Admit it Veeky Forums

Admit it Veeky Forums

You are jealous.

thats not even that much money its like what 5000 in the picture, is he broke already??

may be a wagecuck for life but at least i'll never be an overcompensating kike manlet

id rather be poor than be things cringe

this. money means nothing if you cant manage a balanced life.
Money becomes great in the right hands to achieve great things

bet this kid is a bitcoin maximalist. probably not doing so hot recently

Not really

terrible trigger disapline

He tries to hard to be cool.

he has the arms of a 12 year old boy

I'm absolutely not jealous of this kid's shitty trigger discipline. He's going to shoot his dick off sooner or later.

this guy is so cringe

im jealous

Of course you would know faggot.

I'd love to have his money, but something tells me he isn't going to be rich forever.

I wonder if this faggot has any real friends

I wanna be happy for the dude but something tells me he's not gonna live very long.

I wouldn't be surprised if he gets kidnapped, tbqhwu.

Where he live? Asking for a friend

I really hope this is a faggot holder. i want to see him cry when it drops to 1k

Lol look at his chubby little arms. It's not even that he's fat, it's hilarious because he has the arms of a toddler.

>not using benjamins as toilet paper

this kid is an idiot, he cashed out all his BTC over a year ago. he could have been a billionaire!

haha just got lucky with a few hundred BTCs

>that horrible middleschool chubby kid physique and fashion sense
>that hairless body
>that face
>that obvious insecurity
>that overinflated sense of intelligence cause he made one really good investment

cant say im envious. i unironically would rather lose my meager 50k stash of crypto and be broke than be him. any relationship this guy has will be fake as fuck just like his empty life.

taking the picture this seriously
I think he's being ironic

It's okay I may be spending my days in a cubicle for 8 hours a day for the rest of my life but at least I'll be making contributions to society

also this is why im hesitant to talk to people about being in crypto/the gains ive made because i dont want to come off like this guy.

this kid looks like such a cringeboy and he's gonna cry for mommy when BTC crashes

I wish I had a disgusting pig nose and rashes around my mouth.

obviously he is half joking but there is a layer of sincerity there and he just comes across like those rich pajeet instagram kids. and besides im not talking about this specific joke he's making cause i agree with him to an extent, im just talking about his whole persona

If you want to be like that rich stupid kid & correct his bitcoin mistake consider skycoin miner attached

this is wisdom

His brothers are got phds by their early twenties amd are running businesses and shit, this punk got rich and it totally is destroying him, posting ebonics meme and posing on twitter. Greed is a terrible thing

Stage 5, bargaining

He hasnt worked a day in his life, probably doesnt fap either just uses escorts

Maybe he's gay and thats why hes hairless

Yes he is ironic just like the girls are "IRONICALLY" doing a duck face on instagram. Keep believing