I want to buy a house by the end of 2018

I want to buy a house by the end of 2018
I live in a high living cost city so I’ll need at least 100k
Will I make it by then? Or is 2-3 Years a more realistic view?

>holding xrp, want to buy home
Top kek

definitely not if you hold these coins. you need to invest in some high risk shitcoins m8

Too diversified. Just put everything into XBY.

Why the fuck are you still in Ripple retard? LMAO

What are some good high risk shit coins to throw down on? Trying to turn 10k to 100k

with these coins youll be at 10k eoy

how come there are houses as cheap as 100k on the market? wouldnt everyone just buy them since they are so cheap, never have to worry about anything besides other basics again?

hawala.today could be a potential rocket if they can deliver
3 mil market cap right now according to coinmarketcap

>wouldnt everyone just buy them since they are so cheap

Not everyone wants to live in a rural background

rural area, I'm retarded

>high cost city
What are you in fucking India?
Come to San Francisco and go house shopping for under 1 million and see what you get.

Dude im going to give you an advice and you can thank me later, Do this

Buy Zclassic right Fucking NOW

Put 4K in that and the rest on OmiseGO

then after the fork like in february when Zclassic becomes Bitcoin Private wait a bit and sell every coin for 600$ (Right now is 70$)
Then invest the rest On OmiseGo

Hodl till the rest of the 2018

I gave you the fucking formula how to get rich fucking idiot and i also spend time writing this so don't waste my time idiot

This is dumb

stay poor faggot

Made 100k in 2017 in cryptos from 2k, then lost it all gambling. It can be done user, just don't get greedy

>dump XRP ASAP!

>ethos is good as well
>neo will hit January

you'll make it - just hold 70% in solid what you believe coins and risk/gamble/trade with other possbile moon coins remaining 30% of portfolio

I moved to Chicago with less than 5k and made it.

I had a gf to split expenses for a while but it's not hard.

Oh nvm I completely read this wrong. I thought you wanted to move into a city

I live in an apartment in the city atm, i have a full time job and have enough saved for a good down payment, but if I had an extra 100k I could buy a house outright

ADA's been great so far, I'm gonna be getting more soon
I'll look into ethos and neo?

OmiseGO looks like it already mooned. Why do you think it will skyrocket?