21 Hours Left Linkies

Can you feel it?

Yes I can user

>MFW people are using my OC

What's happening?

>he thinks anything will happen in 21 hours except a dump
buy the rumour sell the news noob

Exactly. Can u feel it?

the stars are aligning. 2018 is our year. the shekels will rain! weed will be legal. everything is coming together.

You are not an investor. You are not anything special. You have contributed nothing to the development of ChainLink. Buying a funny internet token and hoping the price goes up does not make you an investor. You do not matter at all to the success of ChainLink, none of us do. Sergey already has partnerships, he already has industry recognition. Sergey very easily could have secured ALL of his funding from angel investors/firms or fintech and instead he CHOSE to do an ICO. Because that's the kind of guy Sergey is (he's a philosophy major for a reason), instead of only allowing insiders and big swinging company dicks to make money off of his product which IS NOT MARKETED TOWARDS THE AVERAGE PERSON, he chose to hold an ICO so the average person could get a piece of the pie. Now every entitled faggot here who buys LINK is upset that they didn't get an easy 10x in a month so they panic sell and fud. Sergey doesn't give a shit about some loser whining on Veeky Forums about his bags because he knows what he has, he knows the opportunity he is giving you, and he knows that if you sell and fail to make money off of LINK it is because of your own weak hands, and you will look back in regret when you see that all you had to do was wait a couple months. But you didn't because you're impatient and wanted Twitter updates and blog posts too much to see the bigger picture.


the solstice of the price singularity

still holding, marine?

I'm ready. 2018 is our year and everyone here knows it.

You fucking know it dude

Nolinkers are gaytistic

I started off with a meager 3k stack of LINK but I was not content, so I struggled like a mother fucker to find any way to get more without a job, and now I'm above 20k. I feel so victorious. My millions are coming.

lol at these responses.

In 21 hours a new candle pops up on the weekly chart, if green, every bit from here to China will start signaling buy orders. Because LINK is contained to only in exchange this will create a feeding frenzy, bots will go wild. Every normie will see a huge bump in price and volume and will FOMO for dear life. It’s goig to be glorious. Once LINK hits 500m Market Cap, every major exchange will want to list it (big volume means big money for them). Once this happens, we’ll see and second moon phase and most like $25+ LINK.

Same thing happens with NEO, OMG and quite a bit of others.

Now, if Sergey pulls through with a great product, this will take up to top 10 easy.

Ya dig?

gook robots are the devil.

lol at this new pasta

link isnt hitting twenty five fucking dollars in January and most likely not in 2018, we will be lucky if mainnet goes live in 2018, we are waiting on the TESTnet.

and if red?

Let's hope it's green, user.

We keep memeing till next week.

Testnet is already out you dumbass

Fuck you, nigger. The test net alone will send the crypto world into a buying frenzy.

lol I’m so glad people like you exist. Ty for your monies sir. He only reason someone would go out of their way to talk shit about someone else’s holdings is because you probably bought high and sold at loss and blame the coin.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game faggot.

lmfao yeah the GO testnet is live? fucking mouth breathing retard

that's just silly

What? I have a bot running on Binance. I’m white and live in America.

lol so fucking stinking deluded you don't even realize I'm right

Lol at that copy pasta faggot come up with something fresh dork.

Sergey is a NWO cuck, there's no way this is not going to absolutely explode, morons! Fucking wake up, God damnit.

then you too belong in an oven.

I'm feeling some big shits coming

Sergey's project is backed by secret society kike money. There's no way this is losing. Sergey knows Satoshi Nakamoto for sure. He's deep in this game somehow, probably a CIA agent.

the thing is you literally are the deluded linky meme because I am not even fudding, we are waiting on the GO rewrite and a testnet in Q1 and your response is the equivalent of autistic screeching


Don't you know? Sergey is Satoshi

he's price speculation is based on how gook robots are going to trade based on weekly macd, not based on upcoming news/developments. apples and potatoes.

