How legit is this place? so many spelling mistakes, looks like scam exchange, but only place to buy XRB? pls explain

how legit is this place? so many spelling mistakes, looks like scam exchange, but only place to buy XRB? pls explain

shut the fuck up and give me your money stupid chink


Seems legit.

how so ?

it's shitty, but legit, people have been buying from it all this week.

It looks perfectly acceptable to handle your money OP

It’s a fucking terrible exchange and part of the reason XRBs price is so high—people don’t want to sell their xrb because the withdrawal fee for other coins is insane

how much to withdraw?

Apart from bitgrail what exchanges do you guys use?
Im currently only on bitstamp and binance but id prefer to get some other coins aswell.

Kucoin, has a lot of different newer coins. Here's my referral code if you're interested: 1c2xb

Bittrex has lots of coins and works. Verification needed to withdraw.

If this gets listed on Binanace expect a medium dump of about to 50% of the price.

It won't recover either.

Lets dump it on the redditors derp

Thanks will check it out later
I tried this a few days ago but they dont accept new customers right now


Why you think it would go down? Wouldnt the logical conclusion be a pump when a coin gets listed somewhere else?

this just shows you how normie-resistant investing in xrb is right now. some would view this as an opportunity. time will tell

I like using cryptopia and binance, it seems like if one exchange doesnt have the coin you’re looking for the other one will

Binance is by far my favorite, faster than any other exchange, looks much more cleaner and "grown up" and has all the coins I want EXCEPT FUCKING XRB WHICH IS ONLY ON SHIT EXCHANGES

I appreciate your answers thanks

xrb will hit binance soon

erm who and why?

I withdrew 1000 XRB last week for free

Depends, Bitgrail and mercatox are chaining XRB pretty fucking hard atm. People can stock up on XRB driving the price up but converting it to other coins or cash out is nearly impossible.

When it gets to other exchanges it will be dumped, of course even though I expect that to happen I also expect that I'll be there to buy the dip and eventually, technological superiority will take the cake and rise to new ATH.

But only time will tell.

normies who couldn't buy xrb thinking it will go down once it hits binance keeek

As an Italian, I'm surprised there's so few mistakes. We are as bad as the Japanese when it comes to English.