Satoshi Nakamoto Interview: The future of Bitcoin Cash

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Pretty good stuff desu. Interesting words from about 45 mins in.

craig wright isn't satoshi


The future is to pump to 4k, crash the market, and bleed to zero?

Nice, where can I buy some? then transfer to private wallet for 1 cent transaction fee

if he was satoshi and he thought bitcoin cash was the future, he would have enough btc to dump a massive amount enough to crash it to worth nothing.


That doesn't prove anything. I like Bitcoin Cash, but this guy isn't Satoshi until he can prove it.

He proved it to Gavin Andressen. No he will not show the same proof publicly he does not benefit from that in any way

Still isn't evidence. If he didn't want to be identified, why the fuck would he claim to be Satoshi in the first place?

He is not Satoshi, but he was definitely around at the start of Bitcoin

Wright, Andresen says, offered to perform the second test, signing a message of Andresen's choosing with a key from the first "block" of 50 coins ever claimed by a Bitcoin miner, in this case Nakamoto himself. (He also performed a similar test for Jon Matonis, a former board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, and a reporter for the Economist, the magazine says, using both the first and ninth Bitcoin blocks.) Andresen says he demanded that the signature be checked on a completely new, clean computer. "I didn’t trust them not to monkey with the hardware," says Andresen.

Andresen says an administrative assistant working with Wright left to buy a computer from a nearby store, and returned with what Andresen describes as a Windows laptop in a "factory-sealed" box. They installed the Bitcoin software Electrum on that machine. For their test, Andresen chose the message "Gavin's favorite number is eleven." Wright added his initials, "CSW," and signed the message on his own computer. Then he put the signed message on a USB stick belonging to Andresen and they transferred it to the new laptop, where Andresen checked the signature.

At first, the Electrum software's verification of the signature mysteriously failed. But then Andresen noticed that they'd accidentally left off Wright's initials from the message they were testing, and checked again: The signature was valid.

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>when you realize satoshi is literally dumping billions from his side wallets and is about to pump the fuck out of BCH and Vechain

fuck off shill

Because someone hacked his email account and leaked it to mainstream media outlets. Thats the whole reason the "proof" situation arose.
Also australian feds executed a warrent on his house with "satoshi nakamoto" on the warrent.

as far as we know he had no plans to go public

He's said publicly that he was though, right?

Also why wouldn't he just do this if he controlled the private keys? I don't think he'd buy Vechain. Listen to the way he describes bitcoin. The man's a genius no doubt, but idk about him being Satoshi.

he doesn't care if you believe he is satoshi or not

Dude think about it.

If he denies he is satoshi media and coiners will haunt him and stalk him and his famiy in order to find ot.

If he prooves it oublicly he get haunted by media, police, coiners for being satoshi.

If he claims to be satoshi and fucks up proving it, most think hes a fraud and stop caring about him while he can still prove it to people that matter in private.


>if you believe the central banks of 200 countries are going to collude i have tinfoil hats to sell you
how many btc for a hat