Ive had it

sold all my LTC (bought most of it around 130$)
and moved it to XMR fuck that chink FUDDING his own fucking coin holy shit what a moron no one gives a shit about your emotional attachment to this shit were here to make money and buy lambos i cant have this retarded bag in my portfolio later fags

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Great decision, user. You would never regret this decision. Screen cap it!

Great! Now follow the technical analysis here discord.gg/JDS4tcX

way ahead of you i also bought REQ XML and POE before they all mooned and this shit was just sitting there destroying all my gains

It's going up to 400 soon user lol, you gonna be mad.


no indication of it going up and any positive pump from BTC wont make it go up either it has to drop to 150s before you see massive pumps this is gonna be a slow bleed until february screen shot this LTC is gonna be down for a month

>It's going up to 400 soon user
It was going up (past tense)

wont people buy for the fork?

I've never wanted to buy ltc more. good shill.

Where you getting that information from? This board? You should know this board doesn't tell you things until after they got their fill or if they are already mooning. It will hit upper 300-400 in early January. You can screen cap this because I have no personal stake in LTC, but I did some meme lines.

Its currently raping my gains. Fucken cuckold charlie lee. Then again, I bought 10K at ATH

Just bought in a small amount now. What exchanges have LTC pairings? I only know of Cryptopia, but a lot of alts there seem questionable.

Some people seem to accumulate LTC at discounted price

I'm literally you on this one, cheers.

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how litebitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

>selling in the December dip

Well, there is no such thing as December - January effect in Crypto
How do you know that this is the tail end of the bull run?

>bought a bunch of LTC around 260
>sold half for gainz around 350, put gainz into alts
>hodl other half just in case
>mfw i've lost more money hodling legacy coins than I have daytrading shitcoins

Is the hodl meme over? Is shitcoin trading the only way to make gains anymore?

I still think LTC has potential but it's been a pretty disappointing month considering I could have made 5x on shitcoins in the same amount of time it took to lose 20% in LTC.

>there is no such thing as December - January effect in Crypto

there is now, at least with bitcoin

government is looking for its tax revenues this year

>How do you know this isn't the tail end of the bull run?


i dont *know* of course

but I would argue that we are STILL the early adopters

>government is looking for its tax revenues this year
No proper regulation for crypto yet

>we are STILL the early adopters
In regards to blockchain technology, yeah I agree with you on that.
In regards to pricing, we are definitely almost, or at euphoria.

There was a lot of that earlier this evening especially. BTC, ETH, LTC. Large accumulations being made on all three. The sell orders were numerous but mostly small quantity. Fewer buy orders but a lot more quantity being bought per order.

I think it's a huge mistake to sell any of these three for even a modest loss right now. Something is up.

Charlie Lee tweeted that he intended to bring Litecoin back to the a new ATH and not too long ago when people were hassling him to say something to stop the drop, he said that there would be news early 2018.

I understand that it's not really in his control, and he has no real power to do so, but it might be part of what encouraged new buyers. The drop also showed signs of slowing down today, which is why I bought a little. I hope the floor is too far from here, if there's even a floor.

Could be. The trend i think i'm seeing is more to do with the major coinbase coins as a whole, rather than specific to any individual one.

>Something is up.
I really hope so, user. Seeing so many alts mooning, greed starts to consume me. I have been thinking about jumping off the big 3's boat

Patience pays off in the long run, I bought a bunch of LTC ages ago at $4 because its tech fundamentals are solid, always expected it to moon eventually, its best days are yet ahead.

are you still buying lately?

Nah, more is always nice but I'm comfy with my stash. Now all I gotta do is wait it out, no rush.

The only reason I am holding this is to see if normies pump it after New Years based on availability and the new year effect. Selling as soon as it goes above 250. Fuck. Had high hopes. Never trust a chink.

>Being this dumb, holy shit

What does the IRS categorize Crypto as? Look at IRS tax code and find "cryptocurrency". If I converted my crypto to precious metal, how are they going to find out, and tax it? I have 2 passport fuck face. I know tax code more than you, especially the loopholes

The market is only 0.6T what the fuck are you talking about

>The market is only 0.6T what the fuck are you talking about
Implying the last bear market started after crypto hit Trillions of dollar worth market cap.

this coin is dropping by $20 everyday. holding is just fucking useless while you are missing out on other gains. it will moon again.. but by that time it will have dropped back to sub $100 and it will moon to 200-250.. not ever reaching the ath.

I bought a couple LTC last week and I am getting JUST'D

Gonna hold until I'm broke tho. Iron hands

lol me too brother, i bought at 100 and sold it all of yesterday to buy into XLM!

most likely this desu, people lose trust in this shitcoin more and more. I dont understand how that chink thinks but he should have a pretty big fuckinf surprise for 2018, otherwise his coin is official garbage.