all right Veeky Forums, I gave you a chance and now we're approaching $.04. I wanted to give "us" a chance to make it first, but once it starts getting closer to $.05 I'm moving on to shilling Reddit to bring in some fresh $$$.
Did you know 3 days ago the 24hr volume was $15,000!

The Market Cap is still at a low 3 million. You know what that means right?? M-o-o-n mission.

I told you about it when it was $.02, and now I'm telling you about it at $.03, don't be the guy who has to buy in at $.05

With only 100 million tokens, Payfair should have no problem reaching at least $1 once the project is up and running. That means an easy x20 if you get in with the early boys

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Here's some of the basics on the project:

Payfair (PFR) is a decentralized escrow and P2P crypto-exchange on the ethereum blockchain. If you're too daft to understand what that is, it means you will be able to sell your crypto directly to buyers for FIAT.
Yes, this could literally get rid of the cant cash out meme.

But its not just crypto, potentialy Payfair could do FIAT to any crypto, any crypto to any other crypto, crypto payment for contract work, etc.
There's potential for this to become a huge market.

Everyone and their boomer parents will be using Payfair to buy crypto and to cash out when the time is right.(tip:never sell, always hold)

Another cool thing about Payfair (PFR) is the potential to make money just by holding the coins! That's right, It's like you will be getting paid to make money.

While the exact numbers will be up to a community vote, currently you need $200 worth of tokens to form a trust node, and $250 for an escrow node.

And even though you can only buy Payfair (PFR) on Etherdelta it has still managed to have a great healthy grow in its first month.
The developers are already working on getting it listed on other normie friendly exchanges and that alone should bring us a nice bump in profits.

I got fucked on DBC already chasing the high from BNTY gains. How do I know you aren't a whale who won't let the price to past $.04?

Now check it out, the exchange will be ready by February and to test the platform we will be able to buy and trade PFR and ETH. And an IOS app in Q2 will help get Payfair to the mass adoption level that will not only take us to the Moon, but potentially Pluto.

im not sure why i wouldnt want the price to got past $.04

i hold 50k tokens and the dream goal is for payfar to hit $1.
then i will use my profits to invest heavy on the next coin and be on my way to $1,000,000

Nigga, a couple days ago you were bragging about how it was approaching $.05 and now you are saying "now we're approaching $.04" as if people have missed out on big gains. You are a faggot pajeet

One of the concerns I've seen come up is "Why would I trust a random stranger (escrow) with making sure my money stays mine"

Okay, I get it, it could seem like your putting to much at risk on the hands of strangers, but you don't even need to use and escrow with Payfair (PFR). Its just an option. If you want it can just be the seller and the buyer making a transaction after both parties agree that their requirements were met.

Now let's say you do want to use the escrow for extra security, From my understanding you transaction will be handled by 3 different people. They are all anonymous to each other and to the people making the transaction. The transaction will be approved after three consecutive approvals from the escrow participants.

And what keeps the escrow participants from misbehaving? Their own tokens will be at risk for bad behavior, there will also be a rating system, and people who use the service will be incentivized to rate by the giving them lower fees for participating.

check the fucking chart then. Do you know what a spike is?
ETH was about $750 and PFR was nearing $.05
because of the huge dip recently if lost some $$ but its moving again.

and if you didnt buy at $.02 when i first told you, then you did miss out on gains.

here's a post from the telegram,the team has done no marketing, so the upcoming video in january will be HUGE
"Hello, dear friends! Today we want to remind you that this week our website will be updated: This week the main page will be the Payfair platform.

1) Soon, you will be able to sell and buy PFR and ETH after testing the platform.
2) At the moment, we are fixing bugs and evolving the functionality of the platform.
3) We ordered a promo-video for marketing in masses. It will be complete in January.
4) We will be listed on the WandX exchange
5) We listen to our community and we will hold a voting process and possibly we will peg the trust-node to the number of tokens and get rid of fiat peg

P.S. Guys, please vote and leave your comments ;)"

Unironically bought 100k last time you shilled. Im in the red a little, but i think the project will take off once more news starts coming out and they get on an exchange that diesnt terrify normies.

just hold tight man.
ivemade a few bucks swing trading it, but it's too risky, i think im just gona hold.

I don't really like the look of their team. Guy in charge has no eye raising credentials. Programmers all list PHP as being their forte.

So I'll put $200 into it lol

yea, the team isn't really anything to brag about, but it's one of the reasons the coin started out at such a low M cap
. But they've been very active in the telegram and listen to the community.

They are Russian and will be back on Jan 5th and hopefully bring us more updates.

link to the telegram?

it marks it as spam so just fix the link by adding https:// in front

bought last night bro, go to reddit. I need this thing with at least $20M mc by Feb.

i will, but im gona wait until after jan 5th and see what news the team comes back with.

also last night was a good time to buy, good move.

I thought the devs got BTFO'd by some dude asking legit questions in the telegram?

What happened? Got pics?

yea it's a scam coin but who cares? buy in early, shill it, dump it on the noobs

I wasn't in the tele, heard it on another one of these hourly PFR threads

it was a guy trolling them comparing them to venmo and he kept mentioning that he would never trust his money with a random escrow.

if you look at how the escrow system works, you'll see the guy did pretty much no research or even read the whitepaper.

he said he would never use payfair when buying a house (wtf?)
but im pretty sure the escrow in payfair will be mostly use for the purchase and selling of large amounts of crypto

The white paper is pretty rubbish

let me know if you got questions.
it took me a few reads and questions on the telegram to understand it somewhat.

also a revised whitepaper will be coming soon

Like how much work does it take to run an escrow node?
Is it like i check some numbers and click ok or will it take more than 10 minutes?

Whats the need for the token to perform the escrow service

not exactly sure yet. hopefully we find out in the next coming weeks once the platform rolls out.
im hoping its not too hard case making %1+ sound pretty nice.

people will mostly use the escrow for high value transaction so even 1% of $10,000 is still $100.

as in how many you need? $250 worth of the token

as in what its purpose is?
it hold the escrow participants accountable. If you are participating as an escrow those tokens will be used as a sort of leverage to make sure you aren't fucking around. i think you could potentially lose them if you are making bad calls.

Ohh and the linkedin pages reek of scam

just go with your gut.
the team is Russian nobodys, but they have a cool concept that has some momentum behind it and there is a lot for them to gain (and us investors) by making this project a success.

>The Market Cap is still at a low 3 million. You know what that means right?? M-o-o-n mission.
Yeah, sure. You either buy my DRP bags or GTFO, pajeet.

Binance first you fag

user you do realize to catch moon missions at the earliest possible for max gains you might have to go to different exchanges right?

consider Etherdelta the normie filter.

Tell me when this shit gets on a real exchange, I'm not going through the hell of buying on etherdelta even if it means I miss out on some gains


yea, it's what im doing... i even called it my hourly shill thread.
but i see it as informing others on an interesting coin (which i own) with growth potential.

I had a lot of questions when i first got shilled on the coin myself, so i did my research and wrote up a quick explanation.

so feel free to express your doubts, i'm sure some lurkers have them too.

cool, will do.

you can also find it on IDEX or if you think thats better than ED.

In with 90k. Once the devs clean up website, white paper and marketing it will 50x.

If the project is successfully 5000x in about 1 year imo.

Some competition out thier but these guys seems to have more momentum.

this for sure

I totally believe it can reach $1, but if it goes way higher i would just feel so greedy and undeserving of all the money. it would feel like a lottery win.

excited to see what 2018 brings.

Lmao good call
best group so far

Lmao wow pathetic

check the charts

bumpity bump and good night