You guys are faggots if you dont buy this coin


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raping refresh btn

I wish I could user.

>only on some weird Pajeet exchange
Nah I'm good

Sold at ATH and bought 10k of these. Stay triggered faggots

yes you are faggot if you are buying coin which made x150 in one fucking month you fucking noob jeesus how stupid you people are..

> screenshot
you gonna lose the binance faggot

you rai-shills are getting really fucking lazy you know that?

bought at 1$, so you can go count how much I'm up pajeet, and I'll still get more

for once in my life i'm not a faggot!!

lmao user I literally did exactly the same, feels comfy

The second it gets in Bittrex or Binance I will

Fuck, just get on Kucoin already.

buy xdn and be a rich faggot by summer
and have a good summer.

it will be added to binance, they confirme dit today ;-)


lol manipulated shitcoins dont get added to binance you dumb faggot

It's going up so hard hahaha

are you retarded or just autistic?

How many of these do I need to buy if I want to make 100k in a year or two?

and i bought at 20 cents lmao, it was already pumped at 1 dollar noob

>lol manipulated shitcoins dont get added to binance you dumb faggot
probably sold already your bags at 1$ keek
now you are sad spreading fud you pajeet haha

the dip.
did you buy it?

I sure hope you goys bought the dip. Next stop Uranus.

Since this is already pumped to hell and I'm in at $2, I'm just going to say this:

XRB is going to be huge. I guarantee $80 within 6 months if not 3, and it has the potential to actually hit a $200B+ market cap within the next year or two. Do not fuck this up, anons. XRB is your new god. Still room for an easy 100x. I'm adding at every dip.

he has none they havent even finished voting for the next addition

The fact that this is coming to Binance soon makes me rock hard

trust me anons, this shit is still underground.

This is ripple without the jews.

Lambo when binance


Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

If you're gonna fud at least use your brain and don't be lazy with it

in defense of that guy all the other coins are shit its obvious who the winner is going to be. not to mention the subreddit going from 5k to 20k subscribers in less than a month. raiblocks is going to rape the other coins

Can someone tell me where can I see Binance voting and when will the most voted coin be added on Binance?