$20k > $1m by x2 over 6 mnths

Hey Guys,

Pictured to your left is a standard Australian house here in Melbourne. That bad boy costs $1.2m. Not even shitting you.

I want to be able to afford a house here. Our ancestors bought this shit for $20k and i'm conviced crypto is the property of our time. In 20 years, my kids will moan at me for the same damn thing.

Long story short, turned 3k into 20(ish, bit more)k in a month or two and I want that damn house.

100% returns on 20k 6 times will be enough. Madness? Yes! But this is fucking crypto.

So... every month, i'm going to pick a coin, put it all in and re-evaluate at the end of the month.

Currently have my 20k in ETH and Vechain. Considering putting it all into Vechain for Jan.

Thoughts? What would you recomment? Mawfuckin stealth-shill thread (for reals though, I want that house)

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And I thought Jew York was expensive

Mate I know. Ridiculous. The thing is, I make good money and I still don't know how anyone can afford it

DNA (encrypgen)

Super low mc, actual product with storefront releasing in hopefully next few days, 2 unannounced partnerships, and a presentation at a genomic conference Jan 30

Just enough time to sell the news if you wanna switch it up February

if you cash out any amount of $ less than what you need to retire then you're a complete fucking braindead nigger

vechain is a good pick tho

REQ. Fucking seriously.

This coin just cannot be beaten. Every time it looks like its going down it springs back up. Also the shills are WILD. They are everywhere. To me, that's a good sign that this coin will blow up. It reminds me of ETH, ANS/NEO, OMG etc before they pumped.

It will 10-100x in the next year.

True dat. Realistically, if I made $1m, i'll take out $900k and go from there.

Was in on REQ, sold the news, dropped and now it's pumped back up again. Might wait for a dip and then get in on it.

Maybe i'll pick two solid coins and go halfers each month to diversify

Looked at DNA a few weeks ago actually. Very interesting, might need to actually do my due diligence on it

..........but it looks like............a house............ a plain fucking house.........

to each their own and all that, but jesus fucking christ SRS?! I wouldn't ever spend more than $50k on a home unless I was SELLING IT! just.....fucking live on the money vs. blowing it all on a goddamn house! I can find a decent small home to rent where I am for $500 a month! if it's really what your heart desires, go for it. but I feel like you may as well blow all your money on gold watches and normie yuppie shite.

Looking to do the same thing here ausbro. House prices here are fucked.

yeah I feel you user. I guess from my perspective, it's somewhere to always come home and also a way to diversify investments.

Who knows what I'd do at 1m, maybe I'd just take half and buy somewhere and keep the other half? I'll have to worry about getting there first

dude I'm mostly blown the fuck away by aussies woes of home prices. what the fuck, and I thought america was shit with our pricings. this is NORMAL?!

Haha YES! And Sydney is even WORSE. Like Melbourne prices + 20/30%

What's your strat ausbrah? How you looking so far?

It's shilled to hell and back from here to reddit, but seriously XRB.
Binance coin of the month voting starts in a few hours and it's going to win. Voting goes for five days and the price will go up as it starts to win the voting.
Once it's on Binance, it's a moonshot.
It's a done deal.
These beans have barely begun to grow.

You know you're going to fagged hard when you pull those gains out OP... you'll need to make double that house price to cover the stamp duty and the tax on your crypto gains. Even under the table you'll get done when the paperwork goes via the titles office or someone puts it in the bank. Just buy a dump in the Western suburbs and be happy about it like the rest of us.

all about the investment brah. buying a house is way better for your finances than renting if you look into the finances and the sorts of stuff you could do

The housing market in Australia is like tulip mania. If you must, just buy some shitty investment properties in Hobart or Bris and rent where you want to live, .

that is cheap as fuck man, that's a normal house and you own the land.
With 1.2M you can only afford a tiny apartment in some place

Where's it trading currently big daddy?

No its not, only if the place you are in enters a massive real estate bubble and you sell at the right time.

Renting and then investing the money you are saving will give you more returns.


Put at least $1k in this. It's at 6 sats and fast as all fuck. Uses a NIST5 algorithm which is super energy efficient


get it on coinsmarkets

Australian dream :( I wish I could live in one of my own God damn fucking capitals

A shit exchange called BitGrail
and a shit exchange called Mercatox

I'd go with Bitgrail, Merc has had withdrawal freezes recently.