>he's price prediction

fuck off pajeet as if this thread didn't reek of shit enough already

Coinbase is going to de-list Buttcoin Core and be mainly pro-Ethereum. LINK will be added in 2018.

i'm been shitting on a street longer than you've been typing, little lady.


Bitcoin is going to hit 50k this year while linkies hold sub $1 LINK as Sergey announces to not expect any news just like he did last time.

When will you learn that holding this shitcoin is just a free loan to shitlord daytraders? Diversify into some real projects, trust me on this one kids.

For those who say "how can two devs bring this revolutionary piece? Why not another team that has more than 10+ could do something like it?"

There is a simple answer to this. How many people start Microsoft? How many people started Google? How many people started Facebook?

In tech, it's not always about the number of devs. It's their about their quality. 1 really good dev can do the work of 10+ other medicore devs in a much better manner and with new ideas that haven't been solved before.

Sergey is not a joke. The guy started a crypto exchange. He's known in the Ethereum community. He owns the website smartcontracts.com. He started working on ChainLink since 2014. One year before Ethereum even started being developed.

ChainLink will connect NEO, to Ethereum, to Bitcoin, to Bank, to Cars, to vending machines, to Visa, to the stock market. The use cases for ChainLink are endless and the savings that smart contracts will bring to institutions and banks are nothing to be mocked. Big Data is an entire field in the tech industry, Google being one of the largest players. Imagine Google making a search engine on a blockchain network and collects data about it's users. How do you think that data will be transported from the blockchain to off the blockchain? ChainLink will be that technology.

This can bring smart contracts to fruition. Imagine smart contracts being used between a company in the US with it's farmers in Thailand for example. Upon transportation of the goods, the smart contract will convert USD payment to Thailand currency and pays the farmer. All automatically. ChainLink will be the way for smart contract to know what the price of USD for example from Forex and the price of Thailand money and executes the output to the wallet of the farmer.

This is revolutionary. Bitcoin came first, then Ethereum, Chainlink is the next Technology that will connect blockchain technologies to real world applications.


>Sergey is not a joke
>An obese philosophy grad with a thousand yard stare
>Hired his spergy friend from college to be the slackchat CM
>Thinking that enterprise/banks won't just make their own oracles


>thinking that transportation and logistics companies won't just build their own vehicles

Thinking enterprises and banks won't make their own BTC and here we are 10 years later and it's still the highest marketcap.

Quit thinking just because a company has a lot of money and resources that it can't be beaten by two nerds. It has happened before. And it has happened many other times as well.

Where is the coal industry? Who at that time would've thought something like oil will come about and destroy the coal industry?

right bud, because car companies all use the same fuckin frames and parts, right?


Alright I'm now all in all this shit.

Im officially a stinky linky.

I put in 2k usd
Did I make a bad decision?

No, now just hodl with iron hands

cool can't wait to hold LINK for a decade just bought 100k more lol, it fucking stinks in here

No. No regrats what's so ever. Seriously. Be proud. This is our ticket to get out of the shit lives we lived being poor. This is the time to be on the right side of history.

welcome aboard

That last sentenced exposed you as someone who chased some other shit coin and now you want back in LINK. You, I, and everyone here all know that Chainlink is the realest projected discussed on this board. You fucking nigger, come clean.

this. 2018 is our 1933.

Where do you see the coin in 1 week?
1 month?
2 months?

Im looking for 20x

lmfao, how can you be so.. well, frankly, deluded? You have to convince yourself that the only reason anyone would FUD this easily fuddable nonsense coin is because they sold out at a bad position? Lol, ,maybe you are dumb enough to think that your shitposts effect the price of coins you are fomo'ing into, but not me.. I'm not nearly THAT stinky.

1 week: over $1
1 month: over $2.5
2 months: over $5
12 months: over $100

1 week: 3000 sats
1 month: 3500 sats
2 month: 300 sats


>bought 150 Linkies
>not much
>but hope to atleast afford myself a nice vacation with that in winter 2019

The small things bois, the small things.

This is how Pinkwojaks are created.

