We Have Liftoff


I honestly doubted these little guys. I did not think they could reach $1 so quickly. I will never underestimate them again.

Hehe can't wait to see biz at the $20 FOMO buy in, 4k drgn bag gonna be my lotto ticket

Who pumped my fucking dragons
Im still trying to accumulate REEEEEEEEEEEE

>tfw 450 of them

Will I make it?

literally sold 41000 of these for 39k :/

Based on the marketcap, that amount should be approximately $205,000 or more 2018. Just compare it to similar companies. You goofed.

You did good user., this will never break more than $2 and if it does it won't be until mid. summer

got any more stuff to pull out of ur butt

Eoy 2018.

Get on board.

seriously user. why?

jojo the dragon will rule all.

It's on the list for next coin on Binance

As much as I want Drgn to get on its gonna lose to xrb

You don't know what you're missing out on.


oops. rawr. lol.

damn I really wanted to buy some more under a dollar.


I was so close to going all in at 5.3k and now I'm kicking myself for not doing it.

I hold 1000 drgn