0.5 btc withdraw limit on Bitgrail without ID, 10xrb minimum withdrawal.

Also aus bro, I'm 40% vechian and 20% zrx I'm pretty bullish on it right now. Also I wish I didn't sell my DNA!!!


Actually, if you made a mil you could cash out maybe $750000

>buying boomer bags

kys op. Aussie real estate is a huge bubble that the RBA and gov is using to prop up the economy.

$1.2 MILLION for a non free standing house on a 10ft squared block of land?

Use your fucking head.

OP, I live in Sydney.
The maths is wrong in your trading strategy here. Hopping all in on a coin won't make you much unless you're sure there will be a pump for that month. Instead you want a spread that maximizes your exposure.

Lets say 3 months ago you put $1k into Cardano, Verge, Ripple, Doge etc, you'd be sitting on over $50k by now. That's on a $4k initial investment. The utility of your cash is maximized by spreading your investments out.

Same here senpai, but I only want a 1 Bed apartment in Brissy, so it's only about 400k for me. Good luck, when we make it we'll push out those fucking chinks for raising the housing prices so damn high.

True dat brah. Thanks for that, didn't think of it

Mate I was actually looking at XRB at

Following on this, if you're just going all in on a single token, all you are doing is chasing pumps and dumps for that month.

>Australia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world but has some of the highest prices.

Doesn't make any sense. How the fuck did it ever come to this?

Boomers. Property is boomer bags.

Highly Urbanized + Chinks/Gov inflating prices = Homeless Australians

XLM man, XLM

Look at the market cap and compare to ripple, this is even better than ripple and has IBM backing

It's not really. I'm sure most boomers who have property thank fuck they actually hold something. Most of them wasted so much money on shit in the 80s, when most incomes weren't much less than they are now but the cost of living was fuck all.

Mate you're 100% right. What do you recommend? Pick 5 coins maybe?

Does coinsmarkets support aud deposits?

Actually, come to think of it... my logic was that $20k in this climate will probably not be enough to get to $1m by hodling any of the "big currencies" so I'd HAVE to chase pumps / smaller market cap coins to get to 100k maybe, where I could just HODL.

Does that make sense?

Its probably not an option but if you reach 1m id move to the usa and buy a mansion in the midwest for 300k
Id feel absolutely retarded paying 1.2m on something that doesn’t rven have room for a fence

Fellow Aussie here. I feel your pain bro and I'm in your shoes as well although not going to dump my 20k into 1 coin each month.

Spread it out and diversify so you can ride the pumps and limit your risk exposure.

Yep, good point ausbrah.

The only thing is, say I put 5k into


Realistically that 20k might become 200k MAX in a year... which I guess since crypto is the future that sets me up nicely for 2019 but on the other hand, is that "making it"?

Maybe i'm just thinking about this all wrong.

you're gonna lose all your money on the first coin OP

Is OP trolling or Australian property actually that expensive? When I watched The Flying Doctors, the doctors had to use helicopters to get to people because they lived so far apart. Seemed like a good incentive for me to just live somewhere in the outback where electricity is connected and have a big property. Why don't more people do this? You don't have to live in the city on 50 sqm.

I'd go 2k on 10 coins or 1500 on 13 coins.

Where are you trading?

Are you holding for the month no matter what or exiting if they come up >10%?

Yeah I live in Sydney and 3 bed 1 bathroom avg home min 1.2 mil within 40kms of the CBD.

Nah brah, VEN is a great shout. You not in on that shit!?

Cheers for the advice brah

I'd probably hold for the month with price alerts, If I saw it doubled, I'd take out the initial investment and re-invest it the next month.

Trading on any platform, binance, kucoin, bittrex, coinsmarkets, cryptopia

Aus fag here too
Poor as fuck only got $300 in crypto but if by some fluke I do make it I'm not staying in this backwards ass country, I fucking hate the place cost of living and ciggies make me consider robbing my neighbour a viable option
I'm thinking Canada they seem like an alright country, or maybe islam get me a few obedient wife's and just screen allah Akbar or what ever the fuck they go on about while playing the newest game on my vive

Mate Canada in Vancouver, Toronto etc are just as bad

$20k all in DRGN right fucking now

Just don't live in Melbourne.

I do like the look of DRGN actually. Need to read the white paper. It's like ETH but actually an ETH token, correct?

Its like ETH but its better because its actually useful

You can live in Adelaide on newstart instead!