Why the fuck are you not buying HTML coin at 4 SATS?

Every user that post a haiku shitting on Trump, I will forward 1,000 HTML coins to their wallet.

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where can I get wallet

Either Bleutrade or HTMLcoin.com.

You can mine HTML in the wallet
open the debug console and type
generate 101 999999999

Its just cpu mining but you will hit 6 or 7 blocks a day at 1250 coins per block

Downloading now. Here's a haiku for you.

>Like a big bright star
>Trump illuminates the night
>And Pence shocks faggots

you can do better than that

Why do you hate Trump?
Is it his massive penis?
Or just Tsundere?

I'm about to download a wallet, in the meantime

Look at that bumbo
His ass, so very jumbo
Its President Trump

Nothing special but I tried

W3C backing this fucking filthy shit?

I'll build the wall, believe me.
I'll defeat ISIS, its easy.
Oh how I love deceiving.

Thanks for the tip, gonna mine some.

the fuck is this shit?

this is what im looking for

hazwa mae iposuy

get me a wallet address boi

OP is a fag
He loves the taste of semen
Stop posting and die

If you wanna toss me some coin for thw bumbo haiku this is my address, thanks!



>HTMLCOIN is about empowering people and creating opportunities.
Shorted like it's the Bank of London and I'm George Soros. Another ERC-20 coin, ladies.

Donald: example
of how much poor white men just
love to fuck themselves


Orange and Quite Plump
He Also Sports A Large Rump
Named Doland Dumpf




kek i remember when this garbage went to 10 sat mooncoin too. i had 5 mil of this but sold at 3

Like a casserole
Trump is layers of garbage
baked into a man


it's over, Eminem, you're not cool anymore.

MOTHERFUCKING limericks bitch

There once was an oranged hair man
With a complexion of sags and old sawdust
laughs turned to tears
as we realized fears
when he ran and actually took office


just made a wallet op says it's syncing. Can do more if you want

Is it supposed to say anything when it's mining?

the color orange
once warm is now unnerving
President Dotard

orange and broken
the fat man has spoken
jews own the crypto


pls send coin. thank you based user

Trump has tiny hands
That can only mean one thing
Sad sad sad sad sad


his palms are sweaty
knees weak, arms spaghetti
donald drumph



me here^

never got anything in the wallet. it's synced. :( I am mining though!

Can I mine this with CPU or GPU or both?