Look at the growth here in the last 24 hours. Shitcoin right? But what do you think?

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called colx at 3 sats, hyperstake is next

Not on normie exchanges though. Why do you think that?

its on cryptopia, .005 cents. watch it moon soon with the new whitepaper coming

I don't think it's a shit coin. Got in at 12sats. Reckon it'll get to 200 sats by end of Jan. Currently at 65

100% pnd

Oh dang didn't know it was on cryptopia. Gonna tail you on this one.

Got in at 200 sats and am sitting very comfy, I see at as a second chance of getting pivx dirt cheap once their roadmap comes out and it starts to doing it's own thing the value will continually rise, just my two cents

No it’s not, unless it literally just got listed within the last hour or something.

its the most undervalued coin today even after the pajeet pump and dump. look how active the github is:

I mean it’s not on cryptopia.

What's its paired with there not coming up with BTC or LTC

wasnt talking about colx, colx will be there soon as well

Mate, the last 6 commits are commenting / uncommenting / inserting spaces / replacing words.

Did you even look?

either way, development is happening, a new whitepaper is coming, and people have been accumulating. it could be big in 2018 i will hodl this

developers are responsive and they are active on twitter

whales trying to push it down to accumulate but ittl moon like it does every night. 3 straight nights of ATH's

coin burnnnnn bitchessss. dis gun ne good

>Currently at .007
>Bought at .01 for no real fucking good reason

Hello darkness my old friend

Can someone give me fast explanation of this?

I've seen it when it was basically on bottom at 0.0000001sat and I thought people are going to shill it for easy profit, like they do with other bottom coins that are listed.

Three fast questions:

-What's the difference between COLX and other similar coins?

-What's potential Market Cap and do they have working product that's better than competition?

-How is community, developers and manager responding to questions?

even if it's a shitcoin still has room to go further. cryptopia listing incoming as well as a coin burn. i'll make a killing either way

Eth not listed as an exchange currency on cryptopia? I am high and also not very smart so if I am wrong that will not surprise me. Thank you.


>colx main features are- privacy, fast transactions, master nodes and staking

just going to bump as i have crying baby attack

-pivx fork, privavy, pos, masternodew. theres actually a lot of comoetition in this space in upcoming shitcoins. the rewards on colx for staking are jacked up compared to pivx and some others and masternodes at least were relatively cheap to score

-potential is pretty high. telegram gas added a thousand people in a week and they are all retarded third worlders so there will be at least a ling window of good trading. expecting over 50 mil on cryptopia release. there will be a supply squeeze as a coin burn is happening and a large portion of coins are currently locked in masternodes or staking

-community is pretty good, historically. with end of swap the main pr guy, tom, has dtopped off a bit but hes been in the telegram at least once a day to answer. they are currently jusy focused on kicking goals. there is a help team in the slack amd telegram that is great for troubleshooting atm

fucking spelling. ive got japanese keyboard on phone and its a piece of shit. im around for awhile so field any questions or accusations

2 millions reporting here. still a shitcoin though... I got them when it was 12 sats a couple of days ago as lottery. I think 150m market cap is realistic and that's when I will give my bags to someone else

i've read somewhere that a pivx dev was working on this project, can someone confirm / deny?

Buy the fucking dip. Got 300k of these

I still don’t know why I bought this at 0.01.

Yup. Presstab. The block explorer is run from his site. He was part of the initial launch and development up to a few months ago but I havent' seen him in the slack in a while.

Waiting for that 0.10c winner winner chicken dinner that's why

hodl. It will go on cryptopia and you can still double up at least.

That’s what I thought initially, but i don’t know the likelihood of that anymore. There’s a shit ton of people who own this coin in the hundreds of thousands. Them and the masternode owners would be multimillionaires.

well think about verge except verge is a fucking scam coin that's been promising for months and months to deliver wraith and never did shit and ten magically added 2 billion overnight to their MC. I never thought xvg would break 300 sats but this market is irrational as hell. Another example- Electroneum. I've had massive stacks of both these coins and made a lot of money on them but that doesn't mean it was smart money. If you go back only a few months ago Sunerok did an interview were he talked about how they tip each other millions of xvg to each other as jokes and now those tips are worth...hundreds of thousands and the github is almost identical from that time.

Now I'm not saying "omg get in here fucking 10x moon mission $1 by March 17 3:49 PM screenshot this" because I'm not a retarded poo in the loo but i will point out why this coin can have a decent run-

1. Hype. People really are looking for the next xvg and just like pieces of shit like vertcoin, feathercoin,and groestl had insane runs a few months ago when asic resistance was the buzz word. Now the flavor of the month is privacy coins. People look at what happened to xvg and they want to speculate. What your seeing with the current growth is exactly that effect. Now just add some exchanges that aren't dumpsterfires in the middle of bumfuck idaho and people can really start trading this bad boy.

2. Staking. the people that pumped xvg are 90% retarded. Probably far too retarded to bother mining xvg and even if they could mine it the returns are pitiful. This coin is still cheap enough to pick up large stacks that can be easily split and turn over staking rewards regularly. That won't last forever if the price runs, but it's definitely attractive to your average buyer. If the price falls too much, then suddenly buying masternodes is incentivized and more coins are taken out of circulation.

People bailing on COLX to go into ECA.


3. Low market cap and the coin burn- Coin burn is happening over new years (not sure exact date/time) and I think they'lll be burning roughly 20% of the 12 billion coins. This coin only hit under a 50 mil mc at 100 sats. That means it won't even break into the top 100 coins until at least 400 sats and this number is going to be even higher after a giant chunk of the supply gets destroyed. This is good for holders and investors

4. Milestones- has a decent roadmap. Will be dropping a whtie paper and starting and advertising campaign as well as committing some more developments to the github. All of which add to the hype train and possibly pump points for the price

5. Masternodes are incentivized not to sell because they are making a ton of money. ROI is to the point where if they can easily liquidate their returns they would not have to work any more.

Now i obviously own this coin or I wouldn't bother wasting this much time shilling it. I've got a relatively large portfolio that I made from purely investing in biz meme coins since June and I've been very blessed in the crypto space so as a favor I'll give you my honest opinion on colx- it's a diamond shitcoin. There's a lot of competition in the small cap privacy coin space so it has its work cut out for it as far as differentiating itself. Long term the devs will need to deliver but I've followed this project since it was cv2 still and so far I've seen them do a very good job. The fact the telegram added 1200 pajeets in the last week shows this bad boy is going to get a lot of action. Risky yes but risk/reward is still very good under 100 sats.

also i will take those words about xvg back if it does actually release wraith before january and it is as good as advertised but that still wouldn't make the coin failry valued.

Now this is some good shilling.

thank you dear.

ugh i mean, bro.

Currently sitting on 6x profits... Really not sure whether to take it and run or HODL for cryptopia

Whales are done ACCUMULATING colx and they have moved on to Electra which will also be listing on new exchanges and is a more promising coin.

> still holding my COLX though but also ECA
> ECA volume up 500% in the last two days