>Wraith delayed till Q1 2018 for "minor bug fixes and more exhaustive testing"
Price has already dropped 15% since this news was released

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Lmao, what an absolute shit coin.

Dubs&trips confirm.

great fud

well there are the dubs and trips.

Was nice while it lasted

If you are holding this coin still kys.

LOL someones mad they bought in at 27 cents and panic sold at 18! I'll be in my lambo tomorrow when XVG is 50 cents, and I've made 25,000 profit. Stay a poorfat, and neet.


Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how vergebitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

Why are Monero bag holders and McAfeeirs so scared of this coin. I don't usually see fud threads like this other coins.

Bong a long shong dong long fong ga hong rong pong jong.

to be fair I still sort of believe in this coin, but i'm not going to hold it while other coins are mooning, and this coin tanks because of the delayed Wraith. i will probably reinvest after a month or so, when Wraith is set properly

just dumped my 80k bags at 1700

bought this coin at 120 SAT, sitting at 280k comfortably.

you can suck my fucking dick dude, I will NEVER sell these until they hit at least 50 cents. Don't be assblasted because you didn't get in on the most profitable coin of 2017, faggot.

all of you are stupid... wraith isn't real... i knew they would fucking "delay it". god get a fucking brain. 95% is owned by the top 100 wallets.. it's a pump and dump............. dont worry tho.. ill help you make back ur losses.. buy zcl now and hold until airdrop = 5x gains.

Wow, such generosity /s

nice source, shill. It's already done and confirmed for today as stated BY THE FUCKING CREATORS!!!!

Are you guys really so stupid you believe everything without even a source?

Nowhere has it been said that wraith is being delayed.

Stop being stupid

so this is how low effort the fudding has gotten at this point?

>Nowhere has it been said that wraith is being delayed.

You have one fucking day before it launches then. Actually less than 24 hours


and it will be implemented, as various sources already say