Can someone please tell me how the fuck this will work out?

can someone please tell me how the fuck this will work out?

>have 1 million worth of usd value in crypto currency
>last time your bank saw your bank account it was near 1 thousand usd
>magically bring in 500K
>plan on buying a house
>banks see 499k out of no where

what fucking realtor will allow you to buy a house straight out of thin air? let alone what bank would allow this

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fuck a bank

Either pay capital gains for that shit and slowly cash it into bank account or move to fucking Belarus or some shit without extradition to US.

Nobody would give you a loan
but with 500k you wouldnt need one
the only thing you would need to worry about is IRS, they will come asking where it came from

Just hold for a year and pay your 20% gains taxes. Worth not being raped in prison over 20%

you'd wanna ring them and tell them you are making a big deposit like that first


>what fucking realtor will allow you to buy a house straight out of thin air?

What does that even mean? How does the realtor know where you got your money? As for the bank, you could always call them and tell them the situation to see whether they'll allow it or not. If they don't then change banks.

fly to belarus
open international account
deposit via kraken
transfer to caymans corp
pay yourself from corp with all taxes

clean as fuck

>what fucking realtor will allow
Realtors have jack shit to say about it.
Also the bank got the wire for the money that you put in the bank.
They know exactly where it came from.


Nigga, why are you faggots so afraid of large sums of money? Cashing a $200 check is no different than cashing A $2m check, this shit happens every day except the teller will give you a wink and her phone number.

Ask a professional accountant for help. For 1500 dollar you'll be safe and sound.

yea except with checks larger than $10k the IRS is going to have their fucking microscope on your ass


Oh yeah
And coinbase
they only allow you to withdraw 50K a month.

>corrupt Belarussian politician freezes your bank account and takes all your cash

What would you do then?

>no different than cashing A $2m check
No bank has 2 million in cash on hand to give you.
you are a 68 IQ ape
Go back to Africa Nigger.

Never heard of Switzerland, biggest and most trusted bank in the world.. Why the fuck would you go to belaruss where they fuck donkeys all day?
It has been the specialty of Switzerland to hide money for hundred of years now

>what fucking realtor will allow you to buy a house straight out of thin air?
realtors actually prefer when you pay in cash you fucking child

why is Veeky Forums so underaged

Dumb fuck I’m speaking from experience. I went from making $5000/year with literally $50 in my bank account. Got a check for $450k and deposited it in the atm. Paid my taxes and nobody ever said a thing. It wasn’t even a big deal. No different for millions.

Who the fuck would ask for 2mill cash dumb ass?

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Apes have no idea about the past.
You have no idea what you wrote.
Even after i quoted it.
Here it is again
>no different than cashing A $2m check
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lmao ik this mans retarded

Just make more money and pay the taxes and you won't have to worry about shit but what color to paint the house.

buying real estate cash is totally normal. if you want a loan you are SOL based on your story, but a 500k house? nobody is going to blink. make sure you withdraw enough to pay some kind of taxes too. that is what you need to be worried about

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loan officer reporting in

Realtors dont give a fuck about anything but their commissions. You buying in cash just makes the process faster for everyone and you can normally avoid closing costs by offering to pay all in cash. You would only run into problems if you tried to get a loan to buy, as you need to prove 2 years worth of stable income to "qualify" those funds to be used in determining a line of credit

>where they fuck donkeys all days
Belarus is slavic, they are not sandniggers. Also they have legalized crypto with no taxes unlike Switzerland or any other 1st world country.

Good luck opening an account with an American passport, lmao

call your bank, make sure eerything is okay before you send over the transfer

declare your taxes, you wont fucking get away

playing dumb with taxes is only for small gains, IRS wont audit you if you cashed out 2k from crypto

cash out 500k, you'll have their microscope on your ass as soon as you even click send on that transfer



Kek, you're about 5 years late. OECD shot Switzerland in the knee with the AEOI.

The only way left is to incorporate through a law firm, with you only having POA, in a 0% income/capital gains nation, which is always on foreign based revenue. So you need to open a corporate bank account somewhere. Switzerland is currently a terrible choice. Curaçao and Cayman Islands is the current hotspot for offshore banking. While Panama is still is the #1 choice for the actual incorporation.


>set your cash out target
>+20% on some trusty coin
>Pay capital gains tax

Buy land from Landwatch, hire contractor to build dream house.

t. did that

also, poorfag. The House Jew only cares if you are trying to get a morgage, pay cash no one fucking argues with cash.

You make it sound like crypto income is illegal or something. The problem you're trying to present is literally non-existent, so long as you pay your taxes. If they ask, you just tell them the truth about where you got your money. But they're not going to ask to begin with: realtors don't look at your bank account, and your bank teller doesn't give a shit about where your money came from. Even if they did notice all that money suddenly coming in (which they won't), why would it even be a problem to begin with?