Get in here losers
EZ 400% profit by end of today!!!

no way but to go up

ICO price was $1.36
Current Price on Kucoin (all time low) is $1.63

yeah I just bought $2000


get in at 2211 before it goes to 3 fold minimum

This is a trash coin lul

Classic pump and dump. I guess if you can watch the market, get in and get out at the right time go for it

>I dont want free money

i feel sorry for you my man

Get out of my thread if you are gonna shit on this moon mission

Okay shill me. How do you know it's gonna go up at all? Like what tells you that it won't go downhill and below the ICO price

have you ever seen a successful ico coin go below its ico price?

stay smart Veeky Forums

Yes, req

it's not really about going below the ICO price. What we know from the past couple weeks and many times before that is that ICOs tend to rise upto twofold, upto tenfold if lucky. Exceptions are very rare and TFL being a new coin you KNOW that it has to go up at some point. Been watching this coin for a while now and if you catch the pump (like right now) and ride it it's only a matter of time. I would say that the outcome its almost a certainty at this point. Do it now so you don't regret later :)

i said, stay smart Veeky Forums

Call me a retard but you actually convinced me somehow. imma put half my assets in at 221. see you at the moon hopefully

good man

I'm limping in too, trying to gain some education with this kind of strategy.

Any more tips?

Call's been made

Alright I'll play

Cant say I'm much of a believer but I'll roll the dice on this

Are you guys trading vs ETH or BTC? Not a lot of volume on ETH right now

Im on eth because bitcoin has been acting weird lately. It's bed time for americans rn so it might take few hours until they wake up and get on the moon mission.

Aside from pure shitcoin hype, which can obviously cause a great pump by itself, is there anything worthwhile about this project? Looks like some mickey mouse gambling site out of Costa Rica, not very inspiring.

Literally just one sell wall until 10x price.
Let's go Veeky Forums time to cuck this whale

What does this mean?

Basically, the only thing keeping the price down is one dude with a big sell order

Once the sell wall is gone,price is gonna ride up the sell curve which is almost flat after 2535

Tfl is not a new coin

Stay away from tfl biz-
There are plenty of other scam coins
Reas the tfl bitcointalk thread BEFORE all the hard shilling in the most recent 10 or so pages

If you wanna flip aome tokens and make a quick gain sure buy in.


True flip is a good idea, manned by a very untrustworthy team.

You’ll get burned

Anyone thinking of investing long term in this is out of their fucking mind, in my humble opinion

Not a hodl coin but quick x2 coin.
Still dumb to not buy right now though.

Anyone dumb enough to actually buy into this pajeet scam deserves nothing but eternal poverty

its a russian coin though

So it's even a shittier scam coin?

I thought they were based in Costa Rica?