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I just got the new ibiza after sitting and refreshing


every like 800 blocks or something

get in early and youll get at least 1 eth back, this shit is global and everyones asleep!!!

Ethertanks has only been live for 15 hours -- there is still time to get in and make a killing.
Think about how rich you'd be if you had gotten into Crytokitties only 15 hours in!

how much of a gain? please tell me its a lot because I got in early. And this is STILL early.

>It will be paid off within the next 24 hours plus profit greater than the cost of the tank.

i just made .25 eth in 15 min with izida


shit i really dont wanna miss a tank before i go to bed

reinvested my $200, got $350 back in 30 min.


HT-1 is going to do great things.

The 2nd Izida is honestly going nuts. It has better stats than the first one and it's still cheaper. Really wish I had ETH right now but I went all in on XRP.

>mfw I am going to retire off the returns I made buying virtual tanks

Still the best choice, glad I got it



Fuck it im sending 5 eth over and buying the top row

Grab the newest one while you're at it

hell yeah swooped in at .295 it is a monster

>buy tank
>up vote the post in the /r/Cryptocurrency
>get rich
>tank me later.

UP VOTE reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7n6q0j/ethertank_new_ethereum_dapp_buying_tanks_and/

I'm retarded I bought the tank I just didn't check my hangar

My transactions got FUCKED so I missed out on new tank :(

Should I buy an HT-3 for 3 ETH?

you should.

New Izida is the move

better off going with several LT-2 at this stage

to win this game you gotta refresh when a new tank comes out, check the contract.

set gas price stupid high and youll get it. youll make the gas back faster

did i fuck up by buying the same tank?

no dude you get rewards for all of those



Am I too late to get in on this? Any new tanks coming out soon?

We need to get this shit all over reddit, get posting nerds

Ethertanks is 18 hours old, definitely not too late.


I just hope you got in early

Yeah but are there any new tanks going to be released soon? Really don't wanna buy any of these after they've been up for almost a day.

Still worth buying the first tank?

the second izida was the most recent release and is probably the best ROI right now


Yeah, just bought this as my first and have cash to spare. I figure the roi on the first tank is no longer worth the trouble?

I am referring to LT-1

This shit is 18 hours old. Once more people hear about this it's going to blow up. I'd say any tank you get is probably worth it at the moment

yeah the price at the first one is too high compared to how much money you will get, the 2nd izida is the best ROI available right now.

think of all the crypto kittie money that was made on the first couple of days... this is your chance.

this right here famalam

Can you sell tanks once youve bought them?

when the market is activated on 1/7


Made 150 on my 30 dollar investment in less then a day.

hello asia!

confirming gigantic profits all day long

any info on what the prices will be like?

some person in ethertank subreddit showed that market code in the smart contract already working and ready to implement, that's amazing news reddit.com/r/ethtanks/comments/7n7613/buyingselling_cheaper_tanks_from_other_users/

my butthole is ready

this is unreal

To. The. Moon.

Anyone know how to tell when a new tank is about to be released?

I just broke even on > 1ETH of purchases in less than 4 hours. All profit from here on out!

That's fucking great

Unironically will get a shit ton of money from this, this is literally cryptokitties v2.0, prepare your fucking anus

I bought the izdia that's .80 was this the newest one to be released? Or did I fuck up?

You'll be fine by tomorrow night and making profit. The other half of the world's crypto traders havent seen this yet.

ok ty, my hands are literally sweating. I made so much on etheremon, and im late to the party on this.

Join this pump group if you don't hate free money.


Not late to the party at all. Just warming up.

Are we too deep into the ponzi to make money? I got burned hard on Ethermon cause I was in too late. Can anyone plz be real with me and not just shill? Should I get in?

the newest izida is the only one that still has a decent chance of making GOOD profit. Otherwise look for best stats and wait a week for market to increase.

Thanks. How to tell which one is newer?

The one on the bottom right has only been out for like 3 hours. which is nothing compared to how long the others have blown up for.


yeah the 2nd izida, its on the bottom row, is newest and has the best ROI at the moment.


my.fishbank.io/go/2253 board this ship well before it takes off too lads. Its gunna be huge.

impossible to make profit off dividends on this now.

hope u can sell ur tanks down the time.

Must be about 150 tanks away

Izida 2 is now Eskimo

How are the devs getting paid if its so easy to generate income?

Wait a minute..

I thought this was a scam? Didn't they just exit on us yesterday?


>he fell for the Veeky Forums FUD
shouldve accumulated bud

our homeboi dev ain't going nowhere.

next cryptocats right here

missed eskimo, will be here for the next tank.

I think they just renamed one of the Izida's to Eskimo.

You're actually right.

I just managed to pull out my money that I couldn't yesterday.

There's still the issue with the profi system only giving half of the listed tho....

I just bought a fucking imaginary tank for 600 USD make it worth it boys!!!!

Nice one! Got that one about an hour ago and it's made about $70 back for me so far.

Uhh, what are all these(Cryptokitties, tanks, fishies) about? How does it work?

Pay money, Get more money back

Why does biz hate Lambos so much!!?? Because that's what you'll have by buying an Eskimo tank right now. I'm already up 200% profit!!! Get in now!!!!

Cryptokitties is a breeding game which went disgustingly viral, as for ethtanks its got more potential with its market and battle modes that are soon to be released. Might wanna check it out.

Just picked up 2 more Eskimo's. Lets get all the way to the top!

they are basically ponzi schemes, tanks is the only one going anywhere at the moment and it is still in the pretty early stages so you can reap some nice rewards.

if you want to get into the fish thing, could you help a brother out and use this link, thanks very much.


I feel like I've been paid my profits twice...tried to cash out yesterday when it went down for maintenance and it wouldn't let me, but apparently the devs were sending people's profits to their wallets directly so I checked my meta mask this morning and it seemed like I had been paid. Checked in my Hangar and it was still showing my unrealised profits in there too so I cashed them out and now i'm in about $150 profit from an original $30 that I spent on a picture of two tanks, in the space of 24 hours. Life = Good


Gas count going down.


No one buying compared to previously. A lot of cash outs.

I feel like a retard. Great life lesson.

It's already slowing down.
You'll just lose money if you get in now.

Same thing happened with etehremon.

The dream is over

its fucking 553 am in the civilized world, its gonna be slower than peak hours but I'm still making steady gains

I think it just grew that much over yesterday. LT-1 is all the way up to 0.2 eth now. I spent $20 yesterday and got about $130 back, same scenario as you (dev sending + cashout a couple hours ago). Sure feels nice. People worry about cashing out, when all I would do with more money is spend more liberally on these gambles. Imagine putting ten thousands in and getting 50 grand back the next day.

Kill me out of pity.

already made ~200 dollars from 30 invested so i am happy

hope when the shop/battles open it will make some more

Im in the same boat.

Bought in at like 0,0356.

Just bothers me that they didnt give 1:1 dividends at promised.

look at a clock senpai, I wouldn't worry about it this thing has a lot of room to grow outside of Veeky Forums, based eskimo has made me a good amount of gains, just takes patience.

Let's hope man.