I'm a crypto millionaire and i'm gonna spend $20000 for penis enlargement surgery AMA

I'm a crypto millionaire and i'm gonna spend $20000 for penis enlargement surgery AMA.
My dick size is only 6.1 inches its pretty small can't get a girl because of it

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Is that just suspensory ligament cut? Or some other method? Seems expensive.

You should make a blog or something, report on your results!

Your dick size is not the reason you can't get a girl.

give more details pliz

I'm sure this post sounded good in your heard before you wrote it

I’m sorry to break it to you user but your penis isn’t the problem


if it's not money and not the dick, what else could it be?

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my dick is like 5.4 inches fully erect and i've fucked over 100 women at 23 years old

you're just a fucking retard and probably a doormat to these dumb cunt chicks

you gotta really act as if you were ted bundy minus the murdering part, and you'll be fine my man

i never understood why guys have problems getting women. you literally just make them feel inferior to you which is easy because they are and know it on an instinctual level

god damn what the fuck did your dad teach you?


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Is there any way you can write me into your will before your inevitable suicide, OP?

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thanks just bought 100k


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laughed pretty hard at this, thanks


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Maybe it looks small from feet away but having a six inch cock in your mouth is pretty big

a 9inch would go all the way down your throat

Thanks just fucked 100k