Don't you want to hold me, user?

Don't you want to hold me, user?

This is XP. It's a HOLD coin. You do not DUMP this cutie, and in return she will make you gains!

Look at eXperience points on CoinMarketCap and only hop on board if you're ready to do a longterm hold. 2018 EOY gogogo!

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Alright, 3rd shill I see. One more and I buy in.

If you buy in, please vote for XP on Binance. We have a very good chance of winning it, and then we're unstoppable ^.^

I'm in since you have an anime girl promoting your coin. You're lucky I'm a brainlet or I would have put actual thought into this.

Th-Thank you user

You gotta be fucking kidding me

Worth buying now at ATH?

I won't. I have Nekonium, now some XP I just wish I had some monacoin to complete the holy Japanese meme trifecta

Literally Japanese people are making memes about this coin to spread it everywhere. They believe in it. I even saw someone doing graffiti for XP and taking a picture.
Believe in the coin. EOY 2018!

a few months ago i took a look at the coins on the last page of coinmarketcap.. xp was only want that got my interest.. fucking thing is 10000x now wish i bought some... im all in on zcl holding for btcp airdrop

It's so high... I'm gonna sleep on it then buy back in tomorrow.

Totally understandable!
whoever is interested, please join our Discord and talk with other longterm holders til 2018

i'd buy a cute anime girl coin if it was on bitfinex. binance 2fa doesn't work for me

link to discord please

This isn't on binance?
Please join it and hold with us

So let me get this straight: I level up in Fallout New Vegas or Baldur's Gate and I get more money? How does it know what I'm doing in a game?

She's so cute ;__;

That's the plan, but right now it's only implemented in indie games. The more support XP gets, the more games they'll be in and the greater demand for it.
You can exchange XP for real life rewards like gift cards and Steam games on their market
Wish us luck on the Binance vote :3

add your weebcoin to bitfinex you slut

How do I buy it with cash? I have no bitcoins, sorry

I don't know how to do it directly with USD, sorry! Coinbase --> GDAX --> Coinexchange is what I did.

Be wary of people spreading FUD! Please join our discord and hold with us. Japan is with us

Anyone's XP wallet offline? I downloaded it and it won't sync.

Join the discord and ask for help there ^^
Discord link for XP Holders club

This is DGB all over again with a new name. Everything is the same to playing games to earn it to trading it for steam gift cards.