Link ain't moving up anytime soon, look at the charts, this happens contantly, pumps a little drops harder, if it wasn't for the cult of bagholders that refuse to sell despite being cucked out of gains for months link would be below ICO price like it has before.

No tesnet, let alone mainet anytime soon, now news EVER.
just hype, just hype for how great the product they haven't delivered could be.
If you buy you will be holding for months, MAYBE YEARS before u start seeing x2-x3.
let alone fuken x10, don't buy the delusion son, look at the last 6months, you should have seen the link threads during ICO after ICO.
100 NEXT 2MONTHS, for the last 8months...

gotta shill this whale harder than that stinkies'
Why should i invest over God tier ICX? Or more of God tier ADA

2k link here. Bought at 17 cents. Comfiest hold of my life

How do you faggots move your money from coinbase/gdax into Binance? I wanted to buy link since week ago. I sent 5k USD from my bank to gdax wait took a week. Then I bought 5k usd worth of ltc two days ago at 246 USD on gdax to transfer to binance. I noticed it was selling at $220 on binance so I waited for binance and to go up so I don't lose money but instead ltc plummeted so I'm down almost 1k.

There has to be a better way then having to buy an intermediate coin and losing money on exchange difference just so I can finally buy the coin I actually want.

Checkd and praying


You got a lot to learn, buckeroo



Almost did this but I was stuck on either eth or ltc as the exchange medium I heard ltc has a lower transfer fee so I went with it. Now I know it is not stable. Should I hold ltc until I break even and lose on link gain potential or buy link now and take a hit?

shill me


I kek'd.

buy ETH move it to binance buy ur bags and hold.
u can keep eth there to play around, don't buy memes, research before.
ETH is master coin, Litecoin is literally a scam and bitcoin dead and obsolete.

Just buy more poorfag

Is icx going up in a month?

So this CryptoCuck tweet last night that spiked the price? Obviously that was intentional pnd, but does he do that because he thinks the chart is going to break out or was the breakout last night the breakout, he just "accidentally" caused it himself?

The charts still looking good. Golden cross upcoming on the 1 day chart

Wow one other sane person here.

This is actually a thing? What is special about the candle that’s coming in 21 hours?

You will see a big dip in the next 2 months from eager yet weak hands; don't panic. Hold on and reap your reward by q3 2018

Bullish MACD crossover.

May I have your attention please?
Will the price of chainlink please go up?
I repeat, will the price of chainlink please go up?
We're going to have a wojack here

Y'all act like you never seen a deluded linkie before
Sats all on the floor like REQ and Ripple just burst in the door
Started dumpin' on their ass worse than before they first got divorced
Laughing at your expenditure

It's the return of the "Oh wait, no way, you're kidding
He didn't just gain what I think he did, did he?"

And Sergey said
Nothing you idiots Sergey's dead, he's locked in my basement (ha ha)

People on Veeky Forums hate linkies, chicka chicka chicka Stinky Linky I'm sick of them
Look at them, walking around postin their wojack threads
Shilling for invester cred "yeah, but they're so deluded though"

Yea I probably missed a couple of gains I could have used
But no worse than what's going on with other coin's that never cruised

Sometimes I want to get on Veeky Forums and just let loose, but can't,
But it's cool for Sergey to hold back any good news!

My gains are gonna hit, my gains are gonna hit
And if you're lucky you might just get in before it dips
And that's the message that we deliver to kids on Veeky Forums
And expect them not to know how hopeless chainlink is

Of course they gonna know what a shitcoin is, by the time they hit Veeky Forums,
They got past the normie phase didnt't they?
Deluded linkies took a gamble
The FOMO made them scramble now their folio is all red candles

But if we keep selling them bags with no handles
Then there's no reason why a pump wont get us a lambo
But if you feel like I feel follow my example.
Damsels wave your pantyhose, sing the chorus and it goes

I'm Slim Sergey, yes I'm the real Sergey
All you other Slim Sergey are passively lurking
So won't the price of Chainlink please go up,
Please go up,
Please go up

It will be shaped like a hanukkah candle

You have the right mentality dude

21 hours till what do tell
20k bagholder here

$100 EOY