up ridiculously, but the volume is LESS than the run up... you're fucked).
after which group 1 and 2 take profit, followed by posts such as these.

In short buy and hodl.

If you heard about the coin on biz, discord or reddit, you're already too late to be in group 1.

If the biz post already has 100 replies by the time you go to buy it you're already too late for group 2, and are basically guaranteed losses.

The coin has no potential since the whales will have to dump it on each other to cash out xD

fuk dem whales. shit on their grave

BUYING MORE BNTY at a discount


kek moron I bet you also bought Bazingacoin ahahahaha

4 days. Sitting comfy 10k in

BNTY is proof biz has weaker hands than Reddit

Weak hands did not sell, smart hands sold. HODL is not always a good plan, only for new fags in the business.

I would recommend you sell off this fucking bull shit and invest in DBC : ) It's backed by NEO
It'll moon once it is on Huobi as china men want to support their own people. Once it moons you can risk keeping it, or just sell it and make profits. Your choice OP
You have been warned of this offer

sell me some of your bags at 1265 pajeet

im arbitraging so hard thanks to weak handed faggots like you i actually dont care if it stays fluctuating like this until 2022

Only up from here. It has been consolidating quite nicely for awhile now. Definitely a good time to buy more.