Quietly Moons, Threads barely gain any traction

Seriously Veeky Forums I thought you were better than this.

This token is going to at least $10 with all the backing behind it and consistently goes up 20-30% every other day.

The tech is cool af. You faggots not holding this coin will soon come to regret it once it is in the top 10 come this spring.

Grease up your butt cheeks prepare for lift off.

Give up, they're not going to listen. Biz likes coins with flashy colorful designs shilled by mcfaggot. Enjoy your gains user

Alright shiller now is your chance to shill. While I look for the butt cheek grease, tell me exactly what this coin does, and why it's work my time and money.

Quiet, we're still buying.

all the projects building on 0x

ETHFINEX - ERC20 token exchange with goal to become decentralized fully

{Set} Protocol: A way of holding an actively prebalanced basket of ERC20s called a {set} with the ability to atomic swap to underlying tokens if desired, built on 0x.

Dai Stablecoin: Essentially a non-fraud version of tether, pegged to a basket of diversified global fiat (USD, Ruble, Yen, SDR, etc) and traded as a ERC20, stabilizing ERC20 value measures and thus 0x systems.

dYdX: A derivatives trading protocol built on the 0x protocol, using 0x nodes to keep orderbooks off-chain and smart contracts to execute options, shorts, and swaps.

ERCdex: bittrex-esque software platform for trading ERC20s and other crypto interfacing with 0x node offchain orderbooks, executed with smart contracts over ethereum.

Dharma: Creating debt agreements (bonds) by collateralizing crypto tokens.

Shhh let me finish accumulating. Let the shills pump their shit while we hold onto the real gems and silently grow organically.

Rolling for quads

Yes, I see.
Know explain it to me as if I were 5 yrs old.


Basically this ---->>0x protocol is a javascript library that allows devs to build dex's that trade erc-20 tokens and provide infrastructure to the ethereum network allowing people to trade their dapp tokens without having to go through exchanges.

Once ethereum goes to 500 billion this will be the 2nd most valuable token on its network.

All the devs are ex-Coinbase employees and projects are receiving money from andresson. This is gonna be BIG.

lots of shit coming out next year, when theres news the price will rise so your best choice is to buy and hold now

don't bother user, been holding and talking about ZRX sine August, they won't listen until all the project are about and the token is already $5.00 just enjoy your gains

Dude, smart people already know it's important to buy zrx. Accumulation phase is almost over.
Sadly I'm waiting for my fiat deposit to buy some so I'm fucked.
Will try to ride the wave hoping to not get in too late.
But yes this is the king of coin you want in your portfolio NOW

It's not too late. Anything under a $1 is literally free money. Anything under $3 is still a gift. This will be huge in 2018-2019. Massive gains over the next 2 years.

not being here is a good sign, you don't want those lunch money weak handed shitcoiners talking shit about the protocol yet. wait for Q2

Used rest of my btc for this /comfy/

not to mention Olaf Carlsson Wee (CEO of Polychain capital) said in a slack comment that ZRX is only at 5% of what he thinks its worth

You have to sift thru 99% of the PnD threads to find the real long term gems and this is one of them. Let the shills PnD their shit while we grow organically. This one is a keeper.

Opportunity cost fagget. I'll make 20x on a coin every 3 weeks instead of waiting for 2 years to get gains.

Is 20k enough to bring me to the moon?


You spelled faggot wrong you faggot. Stay salty.

in another thread someone said you need 25k!

>thinks hes the next warren buffett
please post results faggot

just putting pic related here

>mfw i bought XCZ instead of ZRX
why am i a dyslexic fag. am i gonna make it?


Thats opposite of what Buffet would do though. Buffet is a true holding advocate.

What the hell is that and why it mooned from $10 to $100 a while ago?