Crashes loudly

>crashes loudly

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what a joke of a logo

I agree

Looks like a healthy correction after a moon to me.

Sold the dip? Classic Veeky Forums

enjoy your bags

i wouldn't sell too soon said it would boom (like 10-20x) and they've been right about every single pick thus far

I've been holding since it was listed on Etherdelta. Quite comfortable hold.

Will I make it dragonbros?

With that measly portfolio? Yes

lol that was quick

I’m trying my best. :(

Kucoin is the ultimate pajeet exchange with the shittest, Etherdelta level, coins.

Healthy correction. Heading back up you fud faggot. There are so many dumb fuckers on this board that don’t deserve to be investing.



pic related.

Join this pump group if you don't hate free money.

fud fuckers BTFO. Heading back up with a vengeance

Better off getting in on a pump on 4 hours, easy money if you sell at the right time

Looks like fucking clip art

Do yall understand how monumental this shit is lol