I'm done Veeky Forums

I cashed out. I can't handle riding the crypto waves anymore. I'm beginning to have heart problems. Anytime I see red I have a panic attack. It has ruined my life, don't let it ruin yours.

You'll be back. I did the same, everything I cashed out mooned and I bought back in two weeks later. See you space cowboy, you're here until you die or crypto dies.

you feel the same way when your in usd watching bitcoin go sky high

Am I the only one on this goddamn board that has true iron hands? Sometimes I don't even look at the charts for days and I'm almost at a million.

Why don't you just put money in and forget about it. Honestly, the coins people shill here legitimately will always survive and just grow stronger, even LINK. Just dump your shit into OMG or REQ or XLM or RIPPLE or ETH or ADA. The problem is that you're probably banking on this money for shit you need. I'm a poor fag and scrap up 1000 bucks a month to put into coins. My first investment, I fucked up because I was touching it and watching charts all day. If I fucked off for a week, I would've made x4 profits, if I held until today, It would be 6x profit.

Yeah, I did the same thing in 2014, would hold around 17m worth of bitcoin if I just sat tight. Instead I'm still a poorfag living paycheck to paycheck.

fun insider here
>already signed privately with the 3 major big casino companies in NA and Europe
>currently setting deals to be present on every single big exchanges
>will come out in the next 3 days

everything is kept behind the scene to guarantee monopoly of the market which is huge

I think I've finally developed iron hands after I bought something, had it come down 25% within a day and wasn't too borhered. I'll hold for years if needed and I can afford to lose it.

The previous times I got in I chased pumps and worried way too much and got out without profits. It's funny that this change of attitude has come about as bear market looks like starting.

Panic attacks aren't heart problems, just massive anxiety. Your heart is likely fine.

I get it, I had to stop margin trading after loosing $150.

I just formed a hodl strategy....

Good luck user. Your health is more important than money.
BTW, try headspace. That meditation app. 10 minutes a day makes you feel so much better. Was recommended to me after a burn out, sceptical but it really helped.

Also this, but it is hard to convince yourself everything's fine when your heart feels like it's beating too hard and missing every other beat. Although if crypto is giving you this level of anxiety maybe get out or only keep in what you can ACTUALLY afford to lose (not "if I eat beans for two years and sell my kidney I'll probably be fine") and stop looking at the charts every 5 minutes.

I developed serious anxiety issues because of other reasons and it's been over a year and I'm starting to feel normal again but it isn't over. Not worth developing these issues, they are hard to get rid of and really make life suck.

Thats why u have codeine xanax valeria and other stuff op

Seriously also try headspace man. Feeling like a meditation shill but it amazes me how much it helped, and how non spiritual it is. Just putting your mind in perspective, they also have separate packs for anxiety.

Just shilling because it helped me a lot guys.

Thanks, but I'm mostly better already. Maybe if shit comes back, there's a decent chance it will.

I'm amazed anything actually improved because I refused medication and counselling was entirely useless. Mental health treatment sucks a big one.

I had panic attacks, shortness of breath all the time, feeling nauseous all the time, the whole deal. It really is hell and you even logically know you've got nothing to be afraid of or worry about. When the chest pains started to come though it was impossible to be reasonable or logical, I really thought that was the end for me every time I would get some pangs of chest pain. So many terror filled sleepless nights, and most people just don't understand what's happening to you.

What helped me was literally occupying my mind from the moment I woke up until the moment I put my head on my pillow at night, I would spend every moment of the day doing something. When I was preoccupied with anything it would take my mind off the anxiety. Once I was away from those feelings long enough I started to pull back and I was able to enjoy time alone again without working myself up into a fucking panic attack like a loony. If you're in the beginning stages of it get help for yourself immediately, the longer it goes on the more normal it becomes for your body and the harder it becomes to get rid of.

Many swear by this, but when I was in the midst of worst anxiety I could never meditate. I was always too anxious. I'd still try it though for anyone reading this. The best thing I would do was go to the gym and basically work out until I could barely stand up. Squats, sprints, biking, pullups etc. It's hard to be so anxious when you're exhausted plus exercise releases endorphins which get rid of the anxious feels for most.

This. There are people here who actually trade sober? You're doing it wrong.

Are you a bitch?


get of Veeky Forums dumbass...its the stress of seeing pink wojaks and moons mission memes all day. go play outside

>am I the only retard that sits on 50% red instead of selling and buying in at lower??

>The best thing I would do was go to the gym and basically work out until I could barely stand up

For me, a big part of the anxiety was feeling physically weak and like my legs would give under me. Not a good feeling when you're somewhere like the middle of a city. So I basically avoided exercise for a year because whenever I did exercise and felt tired I'd be anxious until it wore off. Of course, this meant that I was physically less fit, which meant I got tired easier and I was actually weaker, making the anxiety come easier and so on.

Things started getting better when I exercised enough to build confidence but not too much to avoid feeling too weak after. Of course, that went to shit when I was actually physically ill for a few weeks and couldn't do shit. Gotta get that routine going again.